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Uneven Lower Belly Fat – 8 Strategies To Overcome Uneven Fat Distribution

Do you dream of having the perfect body of your favorite characters like Wolverine or Rachel from Friends? 

This is the wish of many, including mine. Your uneven belly fat shape could be lowering your confidence in parties or reunions. This disturbance could cause you more stress.

But are you wondering why exactly you have uneven lower belly fat

Having lopsided lower belly fat is not usually concerning. This occurs due to all individuals having an uneven fat distribution. It may also happen because of uncontrolled hormone secretion. In serious cases, a hernia, cyst, or tumor could be its cause. This is when you should consult a doctor.

Every individual store’s fat in various areas. Males store fat mostly in the lower abs and back. Whereas, females tend to keep more fat in the hips and thighs. 

Now, you need to know more than this to get rid of the fat. I have explored all you need to know about the causes of this condition and provided solutions. So, without any delay, dig in to get the scoop!

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What Is An Uneven Lower Belly Fat?

Our belly stores fat, and this differs in males and females based on their distribution. But when one side of your lower belly seems to bulge more than the other, it simply refers that you have uneven fat there. But could it actually be due to fat only? 

There are various causes to you having this condition. When you have other signs other than the physical appearance of the bulge, it can mean some disorder is involved. 

If you’re determined to lose this belly fat, you need to have an idea about the causes behind this asymmetry.


Source: prevention.com 

Causes of Uneven Lower Belly Fat

Even if you think your unhealthy eating habits are leading to this scenario, there are several factors associated. Some of the noteworthy causes include:

Uneven Fat Distribution

Every individual store’s fat in various areas. Males store fat mostly in the lower abs and back. Whereas, females tend to keep more fat in the hips and thighs. 

This uneven distribution may cause your lower belly to have a lopsided shape. 

This distribution may even be related to your hormones. So, the hormones which control your body functions could go awry in places. This may lead to some uneven shape in your stomach and lower belly. 

Poor Prolonged Posture

If you keep sitting in the same position for long periods with an improper posture, your belly will get affected. 

Even while driving, your posture gets changed while shifting your legs differently. If one area of the belly seems differently shaped, it often is due to a skeletal misalignment. This makes the body build unbalanced muscle.

Most vehicles do not favor an appropriate posture. At that time, we land up using the right side of the body in a misalignment. 


This causes our hips to lose arrangement, causing our muscles in the low abs and hips to be in imbalance. But not that out of balance like Mr. Bean probably is, so don’t worry. From this, your belly can be out of shape and fat can get unevenly distributed. 

Abnormal Hernia

A hernia in the abdomen can produce a visible lump or bulge. This appears as fat gain in the subcutaneous skin. It disappears when you lie down and can be pushed back in. 

It may also appear when you sit in certain postures. In this case, an organ or tissue might protrude due to the weakening of the abdominal muscle walls. So, an increase in pressure within the abdominal cavity leads to stress at these points.  

Other common symptoms include:

  • increased pain
  • pain while lifting, laughing, coughing
  • feeling full or constipated

Hence, if you have unlocked this cause, seeking treatment from a doctor is the wisest option for a guaranteed cure.

If the belly fat looks static and the bulge remains in the same position, consult a doctor and get it examined. Even if this is not the case, at least you will be free of your lingering doubts. 

Bowel Disease

According to various bowel disease research sources, inflammation in the lower bowel can lead to a gain in weight. 

This may be in the form of fat being deposited in the lower belly. 

Inflammatory bowel disease or IBD and Crohn’s disease are some bowel diseases that could lead to weight gain. Even drug use for such diseases, such as steroids, can cause belly fat around the abdomen. 

IBD may also cause:

  • severe diarrhea
  • fatigue
  • blood in your stool

So, due to this sudden gain, your fat may be unevenly distributed. 

Post-Pregnancy Pooch

After you get pregnant, your belly stretches out so it can accommodate the amniotic fluid, a wider uterus. Not to be more obvious, the baby! But to be honest, your body won’t become normal in a flash just after giving birth. 

So many women complain about a bulge in their belly which does not seem to disappear. This makes the belly fat look uneven as well.  

