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Is Peace Tea Bad for You? The Answer Will Make You Think Again

Do you sometimes wonder if your favorite drink is bad for your body? Well, you are not alone. Especially whose favorite drinks are factory-made like peace tea.

The next thing that will come to your mind is, is peace tea bad for you?

Peace tea is bad if you take more than one can a day. The drink comes with 40 grams of added sugar covering 79% of your daily sugar need. Furthermore, the additional flavors may cause allergic reactions. Peace tea is not a good choice if you are concerned about your health.

I am sure if you are a Peace tea lover the answer is pretty shocking. Let me explain with more details and facts. 

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Nutrition Facts about Peace Tea

First, Peace tea is not organic. It is completely store-made. The tea-flavored delicious refreshment comes in a handy can. This provides great iced tea in a range of flavors to satisfy your palate.

As I said earlier, peace tea contains a lot of sugar. It’s generally made with a good amount of cane sugar and sucralose. Besides this, they add some natural flavors, citric acid, and pectin. 

Normally, a can of peace tea contains 40g of sugar and an equal amount of carbohydrates. Now you might be guessing does peace tea has caffeine in it.  Well, the answer is yes. It has 23g of caffeine per can. 

Now, if you order a zero sugar can then there might be less sugar. However, you might be wondering if peace tea with zero sugar is good for you. Whatever the store tells you, it’s never actually “Zero sugar”. The zero sugar option still has around 5-6g of sugar in different forms.

So, you now know about the components of peace tea, let’s find out if it’s good for you or not. 

Is Peace Tea Bad For You? 

Peace tea is totally manufactured and contains no organic ingredients. So, as you may expect, this tea will not give you with many health benefits.

Is it, however, harmful to your health? You might want to know this. Just like how you would want to know if butter noodles are good for you.

Let’s find out. 

Only when peace tea is drank in big quantities is it hazardous. A modest amount, however, can be dangerous for some persons with particular medical conditions.


So let’s find out how harmful is peace tea for your health?. 

Diabetic Patients

Diabetic patients have a low tolerance for sugar. And peace tea has a high concentration of sugar in it. 

So what do you think? Is peace tea harmful to diabetic patients

The answer is yes. Diabetic patients should not consume peace teas. They can pick the zero sugar one if they want to.

However, we recommend you avoid these types of beverages if you’re a diabetic patient. 

High-Pressure Patients

Most people with high pressure need to be careful about their caffeine intake. Peace teas, as we all know, contain a significant quantity of caffeine.

Caffeine gives you a lot of energy. However, it can also make your blood pressure go up really fast. So, for people with high blood pressure, this can be a big no-no. 

Consuming an Excess Amount of Peace Tea

Peace tea can be really harmful when consumed in large quantities. There can be both long and short-term effects due to this. For example, the food colors used to make this isn’t organic. So, some people can end up having allergic reactions


Now you might be thinking that can peace tea make you gain weight? The answer is yes. Weight gain can be a long-term side effect.  Due to the sugar components in this drink, peace tea is no better than a regular soda. So, if you are health conscious then this might not be your drink after all. 

No Nutritional Value

Peace tea is no better than any regular soda. It contains a lot of sugar and has little nutritional benefit. Even Doritos are good for losing weight sometimes but not the peace tea. 

However, if you drink peace tea regularly then you’re guaranteed to gain some weight. Also, it doesn’t give you the nutritional benefits that some other herbal teas give you. 

On that note,  you can make your own iced tea, which is really simple and inexpensive. You can also change the tea flavor. You’ll find that you might not even need to sweeten it!

Some Alternatives For Peace Tea

Let’s check some alternative beverages you can drink instead of sugary peace tea. These are simple to prepare and excellent.

So buckle up if you’re in the mood of making some incredibly tasty drinks. 

Fresh Mint Tea

You probably have a lot of mint in your yard or in the freezer. Make your homemade mint herbal tea to make the most of the exotic plant. This tea is rich with a beautiful menthol flavor and no caffeine. This uncomplicated herbal tea offers a lovely alternative to peace tea.


Orange Mint Tea

If you’re craving a fruity flavored tea, your best option may be orange mint tea. This iced tea has fresh mint leaves balanced out by sweet and somewhat sour orange juice. 


It’s a great way to put leftover mint to good use while celebrating summer in a glass.You can also add a piece of mint to your glass for a nice display.

Thai Iced Tea

This one is a store brought product. You can buy some flavored powder or syrup to make your tea. 


To give it that genuine taste, this tea uses actual spices and high-quality black tea. It’s cheaper and simpler to make it at home than to buy it by the glass. You can also change the flavor by adjusting your spice combination.


Well, this one is not tea. But we all know how lemonade can be a fresh alternative. The simplest and most delicious of them all. Lemonade is the easiest and healthy option if you want to clench your thirst in the summer.

It’s super easy to make and it’ll give you a feeling of freshness that a peace tea won’t do. 


Besides these, you can also try some of these supplement drinks that can be really healthy for your body. 

LEAN BELLY JUICELean Belly Juice is a highly effective juice powder supplement for boosting metabolism and burning calories.
GOLDEN REVIVE +Golden Revive + is a completely natural treatment for tight joints, ligaments, tendons, and muscles.

Both of these are good for your metabolism and muscle pain.

Now you know if your peace tea is bad for you or not. And you also know some very cool alternatives you can drink.  However, before trying flavored teas, be sure to know about the bad side effects of iced tea. 


Is Peace Tea made from real tea?

Peace tea is one hundred per cent real tea. Although it’s store-made and comes in a can, it is considered a form of tea. Peace tea has a lot of components similar to different types of teas. It can also provide some benefits similar to normal teas like iced tea or ginger tea. 

How long does Peace Tea keep its flavor?

At room temperature, properly stored unopened iced tea will keep its best quality for 18-24 months. In most circumstances, though, it is OK to eat after that. Unsealed iced tea is not safe to drink after the “expiration date” on the container has passed.

Which peace tea has the most caffeine?

Texas-style sweet peace tea has the most amount of caffeine in it. It is also the sweetest of the bunch. It has around 30 g of caffeine in it. This is more than a cup of fresh coffee.  

Final Word

If you read this article completely then you know the answer to  “Is peace tea bad for you?” 

However, don’t let this article scare you too much. It’s okay if you drink it every now and then. It’s a delicious drink, and we don’t want you to lose out on it. Just be careful not to drink too much of it.

Well, that is all that we had to say about peace teas. Have a wonderful day!

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