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Best Protein Bars for Pregnancy – Healthy! Easy! (With Expert Tips)

When a woman is pregnant, they need to eat more to meet the daily caloric requirement of their body. It increases many times because the baby feeds on the nutrition that the mama consumes. 

So, are you pregnant and confused about what to consume? If this is the case, we are here with an amazing idea that concerns protein bars. 

But are protein bars safe for pregnancy? 

YES, it is! You can have protein bars for pregnancy to fulfill your cravings. They not only help you feel full but also give you ample amounts of nutrition. So, you have these as snacks whenever you are hungry without any worry. 

In this article, we will tell you about things you should know about eating protein bars while pregnant. So, keep reading. 

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Protein Bars and Pregnancy

Protein Bars for Pregnancy

Protein is an essential nutrient that helps build muscle, immune system, hair, nail, and skin. You need to get an ample amount of protein in pregnancy for your body and the newborn. If you do not get it, you and your child can have nutritional deficiencies. 

Therefore it is essential to get enough protein, especially during pregnancy when your nutritional demands are increased. 

During pregnancy, many women have a complaint of nausea and vomiting, due to which they do not eat much and get nutritional deficiencies. Moreover, due to vomiting, they feel empty and low in energy. 

All these things can cause your blood pressure to lower down and energy levels to fall- a harmful condition for you and your baby. 

To get rid of all those things, you can consume a protein bar for morning sickness. It will not only keep you full for a long time but will also give you a lot of energy that can help you function. During pregnancy, you need to consume more protein than on regular days.

Therefore you can incorporate one to two protein bars daily into a diet so that you and your child do not get any nutritional deficiency. 

When you consume protein bars, you will feel full throughout the day and not feel empty. People are often concerned that can you eat protein bars during pregnancy? 

The answer is YES, you can. It will also give you energy so that you can function all day and your child does not get deprived of any nutrition. 

Pros of Protein Bars 

Pros of Protein Bars 

Before you consume a protein bar, you should know its pros and cons. Whatever you eat, you should know its advantages and disadvantages, so that you know how much you should consume. We will tell you the pros and cons of consuming protein bars during pregnancy. 

Protein bars can be beneficial for you in many ways, especially when you do that during pregnancy

However, the common benefits of consuming protein bars for pregnancy are:

Strengthens Your and Your Child’s Body: 

You need a lot of protein to stay in shape and strengthen your body. Protein not only helps build muscles, but it also helps build your immune system, skin, nails, and hair. When you eat it during pregnancy, it is also beneficial for your child. It helps build their muscles, bones, hair, nails, and skin. 

Convenient to Consume:

When you are pregnant, you need to consume more and more protein to stay energized. The protein requirement is increased manifolds. Can you imagine consuming all that protein through eggs, chicken, and milk? You will need to eat a lot of it. Sometimes it becomes problematic to consume so much food during pregnancy because women have a complaint of nausea and vomiting. 

People are often confused about whether pregnant women can eat protein bars, so the answer is YES, they can. Even protein bars are safe while breastfeeding. 

So when you do not have to consume enough protein-containing food, you may become nutrient deficient. To overcome that difficulty, you can consume protein bars. They will give you protein equivalent to that which you will consume in a lot of food. 

With it, you can get enough protein that your body requires for you and your child, and you have to consume just a bar. Moreover, it is also easy to eat. When you consume protein through food, you will have to cook them and then eat it. 

When you get granola bars packed and made ready to eat. All you need to do is open it and eat. So it is quite easy to consume. You can do that in a short time. 

A Complete Mix: 

Granola bars not only contain protein but also contain carbohydrates, fats, and fibers. You need all these nutrients to stay healthy and to recharge your energy. When you consume a granola bar, you get a complete mix of nutrients that are easy to get. 

It contains a balance of all nutrients. In this way, you do not become nutrient deficient. Sometimes you may not be able to eat food due to nausea and vomiting. So if you intake a granola bar, it will give you an ample amount of energy. 

