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Is Pre Workout While Breastfeeding Safe For Your Baby? Check 7 Safest Options

Nothing can beat the joy of motherhood. However, it is also exhausting and takes a significant toll on your body. If you are thinking about starting your old workout routine, that’s a great idea. Go for it.

You may feel a bit too tired before starting now. All because of extra stress and fatigue. Yes, pre workout supplements can energize you in no time. But is it safe to take pre workout while breastfeeding?

Yes, pre workout while breastfeeding is totally safe. They offer you extra energy to cover extra miles while you deal with all the chores of motherhood. Pre workouts give muscle strength and endurance rather than supplementing nutrition. Staying hydrated is the only prerequisite.

There is much more to know about whether pre workout is safe while breastfeeding or what is the safe pre workout while nursing. Let’s dig in.

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Pre Workout While Breastfeeding: Is It Safe?

One of the most common queries of breastfeeding moms I hear “is pre workout safe while breastfeeding”?Yes, of course! There are safe and come with very few side effects.

The only thing you need to keep in mind is staying hydrated while using pre workout. Caffeine is the primary ingredient of any pre workout formula. And too much caffeine can dehydrate your body quicker than anything.

Researchers at the Daffodils University of Public Health suggested these supplement drinks are suitable for breastfeeding mothers. They conducted a detailed study on 250 breastfeeding moms in 2013.

The result showed a steady improvement in the mother’s health who used any kind of pre workout while breastfeeding. You can include some food to stay healthy during breastfeeding.

Another study in the American Society of Public Health found that pre workout while breastfeeding helps heal C-section wounds and involution of the uterus. That means you can return to the pre-pregnancy state earlier than others.

Pre workouts ensure you get the following benefits:

  • Quick energy
  • Weight loss
  • Mood boost
  • Better endurance for workouts

For the mother, exercise may help in early recovery from the changes during her pregnancy and delivery. During the pregnancy period, the mother’s body gains extra pounds. This gestational weight gain may continue even after birth. It is not a good situation for her or the baby.

Which Pre Workout Is Safe While Breastfeeding?

Pre workouts are dietary supplements designed to fight weakness before any workout. Breastfeeding moms go through a lot. And no wonder they will feel fatigued and exhausted before the regular gym routine.

Pre workouts typically provide a boost to make them feel energized. One of the essential contents of pre workout is caffeine. Just like a cup of morning coffee, it will make you feel focused and cheered up.

Along with getting energy, there are also ways to gain weight while breastfeeding. The balance depends entirely on you.

Nevertheless, while breastfeeding, you simply can’t pick any supplement and take a scoop. I have rounded up the seven best pre workout for nursing moms. Each of them contains the following ingredients to make a mom stronger and healthier.


BCAA or branched chain amino acids enhance your endurance during exercise. It also replenishes muscle loss. It ensures an energy boost at the cellular level while keeping the protein synthesis at a peak.

Creatine Mono Hydrate

Like BCAA, creatine also enhances muscle power. It also offers physical endurance for high-intensity exercises.

B Vitamins

A wide range of B vitamins helps breastfeeding moms regain energy and the motherly glow. You will get restored energy from vitamins B1, B2, B5, and B5. The B3 ensures skin glow and DNA repair, whereas B12 expedites blood production.

Nitric Oxide Boosters (Arginine)

These boosters dilate your veins and ensure more blood flow to every organ. And more blood means more nutrients and a more energized mommy!


Your metabolism may face a setback after giving birth. But sulfonic acids like taurine boost your fat metabolism to generate more calories. Besides, it prevents oxidative stress during or after any workout.

Like pre workout, can nursing moms have botox? You can find all the details here.

7 Best Pre Workout For Breastfeeding Moms

As for now, you are wondering, “What pre workout can I take while breastfeeding?” Don’t worry. We gathered all the best products currently on the market. You can trust these brands with their products. We did not list these in order of importance, so feel free to explore which one is the best for you.