The cause is partly hormonal: pregnancy causes insulin levels to sharply rise. This leads to more fat getting stored in your midsection. 


Another issue could be diastasis recti. This is when the right and left abdominal wall muscles separate. Since our uterus is stretched to hold in the growing fetus, the walls may separate unevenly. 

Cysts or Tumors

Not to scare you, but sometimes an uneven bulge may not always be belly fat. If there is a cyst, there may be some fluid collection under the skin beneath the abdomen. 

In some people, this may indicate a tumor growing in the lower belly. 

If the belly fat looks static and the bulge remains in the same position, consult a doctor and get it examined. Even if this is not the case, at least you will be free of your lingering doubts. 

How To Diagnose If Any Disease Is Involved? 

Now that you know what could cause your state, any asymmetry should be eyed with suspicion and get investigated. I recommend you get it examined with a general surgeon first. If there is any internal swell or dysfunction, they will decide the next line of action accordingly. 

If lumps are involved, a clinical examination may guide to diagnose where this mass is originating from.

So, physical examinations and biopsies are good methods to diagnose any issue first. Radiological evaluations, such as an ultrasound or CT scan, help reach the correct diagnosis & the root organ causing it. 

Is The Belly Uneven On The Left or Right Side?

While we talk about uneven lower belly fat, it is good to know which area is more flabby. And what does each side have? 

So, if your lower belly fat is due to organs in the left side, there are many possible causes. It could be due to the spleen, lower portion of kidney and adrenal gland, the pancreas in the tail region. Also, the left colon and left ovary are located within. 

In the case of mass on the right side, it could be due to the small intestine and cecum of the large intestine, with the appendix.

Treatments For Uneven Lower Belly Fat

No matter how much you cut on rice, or try to start a new day without desserts, you need a different level of determination to achieve the goal. So, if you want to treat the uneven shape that you have in your lower belly, you need long-term goals. 

High-Intensity Interval Training or HIIT can rapidly trim the uneven fat. So, if you sprint for 10 seconds and later walk for 20 seconds, it will be sufficient to kick start your sculpting journey.

With patience (a lot!) and some effective strategies, you can get the belly you have desired of having. That original even tone is coming, so just hold on and keep trying! Some treatments include:

Correct Your Posture

Even if you’ve had a terrible posture from driving, or sitting for prolonged periods, it’s not too late to make improvements. Research shows that just thirty days is enough to create a big difference. By then you can establish a routine for improving posture.

A good sitting position can exert less pressure on the lower belly and help you achieve an even shape. Some ways are:

  • Maintain keeping the feet flat and try using a footrest.
  • Avoid crossing knees or ankles.
  • Keep a little gap between the back of the knees and the chair

You still haven’t missed the boat for a great belly and posture. Just change up your activities and strengthen your muscles. This will ensure that your belly doesn’t get loose on one side.

Opt for CoolSculpting

We know how hard workouts and diets seem to you. On top of that, belly fat is harder to lose and reshape.

In this case, you can try out CoolSculpting. This is an effective method that aims at your lower belly fat, using a suction device and step-by-step cooling. So, your fat cells will get targeted specifically. 

This leads to gently killing the cells of fat by apoptosis. So, this non-invasive procedure naturally absorbs the cells in our body and removes them. It can take over 3 months to show effect. 

So if you are desperate to even out the belly fat, this method can be a wise option. Additionally, it will be pain-free, so there’s no harm!

Try Weight Training

Have you ever thought if burning fat while resting is possible? Hold tight, because your wish is definitely going to be fulfilled! You can achieve this by weight training. 

If you build lean muscle mass, simultaneously your body is also burning fat. So, when you start weight training, go and seek a trainer who can make a special regime for you. This program should only focus on the abdominal muscles.

Hence, this corset of muscles can push your belly in with an even and attractive tone. 

Also, avoid cross-fit classes, because it can lead to a build of cortisol in your body. This is a stress hormone that can trigger belly fat storage. These classes can burn good calories. But you should alternate it by doing moderate exercise like walking while holding hand weights. 

