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Why Do You Feel Bad After Eating Fast Food? Explaining The Reasons

Fast foods are super bad for you in many ways. They have the power to influence your life in almost every way. Fast foods can affect your health, your lifestyle, and also your mind. Have you ever noticed that you feel a little bad after eating junk food? Well, there is a reason for this, which I am describing in this article. 

So, why do you feel bad after eating fast food?

You feel bad or sick after eating junk foods because it affects the glucose level in your blood. It also affects your body’s water absorption and serotonin levels. The unhealthy compounds in these foods make you feel uncomfortable for quite a time.

If you want to know the complete details of the effects of Fast foods and also how you can feel better after eating them, then keep reading!

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Why Is Fast Food Bad

why does fast food make you tired

Looking for some reasons why fast food is bad? 

Fast or Junk foods are high in fat and sodium, while drinks are high in refined carbohydrates or sugar. 

Thus, eating them regularly can lead to severe health complications like heart diseases, diabetes, obesity, organ failure, and high blood cholesterol levels.

In addition, you also feel some sort of uncomfortableness or sadness after finishing a whole meal of fast food. 

Let’s now tell you in detail why this happens.

Why Do You Feel Bad After Eating Fast Foods

Why Do You Feel Bad After Eating Fast Food

Have you ever wondered why fast food makes me sick? Whether you have or haven’t, it is important for you to know why this happens. 

There is no denying that fast food is bad for you. Its great taste doesn’t make it healthy. Many people feel terrible after eating them. 

The reasons are as follows.

Rich in Carbohydrates:

Wondering, why does fast food make you tired? The reason is excessive carbohydrates. 

When you eat a burger or any fast food, your blood sugar levels go up. Hence, more insulin is released, which drops the sugar level significantly. As a result, you feel fatigued with low energy. 

Similarly, foods rich in carbohydrates can affect brain chemistry as well. Our brain deals with neurotransmitters that impact our mood by affecting hormones. High serotonin levels mean you will feel happy. 

Carbohydrates are thought to decrease the serotonins as they cause a spike in blood sugar levels. Thus, you feel sick after eating fast food.

High in Sodium:

The sodium content can also make you feel frustrated. 

It is due to the fact that high sodium levels can cause high blood pressure or hypertension. This can also cause headaches, which also worsen the mood. 

So, if you were wondering why you feel a headache after Mcdonald’s then you now know the answer. 

In addition, salt content absorbs water in the stomach, which causes bloating or gas in the body. Thus, it gives a general sense of discomfort.

Plus, they do not have much protein or fiber, so you are still hungry after fast-food feasting. 

High-Fat Content:

People often wonder, Why fried food makes me feel sick? And the top reason is the trans fat content in such foods. 

According to a study, eating foods rich in calories is linked with higher anxiety levels.

An anxious person also makes bad food decisions and ends up drinking more coffee or eating more fast foods. Thus, the condition keeps on worsening.


Those who love to go to famous coffee shops and drink coffees also experience sudden mood shifts. 

The reason is that caffeine absorbs the water and causes dehydration. When there is not enough water in your body, metabolism slows down. 

Metabolism is important as it gives you energy by burning extra calories. When it slows down, you feel tired. 

So, there is no surprise you feel lousy after eating or drinking at Starbucks or McDonald’s.

Now, want to know how to feel better after eating at McDonald’s? 

How to Feel Better After Eating Junk Food

How to Feel Better After Eating Junk Food

You have eaten your favorite pizza with extra cheese, drank a sugary drink, and now wondering what you should do to stop the side effects of this unhealthy meal (and especially the tiredness)? Then I have got your back! 

So, how to not feel sick after eating junk food? 

You can do the following things to feel comfortable after eating junk foods:

Hydrate yourself:

As mentioned above, the sodium content can absorb the water in your body. Thus, bloating occurs, which is discomfort in itself. 

To make yourself feel better, you should drink a glass of water 20 minutes after eating junk food.


Sleeping not only gets rid of tiredness but can also lead to weight loss. Yep, you read that right. Calories are burned when you sleep. 

Plus, your tissues also need to relax to work better and to avoid any friction or pain. 

So, sleeping 6-8 hours can make you feel fresh and lighten the mood.


You have to burn the extra calories you have consumed, and the best way is to exercise. Doing this can improve blood circulation, reduce anxiety, and can help you sleep better.

Stay Away from Alcohol and Sugary Beverages:

Alcohol and sugary drinks are, without any doubt, bad for health. Thus, try not to drink them if you have junk food for a meal.

Also, it is better to replace these drinks with fruit juice or water only. Following the low-carb diet plan is best for you in the long run. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I die from eating too many fast foods?

Eating fast food all the time can prove to be “deadly” as it can lead to a heart attack if you don’t stop eating them. The saturated fat in fast foods is stored in the arteries; hence, the heart does not receive the proper amount of blood. If the fat keeps on storing, blood circulation will be affected, and eventually, a heart attack will occur. 

What happens if you eat fast food every day?

You will face health problems if you eat fast food daily. The saturated fat in burgers or any junk food can clog the arteries. Thus, the blood flow gets disturbed, leading to heart strokes and eventually a heart attack. If the fat is stored in the arteries that take blood from/to the brain, then brain strokes can also happen.

Obesity is another health complication that will definitely rise if you continue to eat fast foods daily. The fat will also be stored around the belly; thus, you won’t be able to fit into your old clothes anymore.

Which exercise should I do after eating fast food?

You should do cardio regularly to get rid of all the harmful effects of junk foods. It includes walking, jogging, swimming, and cycling.

The Bottom Line

So, Why do you feel bad after eating fast food?

In a nutshell, Junk foods are high in saturated fat, sodium, and sugar. When you eat such food, it causes a spike in blood sugar levels. As a result, the pancreas releases insulin that brings down the sugar significantly. Thus, you feel tired and low in energy level. 

Plus, the sodium content absorbs water in the body, which leads to bloating or gas. Hence, more discomfort occurs. In addition to this, carbohydrates don’t let serotonin levels increase.

All of these factors combined make you feel bad after eating Junk food. 

To make yourself feel better, you should drink water, exercise, sleep better, and stay away from sugary and alcoholic drinks.

There is no substitute for health, so you should take care of it as much as you can.

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