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Is Doritos Good for Weight Loss?

If you want to be healthy and smart, you need to watch out for what you eat. This is significant because food has a vital role in health.

The same is the case with Doritos. Who doesn’t like the crispy taste of Doritos? But when you have to keep in check your weight. Then you ask questions. 

So, Is Doritos good for weight loss?

Simply put no, Doritos are not good for weight loss. They have ingredients with high calories and fat. A 50g bag of Doritos has nearly 250 calories and 15g of fat. You will need to run for an hour after eating 50g of Doritos to burn them. However, if you care about your weight, they are not for you

Now before moving to see the deeper look. Let us first check out the nutritional value of Doritos.

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Doritos Nutritional Facts

These nutritional facts are about 28g of Doritos. They are roughly 12 to 15 chips.

  • Calcium:40mg
  • Carbs: 18g
  • Fat: 8g
  • Saturated Fat: 1g
  • Sodium: 210mg
  • Protein: 2g
  • Iron: 0.3mg
  • Total Calories: 150

You are taking all these ingredients above in 28g. A normal bag of Doritos that you eat is roughly 48g to 50g. Now you can do the math yourself. 


Do Doritos Chips Make You Gain Weight?

We have to first clarify one thing. You won’t gain weight while eating Doritos. But you definitely would gain weight if you eat too much of it. 

Doritos are empty calories and lots of fat. So simply if you are eating a lot of it. You are consuming more fat than your daily maintainable fat limit. 

But being a chips lover, one can’t keep a hand off chips for too long. You can check out the best supplements for weight loss to keep your weight in check. 

RESVERATROL DIETIt is a traditional Japanese Herb Complex.  It can help to lose weight in just weeks. 
BURN BOOSTThis supplement is a good formula to quicken your weight loss. It burns fat and increases your energy by curbing your cravings and hunger.
LEPTOFIXThis supplement has mixed the extracts and vitamins of 22 natural plants. It reduces weight gain by fixing the leptin cycle.

These chips will satisfy your taste buds and prevent weight gain as well.

Why Are Doritos So Addictive?

You may be wondering is doritos good for you? Doritos are so addictive because they are engineered that way. Doritos has monosodium glutamate MSG in it which is a famous trick for increasing appetite. 

And you cannot stop eating Doritos because of this reason. Your taste buds want to feel that crispy taste over and over. 

This is why Doritos are linked with weight gain. Because as we said, eating one bag is fine. But increased appetite and its delicious taste make you eat more and more. Until you finish every bag that you have.

This way you forget about the fat and calorie intake. And you will start gaining weight. So while eating Doritos, be aware of this trick. 

Is Doritos Unhealthy?

Doritos are processed food fried in vegetable oils. They are known for the increase of free radicals in your body. 

Besides being processed food, Doritos are genetically modified and full of trans fat. These fats are known to cause inflammation, immunity issues and bad estrogens. Not to mention they are empty calories lacking nutrients. 

These are some major reasons that Doritos are considered unhealthy. Such as sodium or sugar for instance. 

And you might already know how worse sugar is for you.

However, besides Doritos ingredients, there is one more interesting thing. When we talk about obesity and weight gain, we discuss calories, not artificial flavors. 

Calories make us obese and make us weight gain. But it’s the added flavoring that ignites us to eat them over and over. So, why are doritos so addictive?

To clear the flavoring concept, think of it like a cigarette. Why are cigarettes bad? Because nicotine is addictive. So simply flavours are nicotine in Doritos. 

Doritos have a savory flavor which sticks to the memory. And flavors can overpower your mind. It makes you crave for another. So, it makes you crave more of it. 

And this is why Doritos are considered unhealthy as a whole. 

Is Doritos Good For Weight Loss? Do Dorito Chips Make You Obese?

Chips are generally high in calories but low in nutrients. It means that you are not consuming any proper or healthy food. And because of the flavoring you eat them a lot and can’t stop when you start. 

