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What Happened to Elliott Hulse? Details Explained

Have you ever wondered what happened to your fitness hero? Yes, you know who we’re talking about. It’s Elliott Hulse. 

So, what happened to Elliott Hulse

Elliott Hulse started losing most of his fans back in 2014. He suddenly started calling himself the king. After that, a few months later, he started getting into more religious and spiritual things. As a result most of his followers who aren’t interested in this stopped viewing his videos. 

Still confused? Well this can happen since Elliott Hulse is a very complicated man. Don’t worry. Read this article and it’ll clear out all the confusion you might have. 

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Who is Elliot Hulse? 

If you’re someone who’s into strongman training, you probably know who Elliott Hulse is. However, if you are new to this, you might not know who Elliott Hulse actually is

Elliott Hulse is a world-class strongman and a strength coach. He is also a YouTube teacher to over 2.4 million guys. He started his YouTube career for strong man fitness videos in 2007. He has over 800 thousand followers. Most people who are into strongman training follow Elliot Hulse almost like a mentor. 

However, a few years ago, he suddenly vanished. He stopped making YouTube videos and the reason he gave might shock you. 

Throughout his career, he followed some unorthodox training routines. That seemed to work and people actually learned a lot from him. Some might even consider him a legend in all of this. 

He got famous for more reasons than just his strongman training videos. “Yo! Elliott” was another of his series. He usually answered fan queries and frequently put together motivational films.


He used to answer questions that you wouldn’t find on the internet in those days. Questions like can you drink expired muscle milk? This is where he drew the attention of many people.

He’s stopped making videos now. And folks are confused as to why this is. One of those individuals maybe you. Don’t be concerned. Everything will be explained to you.

Just keep reading!

What Happened to Elliott Hulse?

You might be wondering why Elliott Hulse suddenly stopped making videos, right? But before that, it’s important you understand what actually happened to him

So let us take you back to September 2014. Elliott Hulse back then was a major role model in strong man fitness training. He showed people what it takes to be a strongman. Not only this, but he also motivated and inspired a lot of people to be the best of themselves.

Now, let’s come back to the topic. Elliott Hulse used to make regular videos and he was good at it. 

However, everything stopped after September 2014. People started noticing that he wasn’t making more videos. He just vanished. There was no more “Yo! Elliott” and no more strong man fitness videos. 

So what happened? 

To make you understand this we will categorize the stages of Elliott’s life. This will depend on how his personality changed over time. 

Golden Elliott 

Well, if you recall ,we said that Elliott Hulse didn’t use conventional methods in his fitness routines. Elliott was a very complex man who had his ideologies. He understood things in his own unique way. Sure, it helped him gain the fame he had back then. 

However, soon after 2014, this got to him. The thing with men with strong personalities is that they value their ideologies too much. Sure, it’s not a bad thing. But when you have over 800 thousand followers, some of them will surely not match your personality. 

King Elliott

You might be wondering why is Elliott Hulse King Elliott. In his earlier videos Elliott was all about boosting confidence in young men. However, later in his videos, this turned into how “men are kings”. This was not all, people started to notice changes in Elliott. People could feel a new energy in him. The energy that they weren’t particularly fond of. 

So, as a result, his views started dropping. He stopped “Yo! Elliott” for 8 months and then started again. However, he was still hitting the 100k views on his videos. In my opinion, the rebirth of “Yo! Elliott”  was the last glimpse of what people called “Golden Elliott”. 

Shaman Elliott

In 2016, Elliott started a series called “Katabasis”. His video mostly represents something like a retreat. People were confused about what this actually meant. He was still promoting his king videos. However, everything else seemed a little bit different. 

For example, he used to wear a weird-looking necklace all the time. It seemed like something spiritual. Not only this, he used to talk about a lot of spiritual things in his videos. A lot of people were not okay with this. They want to see the man lift weights, not teach them about the third eye.  The fan base started to divide.

This all went south when he made a video called” You choose your crappy parents”. In this video, he went all crazy about rebirth and spiritual things. 

This is where it all went wrong. Most of his fan base is weight lifters and bodybuilders. They want advice from their fitness trainer. They don’t want to know about religion and spiritual things. This is when he started dropping views like flies. 

However, this didn’t stop him from making videos. Find out about why Elliott Hulse stopped making videos in the next segment. 

Why Has Elliot Hulse Stopped Making Videos?

Even after his fallout with his fans, Elliott continued making videos.  However, soon he understood that people were not welcoming this. People thought that his perspectives were making them uncomfortable. 

To make things even worse, he started taking political stances in his youtube videos. Which is not the type of thing you do when people already hate you. Besides this, he now hates feminism and thinks women are now controlling men. 


His training camps which were open to everyone are now a male exclusive event. To be honest we don’t actually know what is happening to Elliott Hulse nowadays. He might be going through another phase in his life. Which we’ve seen countless times. 

He took a break in making videos on 2020. He said in an interview that he needed to be alone for his inner peace. 

Now in 2022, he has started making videos again. However, it’s not the same as before. He’s now lucky to hit 20k views on his video. There’s no community, there’s not even a fanbase anymore. 

Whatever Elliott Hulse has become now, he was an inspiration to all of us back in the day. Most of us started going into fitness and lifting after seeing his videos. However, we need to move on and look for some newer and better fitness YouTube channels. 


Does Elliott Hulse still make videos? 

Yes, Eliott Hulse still makes videos. Although he took a break after 2020 for 9-10 months, he’s back at it again. The YouTuber has more than 800 subscribers and 580 videos on his channel. 

Is Elliott Hulse Married?

Yes, Eliott Hulse is married. He is married to Colleen and has four children with her. Elliot is the father of three daughters, Isabelle, Emerson, and Simone, as well as a son, Benjamin Hulse.

What is the net worth of Elliott Hulse? 

Elliott Hulse has a net worth of 2 million US dollars. Elliott also has a second self-titled channel called “Elliott said what,” which is similarly popular. Elliott responds to people’s life questions in this channel with funny and controversial answers. Elliott Hulse earns an estimated $100,000 per year from his YouTube videos alone. Elliott Hulse’s net worth is estimated to be $2 million.

Final Word

Now you know what happened to Elliott Hulse. Now I know that most of you will judge Eliott because of what he’s doing. However, if you’re new to strong man or fitness training, then his earlier videos will still be helpful. 

Good luck.

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