1. C4 Pre Workout While Breastfeeding

At a glance:

C4 pre workout experience ensures endless energy, sharp focus, and overwhelming stamina to tackle any challenge. As America’s number one selling pre workout, it has served its consumers and maintained its reputation up to this moment.

C4 pre workout while breastfeeding is the best supplement you can have right now. It has no added sugar or chemicals. Also, you can take a C4 pre workout while pregnant.

  • Amount: In 2 varieties; 30 & 60 serving in tub
  • Flavor: Available in 12 exciting flavors, such as fruit punch, green apple, etc.
  • Ingredient: It is made of 1.6g Beta-Alanine,1g Creatine Nitrate (NO3-T), 150mg Caffeine & 1g Arginine
C4 Original Pre Workout Powder Fruit Punch


  • It has many flavors to choose from
  • No added sugar or carb
  • It completes any diet regime


  • It may cause gut problems
  • It May cause slight nausea

You may check A Detailed Guide on Selecting the Best C4 Flavor.

2. New Vega Vega Pre Workout While Breastfeeding (Strawberry Lemonade)

At a glance:

Now live your life to the fullest. A plant-based drink mix, Vega Sport Pre-Workout, features 100mg of caffeine extract from green tea and yerba mate. You can take Vega pre workout while breastfeeding without any tension if you are vegan.

  • Flavor: Acai Berry
  • Ingredient: 100mg caffeine & 14 grams premium carbohydrate fuel

Pros :

  • 100% vegan
  • Gluten-Free
  • No added color or chemical

Cons :

  • Minimal gut problems

3. Alani Nu Pre Workout While Breastfeeding

At a glance: 

Energize your daily life with this flavor-packed excellent product. It contains L-theanine and, thus, prevents any crashing after a heavy workload. It is prepared from all the natural ingredients. No added sugar. No added fat. You can safely use Alan Nu pre-workout while breastfeeding.

  • Flavor: 9 flavors, including pink guava, citrus dew, etc.
  • Ingredients: L-theanine, L-citrulline malate, Beta-alanine & caffeine


  • No added chemical
  • Gluten-free


  • Minimal gut intolerance
Alani Nu Pre Workout Powder

4. Beachbody Pre Workout While Breastfeeding

At a glance: 

If you are ever fighting with low stamina or lack concentration, you need Beach body’s Energize pre workout formulation. The company uses its unique composition for better effect. Consumers around the world have trusted Beachbody pre workout while breastfeeding in their daily life. It will change your lifestyle.

  • Amount: 2 types; 40 serving in tub & 32 single sticks
  • Flavor: Lemon
  • Ingredient: Beta-alanine, quercetin & caffeine


  • No added chemical
  • All natural ingredients
  • Easy to digest


  • Minor gut problems
Beachbody Energize -Pre-Workout Formula

5. Bucked Up Pre Workout While Breastfeeding

At a glance: 

Bucked up pre workout contains ingredients scientifically backed, at clinically effective amounts. This product is excellent for everyone. It doesn’t use any gig combination ensuring effective results.

No added color or chemical. No gel-like feeling in the mouth. So, you can enjoy Bucked Up pre workout while breastfeeding without any worries.

  • Amount: 30 serving in a tub
  • Flavor: In 11 full range of characters such as watermelon, grape, rocket pop, etc.
  • Ingredient: Beta-alanine, Citruline, Astrigin, Deer Antler Velvet, and other natural products.

Pros :

  • No gel like after taste
  • No added color or chemical


  • Mild gut problems
Bucked Up Pre Workout

6. Beyond Raw LIT Pre Workout While Breastfeeding (Powder Energy Drink)

At a Glance:

Beyond Raw LIT Pre-Workout Powder Energy Drink is pre workout dietary supplement. It will help you to train with focus, power, and concentration. It will give sufficient energy and nutrition to tackle any crashing down during breastfeeding. It has no added sugar or fat.

