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Is Naked Juice Healthy? All the Truth About Naked Juice

Is naked juice healthy? Well, a lot of people drink these green machine juices without even knowing whether they are healthy or not. These naked juices are packaged in such a way that they appeal to the customers. People just grab the bottle and drink it without even looking at the ingredients label just because the company claims, “no added sugar”.

So, how much this no added sugar label contributes to determining the overall healthiness of naked juices. Nobody knows. It is because the packaging is so appealing which says it is 100 percent smoothie. That is the power of marketing. However, here in this article, you will be able to know whether naked juices are good for you or not. How much do they contribute to weight loss and is it healthy for diabetics or not?

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Is Naked Juice Healthy?

Is naked juice good for you? Is naked drink healthy? How healthy is naked juice? These are the questions that most health-conscious people ask about naked juice or green machine juice. So, let us explore, is naked juice. First of all, you must know what does naked juice means. Naked means without preservatives. It means that the juice is extracted from pure fruits and vegetables without adding any additives or preservatives, this is a false claim.


Do you think bottled juice can survive in a grocery store for so many days if preservatives are not added to it? No, it can not. So, this is the first thing that makes these naked juices unhealthy to drink. Moreover, these juices come in plastic bottles. That is the other negative answer to the question, is naked green machine healthy?

So, Is the green machine a good drink for you? The answer is that a naked green machine juice contains 270 calories per bottle, 63 grams of carbs which is a very high amount of carbs that are not healthy. It does not contain any added sugar but the sugar from fruits and vegetables is 53 grams which is also a very high quantity of sugar especially for someone who is having problems with controlling blood sugar levels.

Someone who is diabetic or prediabetic can not take that amount of sugar per serving. So this is not necessarily a healthy drink because it does not balance the sugar either with protein or healthy fat to stabilize that blood sugar spike, so whatever it is, sugar or added sugar, it is still going to spike your blood sugar levels.

It has fruits and vegetables in the ingredient that is good ut it can not be a replacement for a healthy meal. Because it does not have proteins and healthy fats required to balance the nutrition. As far as flavors go, it tastes so good but to summarize this it is not good to drink daily just because it has too much sugar that is not good for health.

Is naked juice good for weight loss?

To be very honest, if you want to lose weight, you should prefer natural healthy food instead of consuming packaged food. The reason is that there are so many preservatives in these packaged foods that cause you to gain more weight. 

Another harmful ingredient is a high quantity of sugar. These drinks contain a large quantity of concentrated sugar which makes these drinks unhealthy. This sugar can spike your insulin levels and cause you to gain more weight. Moreover, this fruit and vegetable extract does not contain a good amount of fiber. So we can say that these 270 calories are just empty calories with a lot of concentrated sugar that can do more harm than good.

The importance of fiber in food can not be denied. It is very important for your gut function as well as to give you satiating effects. If you are eating or drinking something without fiber, no matter how many calories you consume, it will not fill your stomach so you will drink more and more which can just add more pounds to your body weight. That’s why naked juices are not good for weight loss.

Is the naked smoothie healthy?

Is naked smoothie good for you? Many people ask this question because they think smoothies are good for health and weight loss. No doubt smoothies are very healthy for weight loss but if you made them at home.

Homemade smoothies are much better than packaged naked smoothies because the homemade versions do not contain any kind of preservatives that are not good for health. Moreover, you can adjust the amount of added sugar or it is good if you add no sugar to your smoothie because the fruits and vegetables already contain natural sugar.

If you are on a weight loss journey or suffering from diabetes, make your smoothie at home. This will give you more vitamins, minerals without any artificial flavors or preservatives.

The Bottom Line

The naked juices look so delicious and nutritious but you should always remember that whatever the company claims is not always true. So, is naked juice healthy? The answer is a big no. You can consume it in a moderate amount but if you are diabetic or want to lose weight, it is not at all good for you, because it is not what they are advertising.

It is much better to separately eat all those fruits and vegetables so that you can also get the fiber content and not only juice from them. It tastes so good, so you can drink it once a month, specifically on your cheat day but remember it is just good for treats and taste, not for health.


What is the healthiest juice to drink?

Homemade fruit juices are the healthiest to drink because they do not contain any kind of preservatives and have high sugar content. Orange, beet, apple, tomato, cranberry, and pomegranate are very healthy juices to drink because they contain a good amount of vitamins and minerals that are very essential for our body.

What’s the worst drink for you?

Soda, flavored water, energy drinks, fizzy drinks, and powdered drink mixes are very unhealthy to drink. These drinks contain a lot of preservatives and artificial flavors that are not good for health.

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