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Benefits of Drinking Carrot Juice at Night; Detox Yourself While You Are Asleep!

Carrots are multipurpose nutrient-rich vegetables. They are an excellent source of vitamins, essential minerals, and fiber. You probably know that carrots improve your eyesight. But in reality, they do much more than that.

Drinking carrot juice is a quick and easy way to include carrots in your diet. Juicing has taken over the internet as the next best thing in healthy eating. 

Carrot juice became a signature juice during the early phases of the vegetarian food movement. Till today, it is a top juicing selection. This is due to its sweet and pleasant taste. 

In this article, you will get to know about the benefits of drinking carrot juice at night. In addition to that, the article will reveal a healthy carrot juice recipe for weight loss.

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Why Should We Drink Carrot Juice at Night?

Is it better to drink carrot juice at night or in the morning? Many people ask this question. The answer is that it is good to drink carrot juice at night or early in the morning.

There are many reasons why we should drink carrot juice at night. Firstly, our body repairs itself when we are sleeping. 


Carrot contains a lot of vitamins and minerals that are necessary for repairing our body cells. So it is good to drink carrot juice before bedtime.

Getting quality sleep at night has many benefits. Our bodies need sleep to repair and grow new cells. If you drink carrot juice at night, it will help you to get a proper night’s sleep.

In addition to that, you will feel more energetic after waking up the next morning.

Another reason is that carrot juice facilitates melatonin production. It aids in the sleep patterns of our bodies. 

If your melatonin levels are low, you may tend to have difficulty sleeping. You also can not concentrate while staying awake.

Drinking a glass of carrot juice at night not only helps you in getting quality sleep but also keeps you fresh when you are awake.

Benefits of Drinking Carrot Juice at Night

Is carrot juice healthy? If yes, then what are the benefits of drinking carrot juice at night? This is a common concern of many health-conscious people.

Numerous scientific findings promote and support the regular consumption of carrot juice. 

Here is the list of health benefits that you can get by drinking carrot juice at night.

Boosts Immune System

Strong immunity means your body is ready to fight off any bacteria or virus effectively. The aim should be to keep your immune system strong.

Carrot juice contains antioxidants that help you get rid of infectious free radicals and toxins. Adding it to your everyday diet along with other healthy foods will keep your immune system strong.

Another crucial element for stronger immunity is Vitamin C. In carrots, Vitamin C is present in abundance. 

100-gram carrot juice contains 3 milligrams of vitamin C. It also has pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory properties.

Improves Digestion

Let’s just start by saying that carrot juice is your stomach’s best friend. Vitamin A in it protects the lining of your stomach. 

It lubricates food for better digestion. Drinking Carrot Juice will help you feel fuller for a longer time. It means that it can also help you with your weight loss goal.

The alkaline compounds present in carrot juice helps in treating acid reflux and heartburn. It is a blessing in disguise for people suffering from gastroesophageal reflux disease.

Stronger Vision

When you think of the benefits of carrot juice, better eyesight is the first thing that comes to your mind. This is right.

Vision problems often occur when your eyes are not getting enough vitamin A.  Carrots cannot restore the lost vision. But they do help in bringing back the necessary vitamin A content of your eyes.

This strengthens your eyes and keeps them safe. Along with vitamins and minerals, carrots are high in antioxidants. This is an important element you need to keep your eyes in good condition.

Improves Brain Function

From eyesight to the brain, carrot juice is beneficial in many ways. The beta carotene improves memory and helps prevent dementia-related to old age.

They promote the regrowth of brain nerves and cells which keep your memory intact. It also helps you in recalling things. 

As you age, brain cells produce more quantities of inflammatory molecules which contribute to memory loss. Another compound in carrots is luteolin. It also helps improve your memory.

If you have been feeling a bit forgetful or foggy lately, then maybe it is time for you to give carrot juice a go!

Glowing Skin

Looking for ways to get your glow on? Don’t waste your money on chemical makeup products. Choose the natural way!

Drinking carrot juice daily cleanses the skin from within. Carrots have a lot of antioxidants. These provide nutrients that protect the skin from eczema.

It is a miracle juice when it comes to reducing wrinkles. The potassium content in carrots also helps in keeping the skin fresh and healthy.

Carrots have a lot of nutrients that help your skin get rid of toxic substances. They remove dead skin and stubborn spots. 

Drink it or apply it to your face as a mask. It is a natural solution that will benefit you in every way.

Manages Blood Sugar Levels

Carrot is a non starchy vegetable. Diabetics can eat them freely. Apart from fiber, it also contains carotenoids, a complex carbohydrate. 

