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Is Greg Doucette Natural? Find Out the Answers

If you are a bodybuilder yourself you may be familiar with the concept of steroids. If someone is natural or enhanced is the most discussed and controversial topic in the bodybuilding community. 

Being natural means for building muscle mass you rely on a healthy diet and heavy lifting. On the other hand, enhanced bodybuilding means you take drugs to build more muscle mass quicker. 

So, is Greg Doucette natural?

No, Greg Doucette is not completely natural. He himself teaches people about steroids. He was also convicted for anabolic steroid trafficking a few years back. However, he has been training his body since 13 years of age. So his body is built off of not just steroids but his consistent efforts too.

Furthermore, Greg Doucette is pretty knowledgeable and accurate about fitness and bodybuilding

Anyway, let’s dive to see this controversial matter in detail. 

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Is Greg Doucette Natural? Bodybuilding Natty or Enhanced?

Greg Doucette stepped into bodybuilding when he was 7 years old. Young Greg Doucette was under close supervision for bodybuilding and his father trained him regularly. 

He and his brother would use iron itches and cement blocks. They had no access to real gym equipment. It was around this time that he felt his passion for bodybuilding. 

He has participated in many bodybuilding and powerlifting competitions which exceed over 100 in number. Greg Doucette age was only 17 when he entered competitive bodybuilding and won his first competition. 

Coach Doucette believes that fat is not needed to gain muscle mass. Instead, a person can reach his genetic limit without the need for fat.


So, he might be using steroids now but he has achieved this amazing body naturally. Greg Doucette genetics has helped him build his body over training. And you will know that after reading about his workout routine. 

But before that check out the body measurement of Greg Doucette. 

Greg Doucette Body Measurements

  • Height: 6 feet 9 inches
  • Weight: 198 pounds

Greg Doucette Workout Routine

Most bodybuilders want to achieve great fitness all in a day. But, Greg Doucette is smart and patient about his workout. Greg Doucette workout plan is effective and he uses moderate weight and gradually increases reps. 

Greg doesn’t believe in pushing his body too much. With heavy compounds such as squats and deadlifts, he also includes various different exercises in his workout. 

To get a broader look check out Greg Doucette’s workout routine hitting different parts. 

Chest Workout

  • Barbell bench press: (5×8-12)
  • Incline dumbbell press: (4×10-15)
  • Hammer strength press: (4×10-12)
  • Dumbell fly: (4×12-15)
  • Pec deck: (4×12-15)

Back Workout

  • (5×8-12) : Barbell Sumo deadlifts
  • (4×12-15) : Hammer strength machine row
  • (4×8-12) : Close grip cable row
  • (4×12-15) : Bent over cable row

Shoulder Workout

  • (5×10-15) Reverse pec deck machine
  • (4×10-15) Hammer strength shoulder press
  • (5×8-12) Dumbbell lateral raise
  • (5×10-15) Standing front cable raise
  • (5x 12-15) Standing dumbbell shrug

Leg Workout

  • Leg Press: 5×12-16
  • Hack Squat: 5×8-12
  • Leg extension: 5×10-15
  • Lying hamstring curl: 5×10-15
  • Seated calf raise: 4×18-20
  • Standing calf raise: 4×18-20

Arm Workout

  • Machine preacher curl: 5 sets 10 reps
  • Lying cable curls: 5 sets 12 reps
  • Seated dumbbell curl: 5 sets 12 reps
  • Standing plate curls: 5 sets 15 rep

After Greg Doucette workout habits let us move forward towards his diet.

Greg Doucette Diet Plan

Keeping a healthy diet is as important as workouts. You may be thinking is Greg Doucette vegan? Greg Doucette maintains his low-calorie diet through vegetables, chicken and salad. This answers your question 


Also, he has french toast which is his favorite. He also eats fruits with them.  

Greg takes 5 meals a day, let us have a look at them.

Greg Doucette Breakfast Meal

  • French Toast (different fruits each day)
  • Egg White

Greg Doucette Lunch Meal

  • Chicken 
  • Peas

Greg Doucette After Lunch Snack

  • Protein Bread Wrap

Greg Doucette Dinner Meal

  • Turkey
  • Salad

Greg Doucette After Dinner Snack

  • Fruits

Now it is time to see those supplements that Greg uses.

Supplements Greg Doucette Uses

The exact brands of supplements that Greg uses are unknown. But we have listed some that Greg uses to fuel his gains.

It is strongly recommended that you don’t take supplements without the advice of a nutritionist. Also, it is necessary to pause taking supplements when needed. 

However, there are safer options available in supplements. Check out some of our best choices.

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GREEN JUICEOrganifi is a healthy, delicious superfood mix for daily nutrition.
KETO-T911This supplement includes pristine ketones and natural minerals that are safe. They are Magnesium, Calcium, and Sodium.

These will help you fuel up your gains quickly and safely.

It is pretty clear that the controversy about Greg using steroids is half true. He has been doing bodybuilding since his childhood and putting a lot of effort into his fitness.

You need to have a clear knowledge of the difference between natural bodybuilding and enhanced bodybuilding. 

