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How to Gain Subcutaneous Fat In 6 Proven Ways

The internet is always preaching ways to lose fat. We now have hundreds of different types of diets to be skinny. But, what about the people who are looking for ways to gain a few pounds as subcutaneous fat? And how to gain subcutaneous fat?

Many of us suffer from being underweight. And, no amount of food seems to be enough to look good in that pretty gown we saved for that special day! Well, do not worry if you are facing troubles with ways to increase body fat percentage. Body mass composition can be morphed into your preferred type by a little hard work and determination.

We believe that every kind of body is beautiful. But, we can always look for ways to be healthy. If you are looking for how to gain subcutaneous fat, then this article can help you!

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What is Subcutaneous Fat?

Before getting into how to gain subcutaneous fat, you need to know what this fat is!

Subcutaneous fat is the visible fat that feels jiggly when you try to touch it. It is generally the fat under the skin that rolls in our abdomen.

how to gain subcutaneous fat

Subcutaneous fat might develop depending on one’s lifestyle and food habits. It can also occur due to genetic reasons. The human body has two kinds of fat.

The visceral fat wraps around the internal organ and the subcutaneous fat is below the skin. Those who have higher subcutaneous fat, tend to have higher visceral fat as well.

Functions of Subcutaneous Fat

The layer of subcutaneous fat is the deepest layer of our skin. The first layer or the top layer is the epidermis. The dermis is the middle layer and subcutaneous fat is the final layer.

The functions of subcutaneous fat include-

Energy storage

Food works as the fuel for our body. But, all the food that we eat does not get instantly used. This is stored as energy in the fatty layers of our body. Subcutaneous fat helps the body to store energy for continuing different biological processes.

Protect the muscles

Our skin works as padding to our muscles. Before the muscles come layers of fat and it is the subcutaneous fat we are referring to. This fat protects the muscles and bones from sudden hits or falls. It helps as a resistance to any kind of minor damage.


The layers of subcutaneous fat have an important role in passing blood vessels and nerves. Between the skin and the muscles, there remain myriads of blood vessels and nerves. These continue to work as a carrier of oxygenated blood and hemoglobin. And, the subcutaneous fat is the perfect passageway for them to function.

Regulate temperature

Subcutaneous fat helps to regulate the body temperature by insulating the body. Maintaining body temperature is important to stay warm.

Connecting organ

A connection between the dermis with the bones and muscles is needed. It is the subcutaneous fat that helps to do this. It has connecting tissue which holds everything in the right position.

How to Gain Subcutaneous Fat?

Subcutaneous fat helps the body to perform multiple necessary functions. But, now comes the main question! That is – how to gain subcutaneous fat? First of all, there is no magic potion to gain this fat overnight. Gaining fat can be as hard as losing if you are genetically designed to be skinny!

However, you can bring a massive change to your body through consistency and determination. Let’s quickly check out a few healthy steps that can help us build fat in our bodies!

Frequent eating

Underweight People, barely feel hungry. They suffer from loss of appetite easily. So, break down your meals into several sections. Make sure you complete your meals by taking breaks. Get your system habituated with a gradual increase in food. Do not force-feed yourself. Rather fill your plates with food that you enjoy eating.

Include nutrient-rich foods

It is important to make every bite count! To make it happen, including more nutrient-rich food in your meals. Even a small amount will help you gain your necessary fat through this.

But, do not indulge in unhealthy saturated fats and trans fats in your quest to gain weight. Rather have good cuts of meat and healthy unsaturated fats more. Nuts, avocado, and sea fish can be helpful in this case.

Have smoothies and shakes

If you are used to drinking down your meals with soda, it is time to change it! Instead of sodas, coffees, or other drinks, start having smoothies. Make your shakes and smoothies by using Greek yogurt, fruits, flax seeds, and more. This will be both tasty and energetic.

how to gain subcutaneous fat
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Avoid drinks before meals

A mistake that many of us do unknowingly is filling our tummies with drinks before meals. Skip this step next time. This kills the appetite and also fills half the stomach with liquid, not allowing you to eat enough food.

Drink water half an hour before your meals and half an hour after finishing the meal. This practice will help to reduce gastronomic problems as well besides gaining weight.

Healthy snacking

Practice healthy snacking that includes nuts, seeds, peanut butter, avocado, lean meat, cheese, etc. These food items are not only healthy but also high in calories.

The fat content in these is also high. The best thing is they can be organically received. The unsaturated fat in them promises a healthier life and immunity. And offer an easier way of how to gain subcutaneous fat.


We often do not think of exercising when we want to gain fat. But, it is a step that cannot be missed out. Exercise helps to change the body mass composition healthily. Through exercise, you can also gain a better appetite.

Most underweight people cannot eat enough due to their lack of appetite. But, proper exercise and workout routine can easily solve this problem. Massive results come in the body just by doing regular exercise.

Risks Associated with Low Fat Percentage

In men, less than 6% of body fat is considered low. The percentage is 16 in women, Even if their picture looks desirable, less than the given amount is harmful to the body.

Researchers found out that people who have a minimum fat percentage in the body have low immunity. Their physical performance is also questionable. Many of the athletes who religiously work to attain this body type, take steroids. This leads to more severe health issues.

Women can suffer from fertility and reproductive problems due to having way too little fat content in the body. It is not sustainable as it comes with a lot of complexities related to menstrual health.


What is a healthy subcutaneous fat percentage?

The right proportion of subcutaneous fat is necessary to continue the regular biological processes. The fat percentage is measured using calipers. The thickness of subcutaneous fat varies in men and women. Consult your physician to know the right percentage of subcutaneous fat based on your age and body composition.

Too much subcutaneous fat can be harmful to the body. Type 2 diabetes, heart attacks, and strokes can be a result of excess subcutaneous fat. It can also lead to imbalanced hormone levels. Before starting the process of how to gain subcutaneous fat, it’s better to know the difference between good and bad fat.

How hard is it to lose subcutaneous fat?

Having excess subcutaneous fat also refers to the idea of having excess visceral fat. Both of these fats can be harmful if they exceed the healthy percentage.

Losing fat is not an easy task. It requires a healthy diet, exercise, and a routine lifestyle. You can try aerobic exercises like walking, running and swimming. Burning calories is the key to losing any kind of fat.

Is it good to have a low-fat percentage in the body?

An extremely low-fat percentage can be harmful to the body. It is as bad as having excess fat in the body. People complained about feeling drained and depleted throughout the day.

This can also mess with the menstrual health of women. The reproductive abilities of women are also dependent on this. Lack of energy is another result of having a minimum fat percentage.

how to gain subcutaneous fat

What is the difference between visceral fat and subcutaneous fat?

Subcutaneous fat is the soft, jiggly fat that lies under the skin. It is visible and you can understand its presence upon touching.

Visceral fat goes way below the subcutaneous fat. It wraps around the organs. Both of these fats have a separate and important role in protecting the internal organs.


People frown upon fats only when they do not know how important fats are in our everyday life. Everyone around us is so baffled by the “perfect body” that they often miss out on a healthy lifestyle.

By now you already know how to gain subcutaneous fat. So, treat your body with kindness and generosity because you deserve it all. Maintain a healthy lifestyle that includes good food and activities. And, do not forget to consult your doctor, if you are planning on starting anything completely new.

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