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Benefits of Eating Carrot on Empty Stomach

Carrot is a great way to start your day with. Above all, we should thank the Persians for discovering carrots in the 10th century. In the modern-day, many people consume it in the form of juice. But how many of us prefer eating whole carrots on our own?

The benefits of eating carrot on empty stomach are inarguable.

Beta-carotene and Vitamin A are abundant in carrots. Moreover, they have different vitamins and antioxidant properties. So it’s not surprising that it facilitates good health, vision, and skin! More importantly, carrots add delicious flavor to your plate! Altogether, many health benefits are awaiting you!

Today, let’s uncover the benefits of carrots with their nutritional values. We also look into your doubts about skin color changes. So stay tuned!

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Are Raw Carrots Safe to Eat?

Carrot is one of the healthiest vegetables available in every household. It is a root veggie that is highly nutritious and yummy! In other words, you earn all the benefits of eating carrot on empty stomach itself.


Carrots comprise different shades of color- red, orange, yellow, white, orange, and purple. Still, orange remains the king among carrots! The magic lies in the content of beta-carotene. It is an antioxidant that will convert into vitamin A producing a bright orange color.

You can try carrots raw or cooked, or steamed and boiled. In fact, it’s one of the most nutritious snacks that you can always crunch on.

Raw Carrots vs. Cooked Carrots – Which is better?

Generally, raw vegetables supply lots of vitamin C in a diet. And this vitamin C will defend the body against oxidative stress. Furthermore, raw vegetables can fight against neurodegenerative disorders and cancers. 

Yet cooked vegetables are much easier to digest. Plus, you can readily absorb the nutrients in it. Cooked carrots release beta-carotene! Beta-carotene is a type of carotenoid. It shields cells of our body from distress caused by free radicals. 


In fact, eating raw carrots only offers you 3% of this antioxidant. With a touch of fire, they release almost 40%!

Besides, carrots contain Vitamin A, which is a fat-soluble vitamin. Fat-soluble vitamins consist of Vitamin A, D, E, and K. 

Still, if you love the flavor and texture of raw carrots, there is no harm! Serve it with rice and the side dish you like the most. 

10 Best Veggies that are Healthier Cooked

Research shows boiling and steaming are the best methods to cook vegetables. Moreover, heating vegetables with thick skins makes them easier to bite and digest. It is because heat breaks down the cell walls into smaller pieces.

For all you know, that’ll be the easiest way to cultivate vegetables among children. Here are 10 vegetables that are better cooked than raw:

  • Asparagus
  • Bell pepper
  • Broccoli
  • Cabbage
  • Cauliflower
  • Celery
  • Eggplant
  • Mushroom
  • Spinach
  • Tomato

Nutrition Facts of Carrot

Carrots provide adequate and essential vitamins and minerals for everyday life. One medium-sized carrot that weighs between 50 to 72g supplies 25 calories. Anything greater or smaller than that does not belong in the average group. 


One serving of carrot contains:

  • Beta-carotene: 5050mcg
  • Calcium 24.18 mg
  • Calories: 25g
  • Carbohydrates: 6g
  • Fat: 0g
  • Fiber: 2g
  • Iron: 47 mg
  • Phosphorus 25mg
  • Protein: 0.5g
  • Sugar: 3g
  • Vitamin A: 509mcg
  • Vitamin C: 3.6mg
  • Vitamin E: 0.4mg
  • Vitamin K: 8mcg

Can We Eat Carrot on Empty Stomach?

When it comes to Vitamin A, the first thing that crosses our mind is; carrots. And this vitamin will aid in boosting the immune system.

When you eat carrots on an empty stomach, you tend to absorb most of the nutrients. Besides, food rich in fiber will assist in cleansing the colon. As a result, you’ll feel full for a longer time. In fact, if you’re planning to go on a diet, you should opt for carrots anytime!