Cons of Protein Bars

The disadvantages of consuming protein bars during pregnancy are:


When you eat a protein bar from a mart- the pre-packaged one, it may contain sugar, more than you need. It can lead to weight gain. During pregnancy, sometimes your healthcare providers stop you from consuming sugar because of gestational diabetes. 

So if you have it, you should avoid consuming the packed granola bars. However, you can make your own, homemade protein bar for you that does not contain any sugar but gives you enough protein and fat that you require. 


Sometimes the protein bars contain additives that are not suitable for all. Therefore, in that case, you should avoid consuming it. Instead, make the one at home that does not contain any additives and syrups. 

The packed ones contain additives so that the bars can remain fresh for a long time. But some people may be allergic to them. If this is the case with you, avoid consuming it in any case.

Best Granola Bars For Pregnancy

Best Granola Bars For Pregnancy

You might be thinking what are the best granola bars for pregnancy? You can simply choose any granola bar that you find delicious. 

There are various options out there that you can try. Whichever granola bar you like, you can enjoy it. It depends on your preference. You can eat any protein bars when pregnant. You may like the crispy ones or those which are soft and easy to chew. Try out different granola bars and enjoy any granola bar that you like. 

You should eat whichever you like in taste. Someone else might like a granola bar from one brand, and it is not necessary that you enjoy it too. During the early phase of pregnancy, you are more likely to experience nausea and vomiting, so give preference to what you like in taste

If you do not enjoy eating a granola bar in taste, do not force-feed yourself, as it could make your nausea worse. You can even make granola bars at your home. 

There are plenty of recipes available out there on the internet. You can add the yummy ingredients that you like to get the best granola bar in pregnancy, just as you want to have it. This way, you can make pregnancy-safe protein bars at home.

Best Fiber Bars For Pregnancy

Best Fiber Bars For Pregnancy

Fiber bars are bars that are rich in fiber. They contain ingredients like oats, nuts, and seeds that are rich in fiber, making them fiber-packed bars. Fiber bars have many benefits. 

They aid in digestion and help keep constipation at bay. Also, keep you full for a long time which helps prevent you from eating unhealthy snacks to curb your hunger. Fiber bars are convenient to carry,  making them an amazing snack. You can have them whenever you are hungry. 

You may be wondering what are the best fiber bars for pregnancy. The best fiber bar is the one that has low levels of artificial sugars. Some fiber bars may have high sugar content for extra flavor, but that is not healthy. 

You should look at the ingredients and choose a fiber bar that has the least amount of artificial sweeteners. Try looking for protein bars that are sweetened with natural ingredients like fruits. 

A good fiber bar should contain at least 5 grams of fiber in it to help you meet the daily requirement of 25 grams of fiber per day. If a fiber bar has a fiber of fewer than 5 grams, then still you can eat it, but it may not be the best one.

Got Some Questions?

What are the best protein bars for gestational diabetes?

In gestational diabetes, you need to keep your blood sugar levels in control. If you want to eat protein bars, then try making them at home so there are no hidden sugars that you consume. Consult your doctor regarding what to eat if you have gestational diabetes. 

Can I consume protein bars during pregnancy if I have gestational diabetes?

It is better to avoid consuming the packed protein bars if you have gestational diabetes. Many protein bars contain sugars that can be harmful to your health. Instead, you can make your protein bar at home that contains less sugar. 

How much fiber do I need per day?

You need to consume 25g of fiber in a day to remain healthy. 

Does a fiber bar help in relieving constipation?

Fiber bars can help relieve constipation by softening and providing roughage to your stools. When you do not consume enough fiber, the chances of constipation increase. Therefore to prevent it, you can eat a fiber bar. 

Final Say

Protein bars for pregnancy can be helpful in many ways. They are convenient to consume. You can get ample amounts of protein by consuming granola bars. Not only will it give you protein, but also carbohydrates, fats, and other nutrients that you need, especially during pregnancy. 
Then again, consult your doctor before having bars or other foods during pregnancy, This will help you to restrain from certain restricted foods and make your pregnancy period healthier.

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