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6 Best Healthy Ways to Lose 60 Pounds in 3 Months

Are you searching for a healthy and effective way to lose 60 pounds in 3 months? Congrats! You’ve found the article you’re looking for. In the modern era of science and technology, machines have replaced physical labor. The result is simple! Physical toil or activities of people is reduced.

The consequences are right in front of our eyes. More and more people are gaining weight and turning obese. Inevitably, people are turning to unhealthy means of losing weight. Hence, physical complications and long-term effects are common.

Several companies promise magic drugs and 3-day schemes to shed the extra pounds you’ve gained. But unfortunately, most of the time, people are buying into scams.

Weight Loss can never be easy. It is a complicated process, but if you follow a strict regimen, some tricks and techniques and make them your lifestyle, it will become easy for you to lose weight.

Don’t worry; WholesomeAlive (link to homepage) is here to help you with specific steps. Once you attain consistency, your weight loss journey will become easy and enjoyable.

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6 Healthy Ways to Lose 60 Pounds in 3 Months

A large part of the process is mental training. It would be best if you got into the right mindset. This includes strict dedication, commitment, and a few cheat days here and there. Let’s get into a proper discussion of the topics I just alluded to, shall we?


1. Motivation and Dedication

Let’s be honest with you. 60 Pounds is a lot of weight to shed. But, on the other hand, 3 months is a short time. You’ll need to be consistent in maintaining a diet, do some exercises, and regularly keep track of the progress you’ve made.

It requires hard work. You’ll notice your body revolting against you, abnormalities in your routine at first, and even minor complications. Rome wasn’t built in a day.

You won’t lose 60 pounds of weight in an instant. Mental toughness is the order of the day. You’ll have the dedication and motivation to pull through it all.

2. Be Committed to the Process

Losing weight isn’t easy. You’ll feel demotivated, aggravated (at times), and even cause you to contemplate your life choices. I am not kidding. However, the process requires you to be fully committed.

You can not commit to your weight loss goals for a week and then take a week off, especially if your goal is to work off as much as 60 pounds. You need to realize that, on average, a healthy weight loss ranges from 0.5 lbs. to 3 lbs. a week.

You CAN increase the number. However, losing more than this is hard to sustain, and the body fat returns when you stop. So, be realistic and be consistent in your weight loss journey.

3. Do Not Be Too Hard on You When You Commit Mistakes

You’ll do yourselves a world of good to remember what I just told you. We are all humans, and we make mistakes. No one is perfect. You will make mistakes often. No matter how often you tell yourself, “I shouldn’t.”

The worst thing people often do is get down on themselves when this happens. Instead, try not to repeat the mistake and accept that you will successfully change the bad habits and replace them with good ones.

4. Cheat meals Are Not The Worst thing

The human mind is a fickle thing. It can slip up from time to time, even when you’re maintaining a strict diet. To be very honest with you, we all do. That’s why people treat a day in the week as “Cheat Day.” This is a day when they can eat whatever they want. It can even be a day every two weeks as well.

The key is to get back on track. However, if you feel that one slip-up can lead to another, hold yourselves back, check your habits, and rectify them as soon as possible. Otherwise, an occasional slip-up can be a reward for your hard work, and it motivates you to keep up your struggle.


5. Your Bodies will Look Distraught when Losing Weight: Don’t Hate It.

People’s most significant mistake while trying to lose weight is that they hate their bodies. But, unfortunately, when you’re rapidly losing weight, feelings of depression and mental barriers regarding your shape are normal.

Yes, it’s corny, but “What makes people special is not how they look but how they are from inside” works. If you love yourself, you will know that your body appreciates being healthy.

6. Proper Diet and Exercise

Both of these come once you have prepared your body to lose weight. When you follow the steps mentioned earlier and mentally prepare yourself, only then a healthy diet and proper exercise can help you lose weight.

The keto diet is best to follow if you want to lose more weight, like losing 60 pounds in 3 months. Many people share their stories saying, I lost 15 to 30 pounds following keto diet plans.


It is the diet in which you cut off the carbs from your diet and increase the amount of protein intake. Intermittent fasting is also becoming popular these days. Just remember, whatever the type of diet you are following, you must know if it is suitable for your body or not.