Benefits of Eating Carrot on Empty Stomach

Benefits of carrot for health infographic

Carrots are healthy and appetizing! It has natural sugars that please our taste buds. Thus, it is a part of a balanced diet in our everyday meals. Here, we have listed a few benefits of eating carrot on empty stomach:

  • Acts as an anti-aging compound
  • Aid the production of breast milk
  • Boost immune system
  • Burn Belly Fat
  • Deal with menstrual problems
  • Development of baby’s nervous system & brain during pregnancy
  • Good for eyes and vision
  • Improve oral health
  • Lower cholesterol
  • Lower the risk of diabetes
  • Prevent cancer
  • Prevent heart diseases
  • Promotes weight loss
  • Reduce high blood pressure
  • Relieve constipation & prevent indigestion

Is Carrot Good for Skin?

If we had all kinds of beauty booster foods in the fridge, we would never go for skincare products in this century! That’s how carrots do wonders on your skin. 

Still, can carrots change skin color? It depends. But you don’t need to worry about skin discoloration if you consume carrots in a moderate amount.

So, how many carrots should I eat a day for good skin? Is one carrot a day a lot? Eat 1-2 carrots a day as more than that could result in beta-carotene toxicity. Benefits of eating carrots for the skin, include:

Cure Skin Problems

If you’re insecure with acne, dermatitis, dark circles, or rash, add carrots to your daily diet. Carrots are rich in anti-oxidants which can lighten the skin and scar. Furthermore, it’s so simple to make your own face masks and carrot juice to get glowing skin!

Prevent Skin Dryness

Lack of potassium can lead to skin dryness. But, carrots in your diet can moisture the skin due to abundant nutrients available.

Protect against Skin Damage

Beta-carotene in the carrot guards your skin against ultraviolet rays. Yet, there is no certified SPF. So don’t rely on it as a sunscreen product.


Is Carrot Good for Hair?

Did you know that excessive vitamin A can cause hair loss? Even so, carrots in moderation can enhance hair thickness and promote growth. It has vitamin A that acts as a conditioner on your scalp. Carrots can:

Stimulate Hair Growth

Vitamin A and vitamin E are well-known for improving blood circulation of the scalp. Besides, it helps in preventing premature hair greying. Two in one benefits, right? Try 3-4 ounces of carrot juice every day to have healthy and thicker hair.

Control Hair Loss

Carrots are excellent in fighting hair loss as they help strengthen the roots of the hair. The presence of different vitamins and minerals in carrots is the savior!

Prevent Dry Scalp

Vitamin A deficiency results in coarse and dry hair. But, studies show that carrots can aid in rejuvenating hair follicles. Carrot oil is not as famous as coconut oil, but you can still give it a try!


1. Which is the best time to eat carrots?

Answer: Experts found that it is safe and nutritious to consume carrots any time of the day. Still, eat them before breakfast on an empty stomach to claim the full benefits of carrots.

Regardless, try not to eat carrots before sleep time. The human body has to process food for at least 1-2 hours henceforth.

2. What happens if you eat carrots every day?

Answer: Eating carrots in moderation is the best for our health. But if you eat a lot, there are chances of developing carotenemia. Deposition of beta-carotene in carrots will give out a yellowish color on the skin. Still, it differs from jaundice.

This condition is rare and harmless. The treatment is to stop eating carrots in excessive amounts.

3. Is eating raw carrots every day good for you?

Answer: Carrots contain plenty of antioxidants and nutrients. Eating raw carrots every day will foster good health in many ways.

But, eating cooked carrots is more beneficial than consuming them raw. It’s because carrots have carotenoids. These carotenoids are well absorbed by our body in the form of half-cooked carrots. In fact, boiling and steaming conserve the carotenoid found in carrots.

4. What are the disadvantages of carrots?

Answer: Excess carrots results in high chances of developing Vitamin A toxicity. Since Vitamin A is water-soluble, the toxicity can cause multi-organ damage.

Besides, some people find it hard to digest carrots. Thus, it leads to gas accumulation in the tummy and difficulty to pass motion. Seldom, you may also develop an allergic reaction if you have a pre-existing food allergy.


In short, we hope you’re well-informed on all the benefits of eating carrot on empty stomach. Carrots are healthy any way you ingest them. You can boil, steam, juice, or eat them raw. So try having some carrots in your daily diet to get a light, simple, and delicious nutrient gain. But remember to limit your consumption of carrots 1-2 per day. Stay away from carotenemia due to excessive carrot intake. Get reassurance from a doctor if you worry about the unwanted effects.

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