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Is Garlic Good for Gastritis? Is it a Hero or a Villain?

Is garlic good for gastritis patients? Generally, garlic is a health supplement widely used by people for their stomach, heart, brain, and immunity health. However, people with irritated stomachs may avoid this health product due to its extremely high pH value. Can garlic throw off pH balance? Is garlic good for gastritis and acid reflux conditions?

As a matter of fact, there is a great deal of confusion regarding eating raw garlic and stomach health. Some people believe it naturally heals gastritis, while others think it flares up gastric pain and leads to a stomach illness. 

Anyhow, garlic’s relationship to gastritis has been thoroughly studied and proven by science. Read on to find the science-backed facts on “is garlic good for gastritis and stomach health?”

Gastritis has a number of causes other than Helicobacter. Pylori attack, viral and fungal attack. Moreover, only eating or taking garlic supplements does not hold H. Pylori attacks for a longer time.

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Is Garlic Good for Gastritis?

Gastritis is an acute or chronic condition of stomach inflammation. Mostly, it leads to irritated gut walls, and acidity, along with other symptoms. It is generally believed that eating anti-inflammatory food may help to relieve the symptoms of gastritis. So, Is garlic good for gastritis patients?

Primarily, gastritis causes include bacterial attacks or unhealthy eating habits. Eating garlic for gastritis does not provide the actual benefit to the gastritis condition. Although garlic is a strong anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and antiviral food, its properties are not beneficial for gastritis conditions.


On the other hand, ingesting garlic raw or in the form of pills may lead to gastritis flare-ups and stomach cramps due to its biologically active elements and pungency irritants. 

Why Do People Believe Garlic is Good For Gastritis?

Garlic is science-backed and traditionally proven to act as an anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial agent, therefore, people largely believe it can help to kill the H. Pylori and fungus attack and lead to the soothing of a stomach condition. However, it does not work like this.

In fact, gastritis has a number of causes other than Helicobacter. Pylori attack, viral and fungal attack. Moreover, only eating or taking garlic supplements does not hold H. Pylori attacks for a longer time. Although it boosts immunity, it does not address the stomach lining and irritation. Maybe it helps somewhat!


More importantly, taking it for longer and more in quantity leads to stomach hurt, acid reflux, gastric flare-ups, or even piles. Therefore, it is better to avoid than to aggregate the condition.

Is Raw Garlic Good for Gastritis?

The majority of people use raw garlic on an empty stomach or when they have some symptoms of heart, stomach, and painful illness. Garlic exhibits strong medicinal and therapeutic effects, which helps to fight against chronic disease, fight inflammation, and dense the body with essential nutrients. 

But, is raw garlic good for gastric problems? In typical, including raw garlic in your diet is exceptionally helpful for promoting digestion health, improving the cleansing of the gut, removing the bad bacteria from the stomach and intestine, and reducing the inflammation of the digestive tract. 


But in the case of GERD, irritated gut, and piles, some of its biologically active nutrients may act as irritants that can worsen the condition and even lead to ulcers or stomach pain. Particularly, it is high in fructans that can lead to gas problems, bloating, and stomach illness, otherwise, it is healthy. 

Is Garlic Extract Good for Gastritis?

Garlic extract is considered better for gastritis than eating raw garlic. It is because of its anti-infective, antihelmintic, rubefacient, and antihypertensive activities. As compared to raw garlic, it’s odorless, richer in antioxidants & nutrients, and mild in taste. In fact, garlic extract is considered one of the best garlic supplements for stomach health. Also, research suggests it can reduce the symptoms of GERD, gas, and gastritis problems.


Is Garlic Good for Acid Reflux?

It is typically suggested by food experts that taking garlic supplements and pills in the form of concentrated medicinal formula may help to alleviate the symptoms of acid reflux and heartburn. Since it is incredibly good to balance the level of healthy bacteria in the gut, consequently helps to soothe the acidic lining and acidic backflow. 

On the other hand, taking raw garlic to soothe stomach acidity may not help. Instead taking garlic for acid reflux may worsen the condition and tear the stomach lining which may lead to a stomach ulcer. Therefore, it is generally not recommended to take garlic for acid reflux.


Does Garlic Increase Acidity?

