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10 Interesting Ways On How To Make Benefiber Work Faster For You

Benefiber is taken to increase gut motility and make your bowel movements easier. It is made of wheat dextrin. It helps to make the stool bulkier and softer. For this, the bowel movement becomes a lot smoother and comfortable.

When you are on it for a few weeks, the thought of how long does Benefiber take to work must have crossed your mind. 

Here is an article on what can make Benefiber work faster for you and what slows it down. Keep reading:

how long does benefiber take to work
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All You Need to Know About Benefiber

Supplements like Benefiber’s active ingredient are any fiber along with magnesium. Particularly, Benefiber comprises wheat dextrin, dietary fiber, soluble fiber, sugar, aspartame, potassium citrate, magnesium, etc. 

Magnesium is included as it acts as an osmotic laxative. It helps to retain water, softens stool, and ultimately increases gut motility. Moreover, it relaxes the gut muscles and promotes peristalsis for better digestion.

Fibers, on the other hand, absorbs water from the large intestine. This ability makes it beneficial for creating a bulk of stool. A bulky stool is easier to excrete and passes across the intestine comfortably. It lowers the risk of constipation and also solidifies liquid stool.

Benefiber is an Over-The-Counter medicine. Therefore, it has no potential risks of intake regularly. But how long Benefiber takes to work depends on quite a few factors. All in all, the results are not speedy, but it works just about right for you when taken on a monitored dose.

How Long Does Benefiber Take To Work

Benefiber is a plant-based prebiotic supplement. It helps to clear out your gut. It also helps to maintain gut health. 

No matter what supplements you are taking, your diet is extremely important. What you eat is what will keep your supplements going. Try making Benefiber work faster for you by adopting the following habits:

  • Avoid oily, greasy, spicy food as they may harm the inner walls of the stomach and intestines and make bleeding from these parts. In addition, these foods reduce the effectiveness of the supplements like Benefiber. 
  • Chew and swallow foods slowly
  • If you want to take Benefiber, try and have a healthy diet. Include fruits, vegetables, and natural fibers in adequate amounts to your diet. 
  • Exclude carbonated drinks, alcohol from your diet
  • Try to sleep early to ensure your metabolism is working fast enough.
  • Always include light exercises in your daily routine. 
  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Try to eat in small proportions but in the right amount. 
  • Do not have foods that you are allergic to. 
  • Try to keep your diabetes, hypertension, and other chronic conditions at a controllable level. 

Benefits of benefiber

Benefiber is a good gut cleaning supplement. It has minimal or almost so side effects. But it has numerous benefits. It has barely any risks. Some of them are detailed below:

Good Gut

We eat different kinds of food in our daily routine. Unfortunately, only a handful of them is actually good for our stomach. These oily, greasy, fatty items can ruin our gut walls.

This is where Benefiber comes in! Not only it keeps your gut clean, but it also makes sure your health is not compromised.

Weight Loss

One of the key routines of weight loss is to have a fiber and protein-rich diet. If the edible fibers are not enough for you, you can go for supplements like Benefiber.

It will increase your satiety. You will have a feeling of fullness in your stomach. However, your appetite will decrease, and you will crave less food.

Needless to say, the ability to keep your bowel movements clear from time to time aids to keep your weight loss journey on the go.

Healthy Eating Habits

Currently, the world population is much more focused on owning a healthier lifestyle. However, infusing Benefiber into your daily diet can be a great step. It keeps your heart healthy along with your stomach and intestines.

Side Effects of Benefiber

Time and again, we face questions like, is Benefiber really worth the wait, how long does Benefiber take to work, side effects of Benefiber, etc.

When you are on Benefiber for a long time or new to it, you might develop some side effects. They are given below:


As your small and large gut remains clear, the gas formed in your stomach passes through and can cause flatulence. It is normal to have a repeated number of flatulence. 

However, if you are facing an unwanted amount, it is always better to consult your physician for a checkup.

Gas Pain

Quite a few people complain about gas pain on the upper part of the abdomen after taking Benefiber. These can indicate underlying health problems, and you must try to find out what exactly is causing this.


Right after taking Benefiber, if you have diarrhea, stop immediately. This is because you probably have an unknown allergy to one ingredient, and your body refuses to take Benefiber. Hence, you can see this acquired response.

Image by Anastasia Gepp from Pixabay


Stomach cramps are pretty common after taking Benefiber. It is more like a defense mechanism that the body makes after introducing a new and foreign substance.

