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Is Boursin Cheese Gluten-Free? A Short Boursin Cheese Review

Crumbly, creamy, and flavorful Boursin cheese has almost all the characteristics that can make it universally appealing. Boursin cheese basically belongs to French cuisine, but due to its rising popularity, it is widely used worldwide. It’s the first ever cheese to be displayed on the world T.V. People worldwide relish its wide range of distinctive flavors.

It’s delicious for almost every palate, but is Boursin cheese gluten-free?

Boursin cheese is gluten-free. Its primary ingredients are pasteurized cultured milk, cream, garlic, salt, pepper, chive, preservatives, and parsley. All these ingredients are gluten-free, so you can consider the Boursin cheese if you avoid gluten cheeses. 

However, Boursin Cheese didn’t specify the gluten-free label on their packages. Dietitians often claim it has been done purposely because it contains some cross-contaminated ingredients that Celiac patients and gluten-intolerant people do not tolerate. However, it is a general claim often discussed by local people with no scientific or research-based facts.

Let’s review the Boursin cheese in the guide to find out if this wholesome cheese is 100% gluten-free. 

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Boursin Cheese Quick Overview

Boursin cheese is a versatile cheese. It can be used as a cream spread, a cream sauce, a dip, or side for vegetables and chicken, a cheese for salads, and a filling for chicken or vegetables.

It has a unique creamy and crumbly texture and a savory taste with pleasant notes of herbs and infused seasoning.

As a filling and spread, it offers a great creamy and lighter texture to the main item, which provides an excellent dining experience.

Boursin Cheese

Is Boursin Cheese Gluten-Free?

Boursin Cheese Gluten-freeDairy-freeVegan 
Boursin Garlic & Fine Herbs Cheese✔️
Boursin Garlic & Fine Herbs Cheese Bites✔️
Boursin Dairy Free Cheese✔️✔️✔️
Boursin Black Truffle & Sea Salt Cheese✔️
Boursin Shallot & Chive Cheese✔️
Boursin Basil & Chive Cheese✔️
Boursin Cracked Black Pepper Cheese✔️
Boursin Fig & Balsamic Cheese✔️
Boursin Caramelized Onion & Herbs Cheese✔️

All flavors of Boursin Cheese are gluten-free and safe for anyone sensitive to gluten. It’s evident that Boursin cheese is gluten-free because all its ingredients are naturally free of gluten or its traces. It is made only from cultured milk, garlic, seasoning, herbs, and preservatives (mostly potassium sorbate), which have no traces of gluten in it. 

They have also mentioned clearly on their website that all Boursin cheese is gluten-free and suitable for anyone with Celiac disease or gluten intolerance. However, they didn’t display the gluten-free certification on their packages; maybe they don’t consider it, but it is 100% certified.

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Boursin Cheese History

The Boursin cheese recipe is basically derived from the traditional French dish “fromage frais,” which uses blended garlic, soft cheese, cream, and herbs to make the party dish. It was first introduced by the young Normandy cheese maker “François Boursin” in 1957. Initially, he distributed his cheese in North France.

He quietly worked on improving its quality and taste until 1961, when a French magazine mistakenly reported that Boursin had launched its garlic cheese recipe.

François Boursin loved this idea and started working on it. Finally 1963, he introduced his newly created Gournay cheese and garlic. People loved this unique recipe and gave it a lot of appreciation.

François has begun work to introduce more variations of his cheeses, which lead to several new flavors that have become worldwide famous in a relatively short period of time.

François Boursin

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Is Boursin Cheese Healthy?

Boursin cheese is not healthy for regular and excess eating. Although, Boursin cheese has a considerable amount of protein and calcium, but it has a relatively high amount of calories, carbohydrates, and cholesterol, which increases the risk of cardiovascular disorders, high cholesterol levels, and metabolic disorders, so it is good to eat it in moderate to low amounts. 

Below is the nutritional value of their famous Boursin garlic & fine herbs cheese:

Serving Size2 tablespoons (29 g)
Total Carbohydrates2 g
Cholesterol40 mg
Total Fats11 g
Sugar1 g
Dietary Fiber0 g
Calcium30 mg
Protein2 g
Potassium 20 mg
Iron0.1 mg

Using Boursin cheese with your main items may add a bulk of calories, carbs, and fats in your diet, so it should be in balance with your diet plan.

Where to Buy Boursin Cheese?

You can find the Boursin cheese in your nearby supermarket or local grocery stores. Moreover, it is also available on Amazon, Walmart, and other online retailers. Unfortunately, they don’t sell it directly to the customers, but they involve third-party retailers, resellers, or supermarkets for their cheese distribution. 


Boursin cheese is gluten-free. However, you should take it as an occasional treat, don’t eat it in excess as it is a high source of calories, and unhealthy carbs. Moreover, blue cheese, cottage cheese, cheddar cheese, brie cheese are other gluten-free versions.

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Is Boursin Garlic Herb Gluten-Free?

Boursin garlic herb cheese is gluten-free. People with intolerance to gluten or its products can eat the Boursin garlic herb cheese without the risk of getting sick.

Is Boursin Vegan Cheese Gluten-Free?

Boursin vegan cheese doesn’t include gluten or milk, making it a good choice for gluten-sensitive and vegan people. Instead of milk, it is made of coconut oil, which is further cold pressed to make the cheese. 

What Kind of Cheese Is Boursin Made Of?

Boursin is made of special Gournay cheese, which is a French specialty. Gournay cheese is a soft and creamy spreadable cheese which is basically made from the cream. It generally has a mild, sweet taste, but Boursin cheese has a more pronounced herbal taste. Boursin gournay cheese resembles cream cheese but has a more crumbled texture with a distinctive savory flavor.

Is All Boursin Cheese Dairy-Free?

No, Boursin cheese is not dairy-free; it contains milk as its basic ingredient. However, Boursin Dairy Free Cheese is 100% dairy-free and vegan certified.

Is Boursin Cheese Lactose-Free?

Boursin cheese is not lactose-free; it is primarily made from cultured milk, which is further processed to convert into cheese. It contains lactose compounds and may not be suitable for people with lactose allergy.

Is Boursin Cheese Kosher?

Not all Boursin cheese is kosher, but some variants are approved for kosher Passover, such as Boursin garlic & fine herbs cheese, Boursin black truffle & sea salt cheese, and Boursin shallot & chive cheese, are kosher certified. 

Is Boursin Cheese Halal?

Boursin cheese is halal; it is made of all-halal-certified ingredients.

How Long Does Boursin Cheese Last in the Fridge Unopened?

If kept in the refrigerator unopened, the Boursin cheese can last up to its expiry date. But if you open it, it can be kept for two weeks in the fridge.

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