After that, we will present Greg’s own opinion about steroids and enhanced bodybuilding. 

Natural Bodybuilding vs Steroid Bodybuilding

There is discussion in the bodybuilding community about which bodybuilding approach is better. Both approaches have tons of supporters and they have practiced for a long time. 

However, before deciding which one is better, we have to first understand the difference between them. 

Natural Bodybuilding

As its name indicates, natural bodybuilding is all about gaining muscle mass naturally. Natural bodybuilders solely rely on three things for gaining muscle mass.

And that’s all-natural bodybuilders do for gaining muscle mass. They don’t use synthetic steroids and other drugs. 


Natural bodybuilders do not gain as much muscle mass as drug users gain. But their muscle gain is long-lasting and sustainable. 

Besides having long-lasting muscle gain, natty people’s overall health is better. Also, their metabolism is faster. 

In addition, natural bodybuilders’ blood pressure reduces and their bone density increases. Their cholesterol levels are under control and the fat percentage decreases eventually. 

And If that’s not enough, people doing natural bodybuilding experience stress reduction. And they have better mental health as compared to people using drugs.

Now let us move towards enhanced or steroid bodybuilding. 

Steroid Bodybuilding

Steroid bodybuilders use steroids to build their muscle mass fast. These drugs are known as anabolic-androgenic steroids. They are basically a synthetic form of testosterone. 

Bodybuilders inject these drugs into their bodies in different cycles and achieve quicker muscle gains. Due to these drugs, bodybuilders can train at a higher level than is possible normally or naturally. 


Furthermore, their recovery rate is faster and they can work out for longer. Also, their recovery rate is faster. The major benefit of using these drugs is building more muscle mass quicker. 

But all of this comes at a cost. Which is the reason that these drugs are illegal. 

Check out the list of side effects of using drugs for bodybuilding. 

  • Hormonal Imbalance
  • Infertility
  • Lower Libido
  • Testicular atrophy
  • Breast Tissue growth in men
  • Hair loss

After reading about the side effects it is pretty clear which way is better. Steroids may give you quicker and better results but they are temporary. Not to mention their side effects anymore.

On the other hand, natural bodybuilding is slow and requires a lot of effort. But its results are long-lasting and without compromising your health. 

After reading the above one instantly thinks about Greg’s body. Greg Doucette physique is not too bulky and indicates a natural workout. 

Let’s see what Greg Doucette says about steroids.

Greg Doucette’s Opinion About Steroids: Enhanced Bodybuilding

Greg Doucette doesn’t lie about his steroid use. He is pretty clear and honest about steroids and enhanced bodybuilding. 

He himself uses it but advises against it. In one place he was heard saying that he is not natural. He also pointed out that his being not natural is visible in his trap development. 

Greg went on and said that people can clearly see bumps in my abs. These bumps are from his injections. 

In one of his videos, he was warning a 15-years old boy about steroids. 

Greg Doucette tried to tell the kid that steroids are no kid’s game. And that one should not experiment with things that can drastically alter your life. Greg further said that anabolic steroid side effects can result in early death like test-tren.

Greg furthermore said that when you get older you will realize that you were an utter moron. So it’s best that you stay away from steroids or you will regret it. 

Alright, so this was said to a 15-years old kid. But Greg Doucette’s opinion about steroids is pretty clearly shown in his words.

In one of his YouTube videos, Greg Doucette warns everyone who is planning on using PEDs. And said that don’t abuse PEDs to live up to society’s expectations. He went on and said is this worth ruining your life? 

Final Verdict

One shouldn’t focus on who is saying but instead focus on what is being said. 

Greg Doucette is not completely natural and uses steroids. Also, this is an open secret. He himself openly claims about his use of steroids. 

However, he has been a heavyweight bodybuilder and workout enthusiast since his childhood. Also, he advises and warns against steroids. 

Because he knows that steroids are not just harmful but can prove to be fatal. And he knows this because he has tons of experience and knows the science behind bodybuilding. 


Why an 8 years ban on Greg Doucette?

Greg was banned because of anti-doping regulations. After powerlifting, Greg got into cycling. But ran afoul of CCES regulations while competing at the tour of keji. This competition requires a UCI subject to anti-doping. Greg knew he would test positive so he didn’t provide a sample of DCO.

Is Greg Doucette a doctor?

No, Greg Doucette is not a doctor. He is a Canadian IFBB pro bodybuilder and coach with tons of training and exercise experience. Also, he is a master’s degree holder in Kinesiology. So, he is fully aware of the science behind bodybuilding. 

What is Greg Doucette’s world record?

Greg Doucette has a world record for the heaviest sumo deadlift. He lifted 9130 kg (20128 lb) in one minute. He holds this world record for 20 years now. Greg Doucette is known for performing 10000 sumo deadlifts in his training. 


Answer to ” is Greg Doucette natural” is pretty clear now. Greg is not completely natural. However, his body is not just the result of steroids. 

He is the product of consistent and long efforts since childhood plus steroids. Also, Doucette strongly advises against the use of steroids.

That’s all.

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