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S23 vs LGD: Everything You Need to Know!

S-23 and LGD are both among the top SARMs currently available in the world. SARM is the abbreviation for Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators. These are compounds that are similar in function to steroids, just more specific. 

They stimulate muscle growth in certain parts of the body. This selectivity prevents harmful effects on the remaining bodily systems. 

So, your question is: S23 Vs LGD? 

As they both belong to the same category, what makes one better than the other? 

S-23 has the advantage of increasing muscle mass and decreasing fat at the same time. On the contrary, LGD can develop lean muscles and prevent muscle waste. S-23 is very strong and has many side effects. Whereas LGD has been tested to have lesser side effects and is considered a safer choice. 

Here we have for you a whole article comparing the two products. Read on to make up your mind about a final decision!

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What Are Sarms? 

This variety of anabolic steroids serves the same purpose as testosterone. And that is to increase the build-up of proteins in the body. More proteins would indicate a greater muscle mass, which is required by athletes. 

What Is S23 Used For?

If you’re looking for instant results, S-23 is the steroid to go for! S23 sarm results seem to be more effective.

Fair warning that I must add as it is not yet legal to use this. Or any other SARMs across the world, especially in sports competitions. They have a tendency to be misused to enhance performance and win by cheating. 


All SARMs are present for investigative purposes only. They have not been given government approval for their consumption. 

What Does LGD Sarm Do?

You may be wondering what is ligandrol? Ligandrol or LGD is taken to increase the weight of muscle in the body. It can also help to increase your stamina and athletic performance. It is a SARM that can mimic the testosterone activity inside your body.  

It includes anabolic effects which help to enhance muscle building. It can increase lean muscle mass and enhance your strength and performance. However, LGD-4033 can decrease your production of testosterone and disrupt its flow. 

As a result, the hormonal signal in your body can fail to work properly and cause various health risks. However, it does not include similar anabolic risks, so it is safe to consume. 


It is mentionable that the FDA has not approved the use of FGD-4300. It is prohibited for athletes under the WADA Anabolic Agents list. 

S23 vs LGD: a Direct Positive Comparison

Like the comparison between msten and dmz, a comparative analysis has been conducted between s-23 and LGD. Let’s dive further into the article to know in detail. 

Increase in Muscle Mass

Being powerful, S-23 causes a rapid gain in muscle mass. This is ideal if one is on a time constraint. But, it is not advisable for beginners. Since their bodies won’t be able to handle a dosage of such a strong substance right away. The best s23 dose is to have a 12-week cycle with an increased dosage every 2-3 weeks. 

In contrast, LGD is used by both experts and beginners. LGD 4033 dosage must maintain a 6 to 10 weeks cycle with 5-10mg dosage once a day. They have all vouched for its safety as it is given in small doses. It also leads to fast results. Users stated that they observed a noticeable difference within 7-14 days. 

Fat Loss

S-23 is notable for promoting the loss of fat while increasing strength at the same time. It is popularly used by those who want to achieve both protein gain and fat-loss goals together. 

LGD has no proven ties to cutting down on the quantity of body fat. Hence, if you are looking solely to bulk up, then this is the drug for you! The LGD dosage for bulking is more effective than loosing weight. 

Boosted Endurance

Both these drugs are claimed to increase stamina. But LGD is more effective when it comes to giving your endurance a boost. 

It increases the energy level to a greater extent. So, one can work out for longer periods of time. Fewer breaks need to be taken in between. 

S-23 also gives better endurance to some degree. However, it may not be as significant as other compounds. 


Reduced Workout Recovery Time

The average recovery period after an intense gym workout is around 72 hours. In terms of reducing this time, both S-23 and LGD are good options. 

Users have praised the ability of both these chemicals to allow them to work out more often. Since they do not need a long time to recover. 

Exercise has been linked to the release of endorphins and serotonin. These two hormones can make you feel happy. Hence, if SARMs help you to exercise more, they make you feel good about yourself.  

Bodybuilding without supplements is a more beneficial idea too unlike Wellbutrin or pre workouts

S23 vs LGD: the Risk Factors

Unfortunately, no good thing can come without its dangers. Until now, no human trials using S-23 have been carried out or published. Due to this, it’s not possible to be sure just how harmful it can be to people. 

On the other hand, LGD has been proven to be better tolerated. It caused no severe drug-related issues in the group of healthy men on which it was tested. 

What Are the Side Effects of S23?

Among the clinical studies carried out in rats, S-23 was found to temporarily cause infertility. This is leading to its development as a male birth control pill. 

S-23 decreases the production of natural testosterone in males. This effect is so potent that the body takes time to recover. The person becomes more irritable and lethargic. 

Furthermore, S-23 leads to dehydration while resting at night. So, a bottle of water must be kept on hand. If not, symptoms of dehydration like fatigue and a headache. 

The relation between S-23 and dehydration is the fact that it increases the body’s metabolism. This results in greater heat generated and what is called ‘Night Sweats or hyperhidrosis.’

Androgenic substances are generally associated with hair fall. Care must be taken for using a compound to prevent excessive loss as S-23 is incredibly strong. 

What Are the Side Effects of LGD? 

Even though it is safer than S-23, this drug is not completely risk-free.

Ligandrol side effects include mild symptoms like nausea, less energy, decreased sexual drive, and occasionally anxiety. 

One user reported an elevation in blood pressure, despite having no family history of hypertension.

 Long-term usage can, however, result in serious reactions like heart attacks. And so, care must be always taken when deciding on a dosage. 


What is the safest sarm to take? 

LGD (more specifically the Ligandrol-4033 variety) is the most placid option amongst all the available ones. However, it must be taken carefully. Issues like nausea and abdominal pain will worsen if it is used improperly. 

What are the benefits of S-23 SARMs?

So, what are the S  23 Sarm benefits? Among the many advantages it brings, there are included increased strength, endurance power, and energy. However, it is not scientifically proven in humans. It is as yet theoretical. 

Is S-23 a male birth control?

Studies are being carried out to test the potential of S-23 as birth control. It causes infertility in males for as long as it is within their system. Many people are in favor of this project. Because it would mean not having to use any other contraceptive. 

Is LGD-4033 liver toxic? 

A trial carried out on a group of healthy men showed no adverse effects on the liver. There was no notable change in the serum aminotransferase levels. These are enzymes that are normally present within the liver. And only appear in the blood when the liver cells are damaged. 


After a full comparison of S-23 vs LGD, it is seen that each substance has desirable qualities. This is despite the fact that their consumption is still illegal. 

For the ones looking for maximum and instant results, S-23 is the best option. It will also include fat loss in the workout regime. Care must be taken to start with small doses and check if it suits your body’s needs. 

LGD is the drug of choice for those wanting to take the safer path for gaining good responses. It is also better for increasing endurance and can be used by a novice as well. 

Overall, it depends on the kind of result one is looking to produce!

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