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Is Kraft Cheese Halal? Halal and Non-Halal Kraft Varieties

When it comes to tasty, convenient, and affordable cheese items, Kraft cheese can’t disappoint anyone. Since 1903, it has provided high-quality cheese to America and expanded its business to a large geographic area. People consider Kraft natural cheese due to its wide range of flavors, shapes, types, and superior quality. As to the cheese, it is one of the best-selling and most popular cheese-delivery companies, But is Kraft cheese halal?

Kraft Natural Cheese has both non-halal and halal-certified cheese options. Some of its cheeses use animal-based rennet, which is not prepared according to Islamic laws. However, some Kraft halal cheese options are made from plant-sourced ingredients, so they are okay to Halal eat.

In this guide, we will share awareness about Kraft natural cheese halal and non-halal stuff, so stay tuned till the end!

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Is Kraft Cheese Halal?

Kraft Foods cheese, including Kraft processed cheddar cheese, Swiss processed sliced cheese, Brie cheese, Kraft singles, and deli deluxe, are haram. They are prepared using enzymes derived from animal sources: lamb, calf, cow, sheep, kid, and goat. Although their meat is permissible, but these animals are not slaughtered as per the Islamic method, so they are not considered Halal for Muslims.

However, there is another list of Kraft halal cheeses permissible for Muslims, such as Kraft natural Swiss cheese, natural mozzarella cheese, Kraft grated Romano, and Philadelphia cream cheese. These items are prepared from animal milk (cow, sheep, and goat) and non-animal sources (molds). Check out Kraft’s official website to find the Cheese options and their preparation method.

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Halal Kraft Cheese

Following are the halal versions of Kraft Cheese, which don’t use animal rennet but are made of microbial rennet sourced from non-animal products:

  • Kraft Philadelphia Cream Cheese
  • Philadelphia (Herb & Garlic) Cream Cheese
  • Kraft Natural Cheddar Cheese
  • Kraft Grated Romano Parmesan
  • Kraft Mozzarella Cheese
  • Kraft Natural Swiss

Non-Halal Kraft Cheese

As per our research, the following is the list of Kraft cheeses that include the animal rennet and are not considered halal: 

  • American Cheese (Kraft Singles)
  • Kraft Velveeta
  • Kraft Halloumi Cheese
  • Kraft Sharp & Extra Sharp Cheddar Cheeses
  • Roquefort Cheese
  • Kraft Deli Deluxe
  • Kraft Manchego Cheese
  • Kraft Natural Swiss Sliced Processed Cheese
  • Brie Cheese
  • Kraft Blue Cheese
  • Kraft Gorgonzola Cheese

Discover the Halal and Non-Halal Versions of Cheese

Is Kraft Cheese Made With Rennet?

Kraft cheese uses animal, liquid, and microbial rennet in the cheese-making process. Rennet is the complex set of enzymes naturally present in the stomachs of young ruminant mammals (calves, lambs, kids, goats). This enzyme is responsible for converting milk into cheese.

The key components in the rennet are chymosin, pepsin, and lipase, which curdles with the milk protein and leads to the coagulation of milk, which is further pressed to turn it into cheese.

Rennet was accidentally discovered by unknown ancient people. Still, it did not get much attention due to the unethical killing of young animals, which later turned into plant-based and microbial rennet discoveries. 

Is Kraft Cheese Rennet Sourced From Pig?

Kraft Foods didn’t mention using pig, lard, or pork sources for their rennet; instead, they noted that their rennet is sourced from slaughtered calves, lamb, cow, and goat’s stomach lining.

Still, it is not Halal because meat isn’t slaughtered according to Islamic dietary rules. Moreover, they also mentioned purchasing rennet from reputable sources that are not obtained from pigs or pork. 

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How To Check if Kraft Cheese is Halal?

Food is considered Halal when made or prepared with some dietary restrictions mentioned in Islam. Muslims follow halal food only and avoid anything prepared with non-halal items. 

To check if Kraft cheese is permissible, you must analyze its ingredient list and preparation method well. Check the ingredient list that is Halal for eating, particularly animal meat and milk derived from the permissible animal. 

Moreover, you can ask the company manager if the animal is slaughtered according to Islamic rules of animal sacrifice; if not, the cheese is not halal. However, If the cheese is prepared with the fermentation, microbial, or plant rennet, it is completely Halal. 

Another very useful Halal check is the sign of Halal certification on the food goods; it would be great for Halal eaters if Kraft Foods considered displaying their ingredient list and Halal certification. 


Kraft Cheese is considered non-halal, but some options are halal for eating. In case you can’t find out which one is permissible for Halal food, it is better to ask a nearby food expert or consider a cheese option with Halal certification. Some non-Kraft, certified Halal cheese options include Halal Delights Cheese, Dairyland Cottage Cheese, Galbani Mozzarella Cheese, Philadelphia Cream Cheese, Nikos® Feta Cheese, and Halal Bliss Cheese. 


Does Kraft Cheese Contain Pork?

No, Kraft cheese variants enzymes aren’t derived from pork or any related product. Its rennet is sourced from lamb, sheep, cow, and goat.

Is Kraft Grated Cheese Halal?

Kraft-grated Romano and grated Parmesan are not halal. They are prepared with animal-sourced rennet.

Is Kraft Food Halal?

Some Kraft food items are halal, but a wide range of their products use dietary measures that are not permissible in Islam. Therefore, it is good to check the label or ask the expert before buying Kraft Foods for halal eating.

Does Kraft Cheese Slices Have Gelatin?

Kraft Cheese Slices do not contain gelatin in them. It has rennet, emulsifiers, salt, and modifying agents.

What Is Kraft Mozzarella Cheese Made Of?

Kraft Mozzarella cheese comprises pasteurized skim milk, cheese culture (enzymes), salt, cornstarch, and mold inhibitor (Natamycin).

Is Kraft Parmesan Halal or Haram?

Kraft Parmesan is not halal; it uses microbial rennet obtained from animal sources, which are slaughtered not according to Islamic rules.

What Kind of Enzymes Are in Kraft Cheese?

In Kraft cheese items, chymosin is commonly used for thickening and cheese preparation, but pepsin and lipase are also noted there.

Is Kraft Cheese Kosher?

Kraft offers kosher and non-kosher cheese variants. You can check the certified kosher symbol on the cheese package to find their kosher variants.

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