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Why Does My Stomach Hurt After Eating Junk Food?

If you are a foodie you will be familiar with junk food. From the United States to all other countries people love to eat junk food because it is prepared and ready to eat. 

But, why does my stomach hurt after eating junk food? 

Junk food contains very low nutrients that are not good for health but on the other hand, it is not easy to avoid it. There is nothing more important than health as you know health is wealth. When we intake food without nutrition we can say that we are eating unhealthy food. An unhealthy food directly attacks our stomach. In the same way, junk food hurts the stomach.

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Stomach Ache and Junk Food – All you Need To Know!

Junk food means food and drinks have low nutrients and high calories. Their fiber is in low amounts and a rich amount of sugar, salt, and fat are present in them. 

Junk food is found everywhere and it is difficult to avoid it.


In supermarkets, stores, and restaurants you will find different categories of junk food. Such as drinks, chips, snacks, candies, chocolates, and other packed stuff for eating. 

Another category of junk food is fast food which you can eat while driving or sitting anywhere at any time. It includes energy drinks, burgers, pizza etc.

Why Does My Stomach Hurt After Eating Junk Food?

It is a fact that junk food is eaten globally. 

The stomach holds food according to its capacity. It also depends on the ability of a person’s digestive system and how the stomach works in the body of a particular person. 

The normal capacity of the stomach is about one or two cups of food to digest at one time. 

It is necessary to eat a healthy and average meal to maintain your stomach. 

Are you addicted to junk food? If your answer is yes, your health is in danger. People do not take junk food as a meal, they eat it just to enjoy and taste it. 

While eating junk food do not underestimate your health. Junk food means a portion of food without any nutrition. The excess amount of salts, sugar, and fat in the body is not digestible.


When you overeat, your stomach does not digest the food easily and quickly. 

In this situation, your stomach will expand like a balloon which is not a good symptom. If this happens to a person he feels hurt and pain in the stomach. 

The fried chicken and burgers of KFC and McDonald’s contain rich amounts of salts and fats.

You may notice that you feel heartburn and pain in your stomach. Since junk food is not easily digestible, it increases acidity in your body which causes hurt in your stomach.

So fast-food has a bad impact on your health.

Nutritional Value of Junk Food

Are you eating junk food? And asking for nutrition so here your choice of eating is not safe. Because junk food contains very low nutrients and contains a large amount of fat, sugar, and salts that increase kilojoules in your body. 

The lack of vitamins and minerals makes your body unhealthy. Some items of junk food are healthy such as sandwiches and pasta but the ingredients such as cheese, sauces, salts, and spices spoil its real nutritional value. 

So we can say that Junk food is food without nutrition. It causes pain and cramps in the stomach after eating it. 

What To Do After Eating Junk Food For The Relief of The Stomach

People who eat junk food regularly and are addicted to it often ask why they feel pain in the stomach after eating junk food. It makes them uncomfortable. It also spoils the charm of eating. 

They often ask What should they do to get relief? 

Here are some remedies to get rid of stomach pain.

  • Drink lemon water
  • Try to take ginger tea
  • Drink a lot of water
  • Take a cup of lemon tea and add some mint to it.
  • Use yogurt 
  • Try to take a heat treatment
  • Take medication
  • Try to drink apple juice

Does Eating Junk Food Cause Health Complications?

If you are focusing on your health you will find that eating junk food causes health complications. Excess to everything is bad. As you know junk food is free from nutrition. It is not healthy food. A fast-food has a bad impact on your health. Some of the health complications are given below

  • Increases the stress level in your body.
  • Causes fatigue
  • Makes your sleep difficult
  • Causes other eating disorders
  • Decreases the energy level in your body
  • Makes your teeth damaged
  • Causes pain in the kidney
  • Hurts your stomach
  • Causes heart diseases due to fat
  • The sauces and salts cause high blood pressure
  • Increases cholesterol level in your body
  • Causes obesity

How To Avoid Eating Junk Food?

Those who don’t eat junk food would be healthier, said Robert Atkins. Fast food is not good for your health. 

If you are getting worried about your health no doubt you are asking yourself how to avoid eating junk food? Here are some tips that are beneficial for you

  • If you are committed to your health make a mind to avoid eating junk food.
  • Replace your fast food items with a healthy diet such as fruits, beans, and vegetables.
  • If you want to eat a burger or french fries make it at home by using fewer spices and salts.
  • Replace the use of cheese and sauces with butter and yogurt.
  • Instead of eating fruit drinks try to drink fresh juice at home.
  • Drink fresh milk at home instead of purchasing energy drinks.
  • Use lemon water to drink instead of soda.
  • Replace burger and pizza with seafood.
  • Try to eat fresh meat to fulfill the protein in your body.
  • Try to eat salad and green leaves instead of snacks.


Question: How do I cure stomach aches?

Answer: When your stomach gets disturbed after eating junk food you can cure your stomach ache by

  • drinking water 
  • using mint and yogurt
  • taking ginger tea 
  • Apply heating treatment
  • Use lemon 
  • avoid eating unhealthy food

Question: Why do I feel pain in my stomach after eating junk food?

Answer: Junk food contains a lot of calories. The rich amount of fat, sugar, and salts added to junk food is not digestible which makes your stomach hurt. The excess amount of spices and sauces in junk food make you feel hurt and pain in the stomach.

Question: Can a bad diet cause stomach pain?

Answer: Yes, an unhealthy diet is not good for your health as well as for your stomach. When you overeat and eat food without any nutrition your health is in danger. A body needs nutritious food to maintain health. That is why an unhealthy and bad diet upsets your stomach and causes pain.

Final Verdict 

Why does my stomach hurt after eating junk food? a person who eats junk food thinks about it. Junk food contains high calories like sugar, fat, and other salts but lacks nutrients that are essential for health. 

Junk food makes your stomach hurt because of excess amounts of fat and spices that are not quickly digestible and cause heartburn and pain in the stomach. The worst thing about junk food is that it is available at any time at any spot. If you want to maintain your stomach and health you should replace your junk food with healthy food which has a nutritional value.

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