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Top 10 Alkaline Foods That Can Really Balance Your PH Levels!

Were you aware that your body’s normal PH is alkaline and stays normally in this state? Yes, that’s true. For this reason, alkaline diets are gaining more value among people who are health conscious.

But the question is, why should you add top 10 alkaline foods in your diet?

Alkaline foods help balance your body’s PH. A balanced PH can help with weight loss, maintain energy levels, and aid in healthy digestion. A surplus amount of acidic food can disrupt your body’s PH. So, it is important to add alkaline foods to your daily diet.

The article contains the top 10 alkaline foods with their amazing health benefits. Let us find out how to alkalize your body healthily. Before diving deep into it, it is necessary to have a knowledge of what exactly an alkaline diet is?

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What is an Alkaline Diet?

The alkaline describes the non-acidic diet as having a PH above 7.5. PH helps us to know if a solution is acidic or alkaline. The higher PH means the food is more alkaline. Normally, the fluids in the human body remain at slightly alkaline PH.

Alkaline Diet

Nowadays, these diets have been promoted because of their amazing health benefits. According to this diet, you can alter your body’s acidity level by eating specific foods.

Researchers say that adding Alkaline Foods into your diet gives you an instant energy boost, slows down aging, and can prevent you from cancer. 

Top 10 Alkaline Foods along with Their Health Benefits

Alkaline foods are simply foods that are low in caloric density. We should eat a ratio of 80 percent alkaline and 20 percent acidic food to keep our body’s PH balanced. Following are the top 10 alkaline foods along with their health benefits.

Top 10 alkaline food infographic


Lemons have a great quantity of alkaline minerals present in them. These minerals mainly contain potassium and magnesium, which have alkalizing effects on your body systems.

Lemons are  naturally high in citric acid. But after eating lemons, citric acid gets modified and has wonderful alkaline effects on your body. 

Lemons contain a good amount of various  nutrients. They are a source of calcium, iron, vitamin A, C, and B complexes which are essential for the human body. They are also a source of pectin fiber and carbohydrates that help in improving digestion and weight loss.

Top 10 Alkaline Foods


Cucumbers are another important addition to an alkaline diet. They have the ability to neutralize acids and relieve indigestion. The nutrient content of cucumber is good to support a healthy body.

Cucumbers got vitamin K, C, and different B vitamins. You also get a beneficial amount of copper, carbohydrates, amino acids  soluble and insoluble fiber, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, biotin, and silica.

Being high in water, cucumbers can keep your body hydrated.

Beet Greens

Beet greens are one of the essential greens to include in your daily diet. Their high alkaline score makes them one of the best food items to add in smoothies and green juices.

In addition to being alkaline, they also help stimulate bile production. They also help you better digest the fats. Thus, they keep the body functioning properly.


Bananas are also known as potassium sticks. They are another highly alkaline food that nobody wants to keep out of their daily diet. Bananas are a source of a lot of vitamins and minerals.  These nutrients help your body to perform its functions.

Bananas are also a source of fiber. This high amount of fiber helps promote digestive regularity. It also keeps the bowel functioning properly. It can also sweep out the toxins from your digestive tract.


Tofu is an alkaline food. Soybeans are a major source of Tofu. Many of their beneficial effects can be obtained by eating soy-based products. Organic soy-based products are the most nutritious and contain the best amount of soy proteins.


Tofu is a perfect byproduct of soybean curd. It is low in calories. It contains a good amount of proteins and irons. Tofu is also protective against brain and heart disease.


Watermelons usually gain popularity during summer, as they provide hydration.water and nutrients are its major components. It also has an alkaline PH.  This PH level is extremely useful as it improves your overall health.

It is a fact that watermelon contains certain essential  nutrients including vitamins and minerals. It is high in fiber and thus keeps the digestive tract healthy.


Kale is one of the famous alkaline foods. The reason is that kale is an amazing source of energy. It is a source of various  healthy vitamins including vitaminA, E and k.

This green leafy vegetable is high in PH. It is a great addition to your diet, in both raw and cooked form. 

Kale also contains compounds called flavonoids. Flavonoids are a group of nutrients specifically present in plants.  As plants contain a variety of vitamins and minerals, this is the reason vegetables are so nutritious.

Best Alkaline Foods According to PH Value


An antioxidant-rich fruit is mostly alkaline in nature.  Blueberries are a wholesome addition to the alkaline food list. They can be the best part of any smoothie or salad. 

Blueberries can decrease the risk of heart diseases by 15 percent. Blueberries can also reduce aging.


When the food is raw, cooked, dried, or boiled it has the ability to alter much of its chemical nature. The reason is that cooking can make it healthy or less healthy.  Freshness is the most important feature that makes food beneficial in the first place. Same is the case with apricots.

Apricots are highly alkaline when they are in a raw form. They are packed with several essential vitamins and minerals. A very high amount of fiber makes them advantageous in burning body fat.


Avocados can help release acidic wastes out of the body. It gives rise to a more alkaline environment in your body. This  green fruit is  creamy in texture and an important source of  healthy nutrients including vitamins and minerals.

They also provide the human body with the powerful antioxidants such as Beta carotene and more. Adding avocado to your  daily diet will help you burn body fat at a faster rate. It can also aid to fight inflammation, improve and boost your heart health.


Question: How can I alkalize my body fast?

Eating Alkaline foods and adding alkaline drinks to your diet can help you alkalize your body fast. Adding such foods to your diet can maintain the normal PH of your body which helps your body stay healthy and productive.

Question: Which fruit is most alkaline?

There is a whole long list of alkaline foods. However, some foods are high in alkalinity. Bananas are one of them. It contains the alkaline mineral potassium that helps your heart keep healthy and is also rich in fiber.

Question: what drinks are alkaline?

All those drinks having PH above 7 are considered alkaline. Non Dairy milk, kombucha, green tea, alkaline water, and coconut water are some of the best alkaline drinks that can keep your body healthier.

Bottom Line

Including the top 10 alkaline foods in your daily diet can make your life healthier and easier. Alkaline Foods are important for your body as too much acidity in your body can lead to chronic diseases. It can also maximize the risk of acid reflux. So, to avoid the dangers of different diseases, try adding more alkaline foods to your diet to keep your body healthy.

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