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Is Craving Orange Juice a Sign of Diabetes?

Are you feeling an intense craving for having a glass of orange juice? Therefore , what does it mean by craving orange juice diabetes?

Well, there is a buzz roaming on the internet. That says it could be a sign of a new type of diabetes!

So, do you notice frequent urination, declining vision along with orange juice craving? If yes, then it’s time to take this topic seriously.

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In today’s article, we will let you know whether it could be a sign of diabetes or not. Plus, you will come to know if it is not diabetes then what other things it could indicate. Lastly, you will know the counter-measures. So, let’s read on….

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Can Orange Juice Really Cause Diabetes?

In short, yes! People drinking one glass of orange juice per day develop the risk of getting diabetes. The fruit version contains fiber so it is safe to eat. But, when you make juice from it – it lacks fiber.

As a result, it elevates the sugar level of your body. The diabetes care published a new report. The incidence of developing diabetes is 24 % for people taking orange juice than those who don’t. Among the percentage, 18% will develop type 2 diabetes.

Apart from that, the glycemic index is a good parameter to find out whether it causes or not. Because it gives you an idea about which food will give sugar spikes.

However, the higher the glycemic index, the more it will affect the sugar level.

Craving Orange juice Diabetes

The GI of orange fruit is 40, which increases to 50 when you make juice.  Depending on the freshness of fruits & the presence of pulp the GI of juice varies.

Here, a  question that may arise is fresh orange juice good for diabetes?  Well, on a scale of 100, the GI of orange juice will score between 66-76. As the GI is high, it is not good for diabetic patients.

Now, you come to know that craving orange juice can cause you diabetes. But, one sign cannot prove that you have developed diabetes. Besides, it is not a confirmatory sign.

You should check if there have been any changes other than cravings. For instance –

  • Do you wake up at midnight to go to the washroom?
  • Do you feel thirsty often?
  • Is your vision declining day by day?
  • Have you felt numbness in your feet and arms?
  • Is your wound/injury taking time to heal?

Ask yourself these questions. If you’re feeling orange juice cravings along with the aforesaid symptoms, then meet a doctor. He will evaluate your situation and give you some tests for confirmation.

If the results come negative, then you should consider other conditions. In the next, you will get a broad view of what it could be other than diabetes.

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What Could be The Reasons Other Than Diabetes?

Food cravings are not a new thing. What do we do when we have a sudden onset of a certain food? We search the food, eat it and thus satisfy our stomach.

But, frequent craving for a certain food may indicate underlying health problems.

Here are the few conditions that may indicate why you are having this craving:


Feeling orange juice craves could be a reason that your body suffers from dehydration. For rehydration, your body will search for liquid as compensation.

Liquid-like substance coffee may not fill the needs as it contains caffeine. That’s why your body may want something which could act like water.

And, it is known to all that orange juice is an amazing drink to rehydrate your body. So, if you feel thirsty & crave OJ, consider this condition first.


We cannot say firmly that stress is responsible for your cravings. However, it can to a major extent. Stress causes thirst & thirst gives rise to cravings. But, why orange juice, not something else?

The link between these two is a bit twisting. Let me make it simpler for you. Stress triggers the ghrelin hormone responsible for weight gain.

This hormone has an interlink with junk food & sugar craving. And, it is needless to say which one is high in sugar, of course, the orange juice.

Premenstrual Symptoms

Is it normal to crave orange juice before period? Do you feel a craving for orange juice when low in iron? The answer to these two stood-  a big Yes!

During menstruation, women lose iron. To combat it, you need iron riched food along with citrus fruits. Because the vitamin-c helps to absorb iron. So, your body may be wanting fruit juice for elevating the vitamin-c level in a preparation for ministration.

Working Out/ Exercise

People commonly ask about this question: why do I crave orange juice after working out?  After each time hitting the gym, your craving may strike up. It could be a sign that your body is wanting glycogen. Especially since you burnt a lot of calories during exercise.

However, it is not confirmed as there is a lack of study or research behind it.

Undiagnosed Infection

Vit-c boosts up the healing process. It also makes your immune system strong. But, feeling restless for drinking orange juice is concerning. It may point the finger towards an underlying infection.

Needed for Gut Health

There is a close relationship between your gut bacteria & orange juice cravings. Your gut is a place where the good bacteria reside. These microorganisms have an extraordinary part in adjusting hormone levels, hunger & much more.

Having said that, it can manipulate you for cravings.

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What can I Do to Combat Crange Cravings?

Although it feels immense joy when we have this, it creates discomfort afterward. Besides, we find no way except to drink it. So, in the next, we will outline what you should do in such conditions.

Drink Water

It is confusing to understand for which the cravings take place. Whenever you get that urge, you should drink a glass of water.

Then, wait a bit.

You will see you are no longer feeling hungry for the drinks, it’s like the cravings fade away. Moreover, there is no loss to drink water, as it has tons of benefits. For example, it may reduce the weight of middle-aged people.

Eat More Protein

Protein food gives you a sense of fullness all the time. It reduces your appetite & retains you from taking extra foods.

Therefore, it can fix the craving issues too. A study suggested that when you consume around 25% calories, the cravings fall by 60%. People who get a desire to drink orange juice at night also will not feel the urge in 50% of cases.

Distract Yourself

A trick you can follow here is to switch your mind whenever you feel like having the juice.  For example, go for a brisk walk, eat chewing gum or do something to get busy. Overall, try to change the environment.

This is because switching yourself into something may reduce hunger & cravings.

Don’t Stay Long Without Food

It is wise to keep eating something healthy & less calorie-containing foods all the time. You should always have some small meals within your close hand range. Because the long period of hunger will give rise to intense cravings.

Don’t be Stressed

We already told you the relation of stress with this. Here, you can take medicine, or meditation sessions to control the stress. The environmental change also slows down this factor.

Take Supplement

It is another good option to suppress cravings. One such supplement name is the Lumaslim.  It keeps your hormones in balance, boosts up metabolic activity,& most importantly controls the cravings.

Proper Sleep

Poor sleep causes fluctuations in the hormonal level. Besides, it can suppress appetite regulation & alters it with strong cravings. So, think about what comes as a barrier in the way of taking adequate sleep & fix them gradually.


Now, you have got the clarity on – what does it mean by craving orange juice diabetes. In short, it can cause you diabetes only when you have other signs of diabetes.

Without the signs, it could indicate a lot more things. So, you should visit your doctor for final evaluation & treatment.


What kind of orange juice a diabetic can drink?

Well, orange juice taste can drag you towards it. But, its high carbs can cause your sugar spikes. It would be better to have the whole fruit instead of the juice version.

It will satisfy your taste bud & keep you full. However, if the juice comprises 3grm carb,15 cal,100% Vit-C, then it is safe to drink.

What fruit juice is good for diabetes?

We find a juice that contains zero-calorie, promotes weight loss & balances your sugar level. And its name is spinach and celery juice. It also comprises oxidants which makes it one of the best juices for diabetes.

What makes you crave orange juice during pregnancy?

There is a  fancy statement roaming on the net, that is it could be a sign of the female baby. But, it would be better to avoid this tale & look for a technical answer. We find that it may indicate your body is suffering from a Vit-C deficiency.

Can you use orange juice to treat hypoglycemia?

The advantage of orange juice is it can rescue you from the hypoglycemic situation. When a diabetic drinks this, it increases the sugar level instantly. Make sure that the patient takes at least 4 ounces when giving it to the hypoglycemic patient.

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