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How Accurate Is Fitbit Compared to a Treadmill?

Fitbit is by far more accurate than a treadmill in many cases. A treadmill can also give you some basic measurement of the distance you are running. 

So, which is more accurate fitbit or treadmill? Well, you have come to the correct place. Read away and get a better concept of which is more accurate. 

Fitbit is more accurate than a treadmill. When it comes to calorie count and other counts, different factors matter. For instance, on the treadmill, you cannot input your body type and age. You can only count the calorie burned. However, you can register them on your Fitbit for more accurate data. 

You might still have more questions. Let’s look at their functions in detail to understand them better. 

Fitbit is more or less much better when it comes to precision. It considers details like your age, gender, weight, and heart rate zone. 

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Which Is More Accurate Fitbit or Treadmill?

The distance treadmill record is more accurate since it measures distance by the revolution of the belt. Whereas, Fitbit calculates the distance by multiplying the number of tracked steps by your profile stride length. 

So, is treadmill more accurate than fitbit?

The answer is no. On a treadmill, the stride length of the strides is never the same. Because it is like walking on a normal road or pavement. If you prefer to exercise on the treadmill, you may calculate your stride length. 


For that, you need to count how many steps you take. Divide that number by the treadmill’s recorded distance and then enter that value into your profile.

But in very accurate cases Fitbit gives a better value. You need to register your age, your weight, height and your health condition to it. So it matches your conditions. It provides a better and more accurate value for calorie burn, heartbeat sensor, sleep tracking etc. 

And Fitbit can help you to monitor to be fit as it is never too late to start bodybuilding.

A Fair Comparison of Fitbit and Treadmill

So you can see how much accuracy can fitbit give. Or is the treadmill accurate enough or not? Read away to know the details

Is Fitbit More Accurate Than a Treadmill?

Yes, Fitbit is probably the more accurate calorie counter of the two. In the Fitbit options, users should check the stride length. The treadmill is more exact in this scenario.


While counting steps, Fitbit takes the length of the strides and multiplies it by the steps taken. 

Treadmill or Fitbit Which Is More Accurate for Calories?

Fitbit is more or less much better when it comes to precision. It considers details like your age, gender, weight, and heart rate zone. 


But in the case of a treadmill, it does not take into account any of this information. Someone who is 40 years old won’t burn the same amount of calories as an 18-year-old.

Which One Measures Distance Better?

In this category, the treadmill wins. It is more related to practicality rather than data and technology. For most treadmills, the distance readout is correct. 

The belt’s resolutions are being used to calculate distance. The belt is a certain length. The treadmill keeps count of how many times it has rotated. It also measures the distance in miles traveled by it. 

The distance traveled is the same. Even if you are jogging on the treadmill adjusted at zero or at an inclination.

Can Accuracy Be Increased in Fitbit?

You may be eager to know, can you further increase the accuracy of fitbit? And the answer is yes.

You may be worried that your Fitbit isn’t accurately measuring your activity. Or you may want the accuracy of the Fitbit to be more precise. Then follow these steps to improve your Fitbit’s accuracy. So the question only comes to what model fitbit is more accurate.

Wearing the Fitbit Correctly

Where or how you wear your Fitbit has an impact on its accuracy. When exercising, the device should be kept as near to your body as possible 

Fitbit makes the following recommendations:

  • For wrist-based Fitbits: If you wear it on the wrists can set the Fitbit to wear it like a bracelet. It may not be too tight and not too loose either.
  • For clip-based Fitbits: For those clip-based users out there, keep it close to the body. Make sure they do not dangle from the bags or boxes.

Change Your App Settings

Fitbit calculates your steps and daily activity based on the information you supply in the app.

Make absolutely sure that the basic settings in the app are correct. These settings are either under Settings App or Personal Information on the dashboard.

  • Fitbit is assigned to your left hand by default, which is the non-dominant hand for most individuals. Update this option to Right if you’re wearing it on your right hand.
  • Fitbit estimates your walking and running stride lengths based on your height. To get the most precise step count, enter your exact height in inches or centimeters.
  • Fitbit utilizes a preset stride length that is dependent on your height. Change this to manually enter your stride length for better accuracy. To discover how to accomplish this, go to How Does the Fitbit Track Steps.
  • Use Fitbit’s fitness app (certain models only) to log your exercises to better quantify workout intensity. It can especially be for activities like cycling or yoga. Android, iOS, and Windows have the application on their app store.
  • You may not bet swinging your arms when walking (such as while pushing a stroller). You can utilize Fitbit’s GPS function to better measure your daily activity (specific models only).

Can Treadmills Give Better Accuracy?

Treadmills are great for a variety of exercises. It includes interval training, warm-ups, cool-downs, recovery runs, and so on. You’ll also be able to utilize them even if it’s pouring or dark outdoors.

It’s important to remember, though, to take statistics with a grain of salt. Don’t rely on them to tell you how to fit you are. Instead, utilize the treadmill to improve your fitness

You may feel numb while going on this journey so don’t forget to reward yourself with a snicker or two after a particularly long run. It is one of the major assists when it comes to weight loss. It increases positivity and motivation. 

You may face your abdomen hurting while lunging or running. You can check out why does my abdomen hurt while lunging.

While we are particularly on the topic of weight loss I have some products that you might like 

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Table: Fitness Trackers


At What Speed Should I Set My Treadmill?

So, the question comes at what speed I should run or at what speed is ideal for treadmills. It is kind of simple.


Afterwards one should use the treadmill at a rate of 2 to 4 mph in case walking. Also 4 to 5 mph for a fast walk or jog. And finally over 5mph in case of jogging or walking.


Can I use a Fitbit watch without a phone?

Yes, you can use a Fitbit without a phone. If you cannot match with a phone or tablet well, you can connect it using a computer. Fitbit connect can help you easily connect it with your preferred devices. 

Is Treadmill Running Easier Than Running At The Same Speed Outdoors?

Yes, running indoors on a treadmill is physiologically a bit easier than running outdoors. There are some factors when it comes to the difference between running indoors and outdoors. Also the moving belt assists in running on a treadmill. To replicate the experience of running outdoors set the treadmill at an incline of one or two percent.

Should I Wear Different Shoes On The Treadmill?

Yes, you should wear shoes while running. Otherwise, you will get a sprained ankle. And a long time running will lead to migraine too. A light pair of shoes will lead to a very nice running experience.


That’s all folks hope you got your take on which is more accurate fitbit or treadmill. You can still face some issues regarding what features you can have in your Fitbit. You can always check them out at Amazon or your nearby stores.


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