This means it will control your blood sugar levels because it absorbs slowly in the blood. 

Carrot juice can also be a secret to dealing with diabetes. If your diabetes is not under control, another reason can be low levels of vitamin A.

So, you can drink carrot juice to fulfill vitamin A deficiency. 

Improves Oral Health

A glass of fresh carrot juice is a great way of keeping your mouth healthy. Drinking it helps the blood flow in your mouth and get rid of toxins in your gums.

It also forms a protective layer on your teeth. It prohibits the new bacteria from developing. 

Carrot juice contains the substance fluoride. It keeps the tooth enamel or white cover of your teeth healthy by stopping decay.

It also actively attacks plaque-causing germs, so it is the vegetable that fights cavities.

Lowers cholesterol

Carrots contain a high amount of soluble fiber. It means that they can easily help with the digestion of food. 

It also boosts the production of bile which is responsible for digesting the fat. All this works together in lowering your blood cholesterol levels.

Carrots contain a lot of potassium, so they are a natural solution to lower blood sugar levels. Because of these benefits, people suffering from thyroid issues should also drink carrot juice every day.

Promotes Lung Health

The carotenoids present in carrots are miracle workers. Apart from giving a bright orange color to carrots, they also do wonders for your lungs.

They protect the membrane of the lungs by increasing mucus production. It means that they help the lung tissues to heal quickly. They protect the lungs from toxins.

The anti-inflammatory compounds also relieve the irritation of the respiratory system. If you are a smoker or an ex-smoker then, drinking carrot juice will help you a lot.

Carrot juice will counter the unhealthy side effects of smoking. The high contents of vitamin A help in reducing the risk of asthmatic attack and emphysema.

Healthy Option for Pregnant Women

Carrot juice is very beneficial for pregnant women. It is helpful for both pregnant ladies and nursing mothers. 

During the pregnancy stages, drinking it at least three times a week will help your baby with the development of limbs, bones, and cartilage.

This is due to the high calcium content. Another substance folate is present in carrot juice in large quantities. It prevents birth defects in newborns. 

Carrot juice in nursing mothers is particularly beneficial. It helps the milk get enriched with calcium and vitamins.

These vitamins and minerals are very important for keeping the baby’s immune system strong.

Healthy Carrot juice Recipe for Weight loss

Carrot juice contains a lot of fiber, so it is very helpful in weight loss. Here is a recipe to make a healthy carrot juice for weight loss.



  • Cucumber ( 1 medium size)
  • Carrots ( 2 medium sizes)
  • Ginger (2-inch piece)
  • Lemon ( 1 small size)
  • A cup of water

How to Prepare

Blend all these ingredients in a blender. Strain into a glass and enjoy a delicious weight loss drink.

Carrot Juice Nutritional Facts

There are 40 calories in a 100 gram serving of carrot juice. 

Here is the nutritional breakdown of 100 grams of carrot juice.

Nutrients% Daily values
Total fats 0.15 g0%
Saturated fats 0.027 g0%
Cholesterol 0 mg0%
Sodium 29 mg1%
Total carbs 9.29 g3%
Dietary fiber 0.8 g3%
Sugars 3.91 g
Protein 0.95 g
Calcium 24 mg2%
Iron 0.46 mg3%
Potassium 292 mg6%
Vitamin A 956 mcg10%
Vitamin C 8.5 mg9%


Question: Is it good to have carrot juice at night?

When you sleep at night, the repair process starts in your body. If you drink carrot juice at night, it is good for your health. The reason is that the nutrients in carrot juice will aid in the regrowth of new cells in the body.

Question: Is it good to drink carrot juice after dinner?

Yes, it is good to drink carrot juice after dinner or before bedtime. The carotenoids in carrot juice are good to restore and improve memory. Also, other minerals help improve digestion and prevent acid reflux.

Question: Which time is better to drink carrot juice?

It is better to drink carrot juice early in the morning or right before bedtime. Carrot juice has a lot of benefits for a healthy body as well as for weight loss.

Question: Is it better to drink carrot juice or whole carrots?

Carrots contain a lot of fiber. While there is only a little amount of fiber in carrot juice. If you want to increase your fiber intake, it is better to eat whole carrots. Otherwise, you can simply drink carrot juice.

Bottom Line

Most people like to drink juice for breakfast. But when it comes to carrot juice, there are a lot of benefits of drinking carrot juice at night. Carrots are a superb source of vitamins, minerals, and fiber.

Drinking Carrot juice can not only improve your health but can also help in weight loss. Mostly you don’t want to chew the whole carrots. Particularly if you want to relax, blend those carrots into a smoothie and enjoy its taste as well as benefits.

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