Moreover, try to keep the heart rate between 90 to 110. By this technique, you can keep the cortisol level low, while torching all that uneven lower belly fat. 

Get More Active

Everyone has a Homer Simpson side to them when you sit all day and don’t feel like doing work whatsoever. 

If only we had someone like Hulk to beat us into getting up during these times. But since you and I don’t, only inner effort and discipline can help you out of it.  


The belly fat is energy fuel that is meant to be burnt. So, if you want to get the symmetrical shape of the lower belly, you need to burn your fat cells. This includes fat under the skin along with the harmful fat surrounding your organs. 

Hence, doing cardio like running on a treadmill, swimming or even dancing can burn it down. 

Additionally, High-Intensity Interval Training or HIIT can rapidly trim the uneven fat. So, if you sprint for 10 seconds and later walk for 20 seconds, it will be sufficient to kick start your sculpting journey. 

This applies only if you conduct it regularly. Also, some short workouts like planks, crunches, and oblique twists focus on the lower belly and can tone it. 


In the case of lower belly fat, the best method of removing the uneven fat is doing an abdominoplasty. This surgical process tightens your stomach muscles and gets rid of excess fatty tissues in the lower and middle abdominal area. 

Alongside, liposuction can also be done if you feel you have excess uneven belly fat. This can give you the most flawless results.

If the hernia is the cause, your aim should be to minimize any pressure in the abdomen that potentially could weaken the abdominal wall from stress. Non-surgical methods involve using a binder or corset. 

This puts gentle pressure on the lower belly and keeps the bulge in place if you’re not ready for surgery. But in surgical methods, open or laparoscopic surgery can be opted to avoid re-infection. Here, the bulge is pushed back into the abdomen with an incision. 

But when tumors are involved, the only treatment is going for combination therapy. 

This means surgery with chemotherapy or radiation therapy. If it has not spread far, surgery would be best in removing it as quickly as possible.

But don’t think too much, because these are only required in rare cases of belly bulges. 

Tips To Maintain The Belly Shape

Since you can treat your asymmetrical belly fat with these proper treatments, you need to keep in mind another thing. That is, regularity is everything! So, some helpful tips like avoiding chugging water after meals can benefit you in the long run. 

Maintain a Proper Diet

Try eating all of the 6 essential nutrients in suitable amounts. You should steer clear of sugar and cut down on saturated fatty foods. Instead, go for salmon, tuna, or nuts. 

This can help you build healthy muscle while encouraging the loss of excess fat. Also, avoid constipation, since this can strain your lower bowel movement and irritate it further. 

Manage Stress Levels

“With great power comes great responsibility”. This is indeed a great dialogue. You need the power to manage all your stress and be responsible for controlling your fat. So, with great stress arises a greater level of cortisol. 

This stress hormone, if abundant, can raise your harmful visceral fat levels. Also, it can lead to you craving sweets like chocolates or processed foods like crackers and chips. 

You can manage your stress in so many ways like: 

  • A good massage
  • Listening to music
  • Spend time with friends
  • A trip outside

Try Yoga and Breathing Exercises

Yoga and deep breaths can be quite helpful to keep your lower belly in shape. When you breathe deeply, your diaphragm is used, so it works up your ab muscles. So with time, they gain strength and come back together. 

So, next time, try watching yoga tutorials online!


Why is your stomach big even if you’re not pregnant?

This could be due to bloats, lactose intolerance, or a wheat allergy. Your belly bloats due to consuming excess salt daily. This makes your belly store excess water. 

How long does it actually take to get a flat stomach?

Many exercise councils state that it takes an average-weight woman about 20 to 26 months to lose fat. An average man needs around 15 to 21 months. 

Do squats burn belly fat?

Yes, because any strength training like squats or deadlifts can burn fat. It also needs you to move multiple joints which builds more muscles and torches the belly fat. 


Now you know all about what is the uneven lower belly fat that is stressing you out! So, with ample exercise and selective eating, you should be least worried about your belly fat!

Regardless of how your body distributes the fat, you can reduce your concerns now and be aware! Hope this article helped you know all your unanswered questions. 

Happy Healthy Eating!

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