Look out if it gets unbearable. Consult a specialist right away according to your necessity.

Interruption with Benefiber

Now that we know all the good and bad things about Benefiber let’s get to know what slows down, accelerates, and interrupts the action of Benefiber.

How long does Benefiber take to work depends highly on what kind of medicine you are taking along with your physical condition?

Below are some important details on why Benefiber may take longer than expected to work for an individual:


Diabetes is a life changing disease. It limits your daily lifestyle. Moreover, it alters your routine. 

A diabetic has to be careful in terms of what medicines and supplements he is taking. This is because his body may or not be receptive to all kinds of supplements. 

Benefiber is usually not prescribed to diabetics for its ability to increase bowel movement. It can lead to electrolyte imbalance and can progress the patient to diabetic coma. 


Patients with high cholesterol are discouraged from taking Benefiber. This is because it makes the process of action slower and, at times, might not work for them at all. 

In addition to that, patients may show side effects like steatorrhea. It is the medical term for the presence of fat in the stool. 

Thyroid Disorders

Thyroid malfunction itself is a risky call. Patients with thyroid disorder are closely monitored. Supplements like benefiber slows down the performance in the gut as the metabolism is not normal. 

Fiber-rich foods reduce the absorption of thyroid medicines. This can lead to less effectiveness of the thyroid hormones. So it’s best not to have Benefiber if you are on thyroid medicines.

Too Much Benefiber Too Long

The laxative effects of medicines like Benefiber should start an action within 1 to 4 hours of ingestion. The citrate component in Benefiber is the key ingredient that causes it.

Taking benefiber for too long at a stretch may disrupt the gastro-intstional tract. It can grow a resistance and not work for long.

On the other hand,  taking too much Benefiber causes constipation and also be the root cause of intestinal obstruction.

You see, taking anything more than required is never good!

Contraindications of Benefiber

Certain body conditions are contradictory to regular intake of Benefiber. How long Benefiber takes to work depends on it. Below mentioned are a few diseases that contradict Benefiber:

Stomach Cancer

Cancer makes your body sensitive to drugs. You may have drug reactions to normal drugs. A cancer patient loses a good amount of body weight. Regular intake of Benefiber will only progress it further. 

Benefiber may not be at the regular rate for a patient with cancer. In cases of stomach cancer, the stomach remains vulnerable, and it is highly recommended not to take Benefiber or anything of that sort at this time. 

how long does benefiber take to work
Image by Darko Djurin from Pixabay

Stomach or Digestive Disorder

Common gastrointestinal problems include stomach aches, gastritis, nausea, vomiting, constipation, loose motion etc. Stomach can have genetic disorders or prolonged or quick muscular movements as well. 

These are times where medicines like Benefiber are contradicted. They are not prescribed, rather asked specifically not to eat. In those cases, you don’t have to worry about how long does Benefiber take to work. 

Constipation More Than Seven Days

Benefiber is a fiber-rich supplement. If you are having constipation and you continue having Benefiber, it will only increase your gastric troubles. You may have episodes of gas-burning feeling and bloating. 

It is important you take enough water to make sure the Benefiber you are taking is acting right. 


When should you take benefiber?

As clearing your bowel right after you wake a good human habit, most people prefer having Benefiber at night. So, the next morning you can feel fresh and light. 

Is benefiber safe for children?

Yes it is, but it’s better to give them the proper dosage.  You can stir it in solid food with a 4-8oz amount of benefiber for toddlers. 

Benefiber helps to reduce constipation in children and increases their bowel movement. As a result, they get relief from minor or major stomach issues. 

How much benefiber should be taken in one day?

For adult dosage the capsules are two to five servings a day. 

If you are looking for rapid results, you can take two supplements simultaneously and then increase the dosage gradually. 

Watch out for overdosage because it can complicate the gastrointestinal system and cause gas formation, pain, and constipation. 

How long does it take benefiber to work? 

Ideally, a Benefiber should start working within three to five days after ingestion. However, for the initial symptoms, you may find more frequent requirements for using your loo. 

If you are allergic to any of the components of benefiber, you may have slow or no results. 

It is always advisable to consult a doctor before you start any kind of medicine. 


All in all, to summarize how long does benefiber take to work, the answer is pretty simple. It works according to your food intake and your physical conditions. Few diseases can slow down it’s action. Again, so can your food intake. 

No supplement will work accurately for you if you are overdosing or under-dosing it. So keep track of the right amount of dosage for you. 

Happy eating!

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