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Does Oat Milk Help Heartburn? Let’s Find Out!

Oat milk is considered to be one of the best replacements for animal milk due to its nutritional value and taste. It is plant-based milk that is derived from oat grains, which are also considered super nutritious. But people have always raised questions about Oat milk due to its acid-forming properties in the stomach and its possible side effects like heartburn. Some people feel that heartburn is reduced after drinking this milk, while others complain about the opposite. 

So, does oat milk help heartburn? 

Oat milk can prove to be effective in treating heartburn only if you consume it in appropriate amounts. Drinking it more can worsen heartburn and cause some additional problems described later in the article.

So, stay till the end and read how oat milk can affect your health. Let’s begin by describing the nature of oat milk. 

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Is Oat Milk Acidic or Alkaline

Is Oat Milk Acidic or Alkaline

The pH of oat milk is around 5 to 6, so it is acidic. But does it increase the acidity of the stomach as well? 

Yes, oat milk encourages acid formation in the body. 

Despite all of the health benefits oat milk can provide, you will feel heartburn if you consume it regularly and in more quantity. One cup of oat milk a day is the limit if you want to harness only the health benefits from this milk. 

The oat milk pH level varies depending on whether you make it at home or purchase it commercially. 

Homemade has higher pH levels than commercially produced. The reason is that companies add artificial sweeteners and preservatives (especially Ascorbic acid) that increase the acidity levels. 

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How Does Oat Milk Help Heartburn

Does Oat Milk Help Heartburn

Want to know- why Is oat milk good for heartburn? The reason is that it improves the digestive process. 

Heartburn is linked with acid levels in the stomach. The stomach acidity levels rise when the food is not digested properly. Your brain sends a signal to the stomach to release more HCL to break it down. 

Oat milk smooths out digestive issues, and the stomach does not have to secrete more acid. Hence, heartburn is controlled. 

But as mentioned above, you have to consume an appropriate amount of oat milk for heartburn. 

Since oat milk is acid-forming, adding it more to food or drinking it straight from the carton can lead to high acidity levels in the stomach. This can cause heartburn and itching sensations in the throat. 

Now, let me tell you whether you can enjoy health benefits from this milk or not. 

Is Oat Milk Nutritious

Oat milk is more nutritious than most plant-based milk. The nutritional value of one cup of Oat milk is: 

Calcium25% of the DV
Phosphorous20% of the DV
Potassium8% of the DV
Iron2% of the DV

Want to know about its health benefits? Then continue reading!

Is Oatmeal Milk Healthy:

Yes, Oatmeal milk is super beneficial in most aspects. Let’s have a look at some of the benefits you can enjoy:

Good for Bones:

The calcium content in oatmeal milk is higher than in other plant-based milk. You can cover one-fourth of your daily recommended calcium intake just by consuming one cup of oat milk. 

In addition, Oat milk is also fortified by adding vitamin D to improve calcium absorption. 

Stabilizes LDL cholesterol:

High LDL or bad cholesterol levels are one of the leading causes of a heart attack.

Luckily, you can reduce them by consuming oat milk. 

Beta-glucan is present in a considerable amount (1.2 grams a cup) in this milk. It binds with cholesterol and does not let it damage heart health. 

Stabilizes Blood Sugar levels:

Beta Glucan does not stop on LDL. It also absorbs the carbohydrates in the blood and brings down sugar levels. 

Thus, if your blood sugar levels are high, drink oat milk! 

Great for Gut Health:

You can improve the performance of your stomach if you make a habit of drinking oat milk. Want to know why is oat milk good for the stomach? 

The biggest benefit of oat milk is its fiber content. This fiber content relieves the stomach from any digestive issues like constipation. 

Similarly, people also ask, is oat milk good for gastritis? Yes, the vitamins and other compounds in the Oat milk protect the stomach’s lining from any damage. 

A Blessing for Vegans And Lactose Intolerants: 

Since oat milk is plant-based milk, vegans have no objections to drinking it. They can add it in place of animal milk in any recipe. 

Those who are lactose intolerant often search- Is oat milk good for lactose intolerant people? Yes, it is. 

It is a great alternative to animal-based milk and will not cause any problems if you drink it right. Plus, it also tastes great, so it is a blessing for those who can’t consume animal milk. 

Thus, make room for oat milk in your kitchen cabinet. Also, make sure oat milk stays of top-quality!

How Do You Know When Oat Milk Is Bad

is oat milk good for acid reflux

Your oat milk is bad if you observe the following things:

  • If the texture is rough or lumpy, then oat milk has gone bad.
  • When the color of the oat milk changes, it means its quality is compromised.
  • A foul smell is the biggest indicator of the oat milk going bad. 

What Are The Problems With Oat Milk

Oat milk is not all good. You may experience some problems, which are as follows: 

Oat Allergy:

Just like some people are lactose intolerant, some can also be “oat milk intolerant.” The reason is oat allergy. 

Oat milk intolerance symptoms include: 

  • Tight chest
  • Wheezing
  • Swollen tongue
  • Difficulty in breathing
  • Dizziness

If you also have an oat allergy, then I suggest you choose Almond milk over others because it doesn’t cause any health complications. 


People ask questions like does oat milk make you gassy, and can oat milk cause bloating? The answer to both questions is Yes, and the reason is Beta-glucan. 

You have read above that it reduces cholesterol and sugar levels, but it is also a reason why you feel bloated. Beta Glucan absorbs water, which leads to indigestion and gas formation.

Stomach Cramps:

Can oat milk cause stomach cramps? When the stomach is already upset, drinking oat milk can cause flatulence and gas. Furthermore, it can increase stomach acidity levels as well. 

Hence, you will feel pain and cramps. 

Acid Reflux:

We often get this question: Is oat milk good for acid reflux?

Doctors recommend not to drink oat milk if you have Acid reflux. The reason is that oat milk is acidic in nature and also acid-forming when digested. So, acid reflux can get worse, which will cause you more trouble

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Oat milk good during pregnancy?

Yes, oat milk is super beneficial for you during pregnancy. It is rich in calcium, phosphorus, and iron, which are important for the baby’s proper development. The deficiency of these minerals can negatively impact the baby’s and mother’s health. 

Does Oat milk trigger GERD?

Yes, oat milk is acid-forming that can trigger GERD, which is a severe form of Acid reflux. It occurs when stomach acid levels reach alarmingly high. GERD symptoms are heartburn, irritation in the esophagus, throat itching, and digestive issues. 

Is Oat milk bad for LPR?

LPR is a problem in which the stomach acid levels reach the throat. Since oat milk can promote acid in the stomach, you should not drink it if you are suffering from LPR. 

Final Words

So, Does oat milk help heartburn? If you are drinking this plant-based milk in low quantity, then you will only enjoy health benefits, including a smooth digestive process that relieves heartburn. 

Oat milk is considered one of the best alternatives to animal-based milk. It is rich in Beta-glucan fiber, vitamins, and minerals like Potassium, calcium, and phosphorus. These nutrients lead to stronger bones, lower bad cholesterol levels, stabilize sugar levels, etc. 

However, since oat milk is acid-forming, it can shoot up stomach acidity levels, if taken in large quantities. Thus heartburn will become severe.  

So make the right choices when it comes to food and live a healthy life.

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