Strength training, cardio and HIIT are the best ways to lose weight quickly and effectively. However, you must consult a dietitian or gym trainer before performing these exercises and corresponding routines.

Diet Plan to Lose 60 Pounds in 3 Months

Here is a diet plan, including breakfast, lunch, and dinner giving you a rough idea to lose weight effectively.


FoodEnergy kcal
Whole wheat bread. 1 medium slice70
½ Fruit30
Cereal, shredded wheat ½ Cup104
Milk 1%, 1 cup102
Orange juice ¾ Cup78
Coffee, regular, 1 cup5
With milk 1%13
Breakfast total402


Roasted beef sandwich

FoodEnergy Kcal
Whole wheat bread, 2 medium slices139
Lean roasted beef unseasoned60
American cheese, low fat and low sodium46
Lettuce 1 leaf1
Tomato, 3 medium slices 1
Mayonnaise low calorie 2 tsp30
Apple, 1 medium80
Water 1 cup0
Lunch total366 kcal


Salmon with sauteed vegetables and milk

DinnerEnergy kcal
Salmon 155
Vegetable oil 1 tsp 60
Baked potato ¾ Medium100
Margarine 1 tsp34
Green bean seasoned with margarine 1/2 cup 52
Carrots ½ Cup52
White dinner role 1 medium80
Ice milk low-fat ½ Cup92
Water 2 cup 0
Total dinner 625

So, it was a 1300 calories diet plan for one day to get an idea of what to eat to lose 60 pounds in 3 months and how much quantity you should eat.

How to Lose 60 Pounds in 3 Months Without Exercise?

Many of us do not want to do any exercise to lose weight. Is it possible by any chance? Well, it depends on your body type, genetics, eating, etc. Let me give you some of my bag of tricks and tips to help you in your journey of laziness.

  • Eat-in small portions. You can also eat less but in small intervals to boost your metabolism.
  • Drink more water as we need fluid to run the metabolism.
  • Try to follow intermittent fasting or keto diet, as both are good for weight loss without exercise.
  • Drink green tea and black coffee. They help in weight loss and detoxification.
  • Count the calories in the food you are eating. Your daily calorie intake should be less than the required calorie intake, so you may not need to exercise to burn excess calories.
  • Stop eating junk food as it contains a lot of calories, and you will not be able to burn them without exercise.
  • Walk daily. Walking can burn as many calories as running or exercising.
  • Adopt these habits as a lifestyle and be consistent in your journey toward weight loss 
  • Add fruits and vegetables to your diet.


How many pounds is normal to lose in 6 months?

You can expect no specific weight loss after 6 months, but you can try to lose between 1-2 pounds each week. Although, it depends on various factors, including your current weight, body type, activity level and nutrition habits.

Will you have loose skin after losing 60 pounds?

You may have loose skin if you are not doing proper exercise while losing weight. Exercise strengthens your muscles and keeps your body in shape. That is why it is necessary to exercise along with a healthy diet to lose weight.

Is it realistic to lose 60 pounds in 3 months?

You may lose 3 to 5 pounds per week, an average of 44 pounds in 12 weeks. But you won’t lose that much in such a short period. Even if you lost 60 pounds in three months, you would have a tough time losing another 16 pounds in one month.

How can I lose 50 pounds quickly?

You can lose 50 pounds quickly by counting calories, taking a low carb diet and eating more fruits and vegetables. Besides not eating sweets, eating in small portions and increasing physical activity help you reach the goal.

The Bottom Line

When you’re shedding 60 pounds of weight in 3 months, you’re in a race against time. Oh, and your body. It won’t be easy. Your body will try to give in, signal you to quit, and create complications. You, being the driving force, need to counter them. So be strict in your regimen.

Set a goal, and then stick to it. For example, if you want to lose 60 pounds in 3 months, you should stay committed to yourself for the next 90 days. Just think of it as an office assignment (trust me, it works) that you have to complete in a tight schedule only and after that, make these small good habits your lifestyle. Stay away from stress if you love yourself and your body.

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