Due to garlic’s PH, which is on the extreme right end of the spectrum, it does not cause stomach acidity. So, can garlic reduce acid? It is not the case as well. However, taking garlic pills and supplements can help to soothe acidity and reduce heartburn. Eating raw garlic can make acid reflux more severe.

Garlic PH Value – Is Garlic Good for PH Balance?

Is garlic acidic or alkaline? On the pH scale, garlic is found on the extreme end of the alkaline pH. It has a 13.2 pH value, which is considered a very good base.


Generally, garlic supplements are considered good for the pH balance. It is particularly helpful in optimizing the vaginal pH and acts as an antibiotic. Following is the PH value of different garlic products:

TypePH Value
Raw garlic13.2
Cooked garlic5.3 to 6.3
Garlic extract5.0 to 6.0
Garlic powder3.91 to 5
Garlic supplements5 and 6

Garlic Tablets for PH Balance

Garlic tables are effective and healthy health supplements. It can help restore the pH of the body and optimize the body’s condition. It is reported that garlic tablets are efficient to balance the pH of the body and treat the associated illness without the risk of any side effects.


In fact, it is considered one of the best supplements to naturally balance the pH of the vagina, and treat BV efficiently. 

A Short Sum-Up of Garlic Health Benefits 

Garlic is a great anti-inflammatory kitchen spice that is also rich in rare yet potent antioxidants, and a good amount of minerals. It can be an exceptional item to include in your diet that can help you improve your lifestyle, even if you take it in very small amounts. Following are the few health benefits of garlic:

  • Eating garlic significantly improves your defense mechanism and boosts immunity.
  • Garlic is heart-friendly, it naturally lowers the blood high pressure and prevents the risk of heat strokes.
  • It helps to lower the level of bad cholesterol in the blood.
  • It fights against the free radicals, therefore, efficiently fights against cancerous cells and abnormal cell development.
  • Garlic contains the bioactive agent, allicin, it potentially acts as a strong antibiotic. It helps to stop bacterial, fungal, and viral infections.
  • Garlic is abundant with powerful antioxidants that prevent oxidative damage in the body. It helps to improve brain function. Moreover, it is efficiently helpful in improving the conditions of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.
  • Moreover, garlic helps the body to get rid of toxic elements (detoxification process).

How to Cure Gastritis Permanently?

Following are the few best treatments to cure gastritis permanently:

  • Using antibiotics can help gastritis symptoms and heal the gut lining.
  • Proton pump inhibitors can help to block the acid-producing cells and, therefore, reduce stomach infection and further damage from the acidity.
  • Taking H-2 blockers on prescription or over the counter may help gastritis immediately. Moreover, antacids are also good for acid reflux and other gastric conditions.
  • Apart from the medications, using anti-inflammatory food, probiotics, and essential oils may also help gastritis condition and promote stomach health.
  • Furthermore, avoid alcohol drinking, smoking, drug abuse, eating junk, and living a sedentary lifestyle.


Is Black Garlic Good for Gastritis?

Black garlic is the aged garlic type with dark brown colors and shades. It is typically rich in anti-inflammatory, and anti-infective agents. It can reduce inflammation and improve brain function. However, it is not considered an effective remedy for gastritis conditions, it further irritates the stomach lining, otherwise, healthy.

Are Onion and Garlic Good for Gastritis?

Onion and garlic both are widely available kitchen items normally used in cooking. These food items may have some health benefits, but they are rich in flavonoids that can act as an irritant for stomach health.

Does Garlic Irritate the Stomach Lining?

Garlic can irritate the stomach lining and lead to heartburn, or in some cases it can lead to the pouring of stomach walls. Overeating the garlic bulb may also result in piles, leading to intestinal bleeding.

Does Garlic Help in Intestinal Infection?

Garlic is a natural antibiotic, it can kill H. Pylori bacteria, which is mainly responsible for many intestinal and stomach diseases. Therefore, it can efficiently help intestinal infections and heal them naturally.

Final Recommendation

Garlic is an exceptionally healthy spice. It is incredibly good for heart, immunity, liver, and blood health. But is garlic good for gastritis conditions? As a whole, taking raw garlic for inflamed or irritated stomach walls is not a good idea. Instead, taking garlic pills or supplements may help you in improving your gastric problems and promoting digestion health. Nevertheless, you should ask a health expert or a dietitian before incorporating garlic products into your gastritis healing diet plan.

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