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Do You Know The One Veggie That Kills High Blood Pressure? Well There is 9

High blood pressure or Hypertension is a severe condition that is commonly diagnosed these days. It is known as a ‘silent killer’. Because high blood pressure kills, and it kills people quietly.

Uncontrolled blood pressure can be a serious medical condition. It can lead to a lot of complications. Worst of all, when someone has dangerous blood pressure levels, they show no signs or symptoms. Rarely, some people might experience headaches, shortness of breath, or even worse, nosebleeds.

If you want to keep this killer on the bay there are a lot of options. Filling up your diet with veggies or regular exercise can be the easiest option. In fact, there is more than one veggie that kills high blood pressure for good. Do you want to know the names of the veggies and foods that lower blood pressure? Let’s go through the article.

one veggie that kills high blood pressure
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What is Hypertension?

Arteries are the blood vessels that transport blood from the heart to different parts of the body. As the heart beats, it creates pressure that allows blood to circulate through the arteries. As the blood continues to circulate, it puts pressure on the artery walls.

When the blood moves through the arteries at a higher pressure than usual, it is known as Hypertension. We hope this clears out the concept of Hypertension for those who are not familiar with the term.

Before I give you that list of more than one veggie that kills high blood pressure let’s check the causes of hypertension.

What causes Hypertension?

Lack of exercise, unhealthy diet, stress, and smoking are the leading causes of high blood pressure. Diets that include too much salt, sugar, red meat, or dairy products can spike blood pressure. Salt consumption per day should be at a minimum level.

The daily sodium intake should not be more than 1500 milligrams. Too much sodium can cause the body to hold out extra water, which results in high blood pressure. Full cream and alcoholic beverages are also a reason for Hypertension.

Complications of Hypertension

Hypertensive patients are most prone to heart diseases. It can lead to

  • Heart Attack
  • Stroke
  • Heart Failure
  • Aneurysm
  • Dementia

Suppose you are someone with Hypertension; no need to get overwhelmed. We have got your back! There are effective yet simple ways of lowering high blood pressure. Apart from exercise and cutting down on smoking, the best way to keep your blood pressure in check is a healthy diet. And I can give you names of more than one veggie that kills high blood pressure.

Nitrate-rich vegetables and fruits are the best to reduce blood pressure. Green vegetables and beetroots are packed with nitrate. They can immensely help in reducing high blood pressure. Doctors advise hypertensive patients to eat more potassium enriched food rather than foods packed with sodium.

When dietary potassium is high, kidneys excrete more salt and water. As a result, it increases potassium excretion, and the process also cleans the kidneys.

How much green vegetables should you intake?

There is no immediate treatment for high blood pressure at home. However, you can keep it under control with diet and exercise. According to research, the minimum requirement is to eat five portions of fruits or vegetables daily. Since this is pretty hard to maintain, one vegetable a day can be better than eating none at all. The risk of heart diseases, kidney problems, or any other chronic illness can be cut significantly if someone follows a healthy diet.

After all of this, you must be wondering which vegetable can reduce blood pressure? Well, there are tons of veggies to eat, but a handful of them can work effectively against Hypertension. Here is a list and you can pick any one veggie that will help you to the high blood pressure under control.

Pick one veggie that kills high blood pressure

Beetroot is perhaps the most famous veggie that can kill blood pressure. However, there are more options you can pick according to your taste and meal. No matter if you make a snack or a meal, the veggies will be equally effective.

Sweet Potatoes

Not only is sweet potato healthy, but it is also very easy to grow in your backyard. They are a great source of fiber, vitamin A, magnesium, and antioxidants. The magnesium of sweet potatoes helps to reduce high blood pressure.

sweet potato is the one veggie that kills high blood pressure
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Peas are the most heart-healthy vegetable ever to exist. Its benefits are immense. Peas are packed with vitamins, fibers, and protein. Yellow peas are the best in terms of reducing high blood pressure and kidney strain. The best time to harvest them is winter.


Next up, we have beets! It is packed with folate, magnesium, and potassium. As they are a great source of potassium, it helps to reduce blood pressure very effectively.


Cloves of Garlic work surprisingly very well in controlling blood pressure. Crushed, minced, or whole; however you like it! It releases the compound allicin that reduces Hypertension.

Celery Seeds

Celery seeds have been used as a herbal medicine for quite a long time. Their medicinal values are immense, and celery seed is very healthy. It used to be eaten to treat colds and cases of flu in the past.