Chips, especially potato chips, are high in saturated fats. Saturated fats will lead to abdominal fat gain. They also have salt in them which is a major cause of bloating


To ensure weight loss, you need to stop eating chips. You won’t be able to stop having them. Furthermore, being aware of the thought of eating just one bag does nothing. 

Because chips are engineered to increase your appetite for eating more Dorito chips. And that’s not very good for a person who is dieting. 

So if you are asking about the health benefits of doritos, there isn’t much. And remember that fried chips are considered a major cause of obesity. Not to mention diabetes

Similarly, Doritos chips have a lot of sodium. And sodium is a major ingredient pushing for overeating.

The New England Journal of Medicines study has revealed some information on weight gaining. According to them, chips have been the foremost cause of obesity for 20 years.

This study was conducted on 100000 individuals, both men and women. 

Can I Eat a Bag of Doritos on Diet?

Some would argue that it’s ok to eat Doritos if dieting. Because they would decrease the craving for food. Well, they are right about that.

But, is it okay to eat doritos once in a while? most people can’t stop eating once they start. It results in consuming too many calories at once. And this is gonna definitely ruin your diet plan.

So it’s better to stay away from not just Doritos but all commercially processed food. Still, if you crave Doritos, then simply keep a check on the number of calories you consume. Also never stop exercising if you won’t stop eating Doritos on your diet.


Do Doritos Cause Cancer?

You may be wondering is doritos cancerous? Alright, if you have ever checked out Dorito ingredients. You first notice that the first thing is Whole Corn.

Corn used in Doritos is genetically modified. Also, it contains toxic chemicals and pesticides which are not good for your organs. 

Studies conducted by the Institute for Responsible Technology indicate that all Genetically modified food may cause cancer. 

Similarly, the vegetable oil, used to make Doritos for you, is genetically modified. Doritos contain many other ingredients that may lead to cancer. However, no research has found cancer risks with genetically modified ingredients. 

Although most of the ingredients like artificial chemicals, flavors, etc. in Doritos are bad for your health. Also, genetically modified ingredients do have a negative impact on health, so it is better to be careful. 

So, now you know why are doritos bad for you

Final Verdict

Eating something in excess amount is bad and Doritos is equally bad when consumed too much. One bag of Doritos does not make you gain weight. 

However due to the way Doritos are made you won’t stop eating just one. Instead, you should eat as many as you can. And as a result, you will gain weight.

Besides that Doritos being genetically modified food are not good for health either. 


How many calories are in a whole bag of Doritos?

Normal size bags of Doritos have approximately 2400 calories. If the bag is party size, it contains around 150 calories. And that 150 calories are per 15 servings. If the bag is restaurant-style Tostitos then it would have 140 calories. Here, the 140 calories are per 18 servings in the bag. 

What makes you fat fast?

According to the WHO, people gain weight and obesity due to the calorie imbalance. Simply put, consuming a lot of calories at the wrong time and not burning them. It also has hormonal and genetic reasons as well. But remember research is still going on. So, being on the safe side you should keep a balance between food and exercise. Most importantly focus on what you are eating.

How many Doritos should I eat?

The official Frito-lay website suggests that 28g is appropriate. But the amount can increase or decrease from person to person. Doritos contain a lot of salt. If you are supposed to keep a check on your salt intake. Even if you are a healthy person and have no issue with salt. You too have a daily salt intake amount. which is 2300 milligrams. And 12 chips of Doritos are your 10% of daily salt intake. Now doing math has become easy. 


So, is Doritos good for weight loss? If consumed a lot then Doritos are very bad for weight loss. But good if you eat it in the right amount. 

However, Doritos are addictive. This is why it’s good to skip eating Doritos if you are on a diet.

The general rule is to keep your diet balanced. And if Doritos have become your bad habit. Then never stop exercising.

Eat balanced and stay well.

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