Are Fritos Bad for You? Know The Facts!

Fritos is a famous corn snack available worldwide. Corn might give the impression that this snack is healthy. Well, you may be wrong and right. Corn is quite risky if you have pre-existing gut problems. 

Then, are Fritos bad for you?

Fritos involve the process of deep-frying. Besides, it is always topped with salt and seasonings for a flavourful taste. In general, it has a calorie count lower than other chips. But Fritos aren’t healthy when taken in excess.

This article will reveal the health benefits and also downsides of Fritos. If you’re grabbing a packet of Fritos for your snack time, you might want to consider it again! 

What Are Fritos

What Are Fritos

Fritos is a famous flavorful snack in Texas. The main ingredients in Fritos are whole corn, salt, and corn oil. 

Is corn healthy? There are so many types of corn. Natural and unprocessed corn is the most beneficial variety used so far.

You may wonder, ‘’How are Fritos made?’’ So, let’s answer that!

First, we’ll have to break down the corn’s starch by boiling it in water. This will be the initial step of making Fritos! 

Later, the corn is dried, cleaned, and crumbled into masa. 

Masa is a wet dough made from corn boiled in alkali. This masa is set into the signature shape of Fritos chips. Then, sprinkle up some salt, giving it a rich flavor.

As the last step, these chips fry in oil at a suitable temperature! Your snacks are now ready to munch! 
As we know, corn chips come from starchy vegetable corn. Thus carbs in Fritos corn chips are a lot!  These carbs in Fritos will disintegrate into glucose molecules during the digestive process.

Fritos Chips Nutrition Facts

Like healthy russet potatoes, corn is also high in calories, sodium, and carbs. 

Are you wondering how many calories in Fritos or how many Fritos in a serving

Here, I have Fritos nutrition information for the serving size of one package. 

According to the nutrition facts for Fritos, one package weighs about 28g.

  • Calories- 160Kcal
  • Total Fat- 10g
  • Saturated Fat- 1.5g
  • Trans Fat- 0g
  • Polyunsaturated Fat- 5g
  • Monounsaturated Fat- 1.5g
  • Cholesterol- 0mg
  • Total Carbohydrate- 16g
  • Sugars- 0g
  • Added Sugars- 0g
  • Protein- 2g
  • Dietary Fiber- 1g
  • Sodium- 170mg
  • Potassium- 35mg
  • Calcium- 27mg
  • Iron- 0mg

Are Fritos Bad for You?

Are Fritos Bad for You

So let’s find the culprit behind the Fritos chips ingredients

The contents of corn chips will travel to your stomach to proceed with digestion. During this process, starch and sugar transform into glucose molecules. 

Did you know that glucose is the simplest form of a molecule for absorption? Yes! These glucose molecules will then pass through the lining of your small intestine, into your body.

Having said that, let’s look at the bad effects Fritos has on your body.

High Blood Sugar:

From the intestine, the glucose molecules will absorb into your bloodstream. This forces a peak in your blood sugar levels. 

With high blood sugar levels, diabetes or pre-diabetic patients may be in danger! 

Plus, corn oil can cause inflammation in the body. Likewise, diabetics can have a slower wound healing.

High Blood Pressure: 

Besides, remember that Fritos include a significant amount of salt. Excessive salt intake will lead to high blood pressure. 

So, be careful! Eat more vegetables that kill high blood pressure.

High Cholesterol:

Not to forget, fried Fritos chips have high cholesterol due to the oil content. 

As time flies, high cholesterol can result in heart problems and other comorbidities. 

Upper Gastrointestinal Problems:

The human digestive tract cannot digest cellulose into smaller pieces. Most of the time, corn passes through your stomach undigested. With that, it can induce stomach aches and cramps. 

Besides, too much oil is also a trigger for gastroesophageal reflux and heartburn.


Last but not the least, high fiber in Fritos does not become glucose. 

Instead, it advances through your body undigested. Thus, corn chips can give you diarrhea when they are not processed in the intestine. 

Moreover, Fritos can make you feel bloated but hungry due to the high quantity of fat and salt. 

Are Fritos Bad for Diabetics?

are fritos good for you

Fritos is often compared among healthy adults and diabetic patients. 

Are Fritos unhealthy? As said above, Fritos results in high blood sugar due to excessive glucose absorption. 

Your pancreas sends signals to release the hormone insulin during high sugar levels. As a result, insulin helps transfer glucose molecules out of your bloodstream. 

This will later absorb into various cells throughout your body. 

Don’t worry! It is harmless because your cells use glucose to perform their vital functions. 

Meantime, in diabetics, the pancreas function is not the best. So it will not release enough insulin to counterbalance the high blood sugar levels. 

Therefore, you will need a higher dosage of anti-diabetics to reduce the sugar level. Thus, Fritos are not advisable among diabetics. 

Fritos vs Potato Chips

Potato chips come from potatoes. And Fritos come from either white or yellow corn. 

We cannot deny the fact that potatoes and corns are healthy vegetables! You can eat them on their own anytime you wish. 

Then, are Fritos healthy? It depends. 

The cooking technique for the chips creates a significant difference. Potato chips and Fritos are deep-fried to produce a beautiful golden brown color. 

The fat in the oil increases the calorie counts contained in each serving. But, it does not affect the nutritional value. 

A 100g serving of potato chips contains at least 540 calories. Meanwhile, calories in Fritos (480 calories) are lower. But, this does not include extra ingredients and flavorings. Hence, the famous honey BBQ Fritos calories may differ as well. 

Furthermore, corn chips like Fritos are higher in protein and fiber, with low fat. It is also richer in calcium, making it safer among children and the elderly. 

Meanwhile, potato chips are low in fiber, and protein, with higher fat and potassium count. 

In conclusion, Fritos are better than potato chips. Still, consume Fritos and potato chips in moderation. The higher the intake, the higher the calorie count. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are Fritos chips keto-friendly?

Fritos chips are not keto-friendly. Thus it is a poor Keto diet plan as it has high carbohydrates. To be precise, there are 53.57g of net carbs for every 100g serving. If you’re practicing a keto diet, your net carbs intake should remain between 20-30g per day. You can estimate your perfect daily net carb consumption using any ketosis calculator. As a substitute, you should try snacks that are low in net carbs.

What is the difference between Fritos and tortilla chips?

Tortilla chips are the healthier form of Fritos. Besides Fritos, the baked tortilla strips make them more delicate. The specialty is that you can enjoy a spicy and flavor top with veggies and pepper. Moreover, it has 30% higher fiber with less than half saturated fat and sodium than the original.

Is Honey BBQ Fritos Good?

Answer: This Fritos flavor is the most popular among kids. This product’s flavor has the ideal balance between smoky and sweetness. The sweet taste of honey works well with barbeque flavor. Thus nothing is too much or too little about these corn chips. But it isn’t suitable as a form of the keto diet. Honey BBQ Fritos has too much sugar and corn oil to make a high-carb processed snack.


So, let’s take a step back to see if I have answered the question, “are Fritos bad for you?”. I suppose corn is healthy and bad for different groups of people. 

Nothing tasty comes for free. You should count on to face the health consequences of Fritos if you do not eat in moderation. 

As an alternative, choose snacks such as unsalted nuts and dried fruits. That does not mean you cannot eat Fritos. 

Always remember to control your unhealthy snacking habits. With that, you can avoid all kinds of health problems. -a blog about Healthy Living