So, you need not worry about gaining weight. Use lit pre workout while breastfeeding and see the result for yourself.

  • Amount: 30 & 60 servings
  • Flavor: In 7 exciting flavors, including gummy worm, orange mango, etc.
  • Ingredients: Beta-alanine, L citrulline, coffee fruit extract, and others


  • All natural ingredients
  • No added sugar or carb


  • Minor intolerance problem
Beyond Raw LIT Pre Workout Powder Energy Drink

7. Ideal Lean Pre-Workout for Women

At a glance:

Ideal Lean pre workout empowers you to your life goals to a whole new level of adventure. The company formulated it especially for breastfeeding women. Ideal Lean pre workout features their unique composition of natural and pure ingredients. Use ideal lean pre workout while breastfeeding for improved nutrition.

  • Amount: 30 servings in the tub
  • Flavor: Many exotic flavors like cherry lima e, pink lemonade, etc.
  • Ingredients: Citric acid, L alanine, L citrulline, Ideal lean fat loss blend, green tea extract, etc.


  • No added sugar
  • Gluten-free
  • Natural ingredients


  • Minor gut problem
IdealLean Pre Workout for Women

How Long After Pre Workout Can I Breastfeed?

You can breastfeed 2 to 3 hours after taking a pre workout drink.

Some nutritionists recommend waiting for 1 to 2 hours. But the caffeine, sugar, creatine, and beta-alanine stay in the milk after 2 hours. So, it’s better to wait a bit longer.

If your baby can’t wait for that much (you know how cranky they are when hungry), store breastmilk in a bottle. Feed your baby before it even gets the chance to cry!

How Long Does Pre Workout Stay In Your System While Breastfeeding?

Pre workout ingredients, mainly caffeine, can stay from 6 to 12 hours in your milk. Sounds crazy, huh? But there is a catch. The concentration changes as time passes.

The caffeine concentration remains highest during the first 2 to 3 hours. If you drink a lot of water after the workout, pre-workout caffeine will dilute and disappear quickly from your milk. Your baby does not even feel the remnant traces that stay after 4 to 5 hours.

Side Effects Of Pre Workout While Breastfeeding?

No supplement is perfect or ideal for everyone. It depends on your body and how it absorbs the ingredients. Some of your loved ones may stop you from using pre workout while breastfeeding. And we won’t blame them.

Breastfeeding mom sometimes faces the following side effects according to their health condition:

  • Gut problems: Bloating, nausea, incontinence, etc.
  • Allergic reaction to any ingredient
  • Weight gain
  • Intolerance

Always consult a medical professional before starting any supplement to avoid these situations. Always read the instructions on the label. And avoid certain foods to stay healthy during breastfeeding.

Don’t mix different pre workout drinks. Avoid alcohol as it affects metabolism and may cause intolerance.

Things To Remember Before Taking Pre workout While Breastfeeding

Now before choosing your choosing the perfect pre workout while breastfeeding, you need to consider some factors:

  • Check the ingredients. Know details about these. Some people may experience a slight allergic reaction to a particular ingredient.
  • Consult your physician or diet professional. They will help you to choose the appropriate one for you.
  • Ask your friends and family for honest reviews regarding their product experience. You can also look for reviews on the internet.
  • You may consider the flavor also. Not everyone has the same tastes. Choose wisely.
  • Give the pre-workout a trial time. Choose which one is the best pre workout while breastfeeding for you.
  • You need to follow up if any problem arises.
  • Choose what you can afford.

Bottom Line

Breastfeeding is a crucial time for you and your baby. If you don’t have a healthy body, you won’t have a healthy mind. This may ultimately lead to lactation failure. As a result, it will affect your baby.

So, it would help if you chose a suitable pre workout while breastfeeding. In this article, we tried to give you some valuable suggestions. I hope it will help you. Happy motherhood!

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