Now, we can use celery to reduce high blood pressure drastically. But, excessive consumption can be highly toxic.

celery is the one veggie that kills high blood pressure
Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels

Winter Squash

Winter Squash, the best vegetable of winter, is packed with fibre and nutrients. It is filled with beta carotene and potassium. The potassium reduces high blood pressure significantly. Other than that, different varieties of squash can quickly be grown in your yard.


Tomatoes are enriched with Lycopene. Lycopene is a powerful antioxidant that prevents cholesterol from attaching itself to the arteries of the heart. It reduces blood pressure to a great extent. They also contain high levels of fiber, vitamin C, and potassium.


Berries don’t exactly fall under the category of vegetables, but they are a great source of nutrition. Berries and strawberries can help reduce blood pressure.

Now you have a good list but wait there left one veggie that kills high blood pressure effectively.


Lettuce is the best leafy vegetable to eat when you have high blood pressure. It contains potassium that can reduce the levels of sodium in your body. So, consider keeping more leafy green vegetables in your diet.

The most straightforward way of reducing blood pressure is by including more green vegetables in your diet. Eat proportionate amounts and see the results yourself!

Other Alternatives

Besides eating healthy, there are other alternatives that you should try. A person’s workout routine, sleep schedule, workload, and alcohol consumption can influence their blood pressure to a great extent. So here is a list of things you can do to reduce your blood pressure.

More Exercise

The best way to reduce blood pressure is by exercising more. Serious workout routines can be a little strenuous for newbies. So, a little jogging or a 15 minutes walk in the morning will do wonders. So, don’t just sit around. Jump or walk regularly. It can boost your heart’s health.

Cut Down on Alcohol

Alcoholic beverages are a severe threat to health. According to several professionals, more than three servings at one sitting can spike blood pressure temporarily. So, you can guess what can happen if you continue binge drinking for a more extended period. Without a doubt, it will lead to long-term hypertension.

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Long-term drinkers are more prone to death from cardiovascular diseases. So, alcohol should be at the top of foods to avoid with high blood pressure and stay healthy! And if you want to replace the alcohol with greens and veggies there is more than one veggie that kills high blood pressure and keeps you fit.

Cut down on Fast Food

The fast-food industry is now partly responsible for the majority of hypertensive patients. Of course, it all comes down to a person’s choice, lifestyle, and diet. But, fast food is regarded as a ‘slow killer’. Because it slowly creates complications to the human body.

The amount of sodium and oil in one serving of fries will astound you. It is enough to fulfill the sodium demand of two days. So, cutting down on unhealthy fast food would be a great idea.

Stress Less

Stress acts as a catalyst for rising blood pressure. Eating right, exercising, and sleeping well can significantly make you stress less. And it can also reduce blood pressure to a great extent.

Otherwise you have to think about emergency treatment for high blood pressure at home.

Quit smoking

Smoking is already highly detrimental to health, but nicotine also spikes blood pressure temporarily. Regularly smoking can lead to more prolonged lasting problems in the blood vessels.

Smoking may not be the foods that raise blood pressure quickly but it will kick the hypertension in no time.


What is the one food that kill high blood pressure?

Foods containing fresh fruits and veggies can kill blood pressure. Besides, protein-rich foods are full of nitrates that can lower blood pressure too.

Eggs are a good source of protein, no matter how you eat them. Scrambled, boiled, or poached, they all have the same benefits! And it is also suitable for high blood pressure.

What can I eat to lower my blood pressure immediately?

If you suddenly see a spike in blood pressure, then a doctor visit is a must. Blood pressure higher than 160 over 100 requires immediate consultation, and three visits are enough.

If you have no previous history of Hypertension, then visiting a physician is very important. The doctor may suggest you one veggie that kills high blood pressure so that you can include it in your meal.

What’s the best vegetable for high blood pressure?

Leafy green vegetables that are high in nitrates are the best options for lowering blood pressure. 1-2 servings of leafy veggies can reduce blood pressure for up to 24 hours. It is recommended to always consume a serving of vegetables in every meal.


The bottom line is, eat more veggies, and you’ll see the outcome in no time! A diet change can significantly reduce your blood pressure and bring a change to your overall health.

Along with nitrate-rich vegetables, exercise more, stress less, sleep more, quit smoking, and cut down on fast food. The last point is crucial. Fast food is very unhealthy, and it has high amounts of sodium in it. Most of them contain tasting salt as well, which is very harmful to our health.

So, no more fast food! Hypertensive patients should always keep their diet in check and eat more than one veggie that kills high blood pressure!

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