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Is Orange Juice Acidic or Alkaline? Complete Analysis!

Oranges are grown in almost all parts of the world, particularly in Brazil. Oranges are truly a gift of nature. With their sweet and citrus taste, they can be a wonderful and refreshing addition to your breakfast table. Being one of the most popular citrus fruits, Orange juice is a healthy drink to kick start your day. 

But is orange juice acidic?

According to the pH scale, orange juice falls in an acidic category with a pH of almost 3.5 to 4.5. According to some studies, orange juice gives an alkaline effect to your body after it gets metabolized. However, it is acidic when it reaches your stomach. It has a good amount of citric acid present in it.

The article is going to explain to you the acidic nature of oranges. You will also know the effects of orange juice on your stomach and your overall body.

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Orange Juice Nutrition Facts

Orange Juice Nutrition Facts

Before knowing about the effects of oranges on the human body, it is important to know what kind of nutrients are present in them. 

A 100 gram of orange juice contains 45 calories. 

The following table shows the nutritional value of orange juice.

Nutrients% Daily values
Total fat 0.2g0%
Saturated fat 0g0%
Cholesterol 0mg0%
Sodium 1mg0%
Potassium 200 mg5%
Total carbohydrates 10g3%
Dietary fiber 6.2g0%
Sugar 8g
Protein 0.7g
Vitamin C 83%
Iron 1%
Vitamin B60%
Vitamin D0%

All of these nutrients present in orange juice make it a healthy drink to improve proper body functioning. 

However, people with certain diseases are advised not to drink too much orange juice.

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Is Orange Juice Acidic or Alkaline

is Orange Juice Acidic

A lot of people ask, what is the pH of oranges? or how acidic is orange juice on the pH scale?  

Foodstuffs are categorized into acidic or basic according to their pH value. So, if we consider the pH of orange juice, it comes out that orange juice is acidic.

So, does orange juice have acid? Yes, the reason why Oranges show an acidic pH is the presence of a great amount of citric acid in oranges. The oranges that are more tart in taste have a comparatively greater amount of citric acid than sweeter oranges. 

Hence, the sour oranges are more acidic.

Is orange juice acidic in the stomach? According to some scientific studies, oranges, lemons, and other citrus fruits have an alkalizing effect on the human body. 

The same is the case with orange juice. When it reaches the stomach, it is acidic. After that, the body metabolizes it to produce an alkaline effect. 

Is Orange Juice Good for Acidity

Acid reflux is a clinical condition in which you feel a burning sensation in your chest and sometimes in your throat. 

The increased amount of acid in your stomach returns to the food pipe and you feel an uncomfortable burning sensation. 

So, is drinking orange juice bad for acid reflux? Yes, as it can further worsen the burning sensations in your throat. 

This is because Orange juice is a solution that contains citric acid. 

This acid present in orange juice can add to the stomach acid and relaxes the lower esophageal sphincter of the stomach. Due to this, the acid returns to the food pipe. 

Hence orange juice is bad for acid reflux.

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Health Benefits and Side Effects of Orange Juice

orange juice is acidic or alkaline

Orange Juice is super tasty with a lot of healthy ingredients present in it. The vitamins and minerals present in orange juice make it beneficial for health. 

However, excess of anything including fruits and vegetables can be dangerous. 

So here are some health benefits and side effects of oranges.

Health Benefits of Orange Juice:

Apart from being refreshing and tasty, orange juice is a drink packed with a lot of health benefits. 

Here is the list of advantages of drinking orange juice:

  • Orange juice contains magnesium that can maintain blood pressure.
  • Vitamin C present in orange juice is best to promote the health of your immune system. It gives you the strength to fight against diseases.
  • Orange Juice contains healing properties due to the presence of flavonoids in it.
  • The anti-inflammatory properties of orange juice can treat certain inflammatory diseases.
  • D-limonene present in orange juice can prevent certain cancers such as skin cancer, breast cancer, mouth cancer, colon, and lung cancer.
  • Orange Juice contains vitamin D that is effective to treat arthritis and other bone-related diseases.
  • The citric acid present in orange juice stimulates digestion and promotes the good health of your gut.
  • Orange juice contains citrate that breaks down kidney stones.
  • Vitamin C present in oranges also increases the absorption of iron and reduces the risk of iron deficiency anemias.

Apart from these health benefits, oranges are also good for your heart health. So, adding oranges to your diet can enhance your longevity and boost your immunity.

Side Effects of Drinking Too Much Orange Juice:

Although orange juice has a lot of healthy properties, drinking too much orange juice can be harmful to you. 

Here are some adverse effects of drinking too much orange juice:

  • Orange juice can increase blood sugar levels in diabetic patients.
  • Drinking a lot of orange juice can cause weight gain because it contains fructose. 
  • Store-bought orange juice has a lot of added sugar and preservatives that cause tooth enamel decay.

However, these side effects are not very common and are observed only in certain individuals with diabetes or acid reflux. 

You can add orange juice to your diet in a recommended quantity.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is apple juice more acidic than orange juice?

Yes, apple juice is relatively low in pH as compared to orange juice. Apple juice has a pH of 3.3 while orange juice has a pH of 3.5. Also, orange juice has citric acid present in it while apple juice contains malic acid. Citric acid is more acidic as compared to malic acid.

How much Citric acid is in orange juice?

It depends on whether the oranges are sweet or tart. Sweeter oranges are relatively low in citric acid as compared to tart oranges. Also, the amount of citric acid in oranges varies according to the different varieties of oranges. Generally, the tarter is orange, the more acidic it is.

Is coffee more acidic than orange juice?

Coffee has a pH of 5 on the pH scale, so it is less acidic than orange juice which has a pH of 3.5. Coffee is not very acidic. The caffeine present in it can irritate the mucosal lining of the stomach, so it is not good for patients with gastritis.

Bottom Line

Is orange juice acidic? Yes, orange juice is acidic due to the presence of citric acid.

Generally, sweeter oranges are less acidic as compared to the tart ones. However, it does not mean you should stop eating oranges just because they are acidic. 

The good thing is that oranges have many health benefits. So, if you’re not suffering from any serious medical condition like gastritis or acid reflux, you can drink orange juice to avail of its health benefits!

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