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Are Sun Chips Healthy? Health Benefits, and Nutrition Facts

If you love having chips for a snack, then you must have tried sun chips as well. The light flavor, the crunchy texture, and the overpowering aroma really melt the heart. But good taste isn’t proportional to healthy food. There must be the right levels of calories, fat, sodium, and sugar content to declare any food healthy.

Now, the question now is, are sun chips healthy?

Sun chips are healthier than vegetable-based chips and many other brands chips because they are made from grains. However, they are still not very healthy, and if you eat them more, you can face health complications like high blood pressure and obesity. 

Want me to explain it a bit more in the light of different sun chips flavors? Then stay till the end.

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Are Sun Chips Good For You? Here’s What You Should Know

Are Sun Chips Healthy

Are sun chips a healthy choice? Sun chips are not as healthy as you might be thinking. The sodium and fat content is more, which can lead to high blood pressure and weight gain if you eat lots of them.

However, one serving per day won’t do any harm. 

Ingredients of Sun Chips:

Just like many other delicious snacks, the reason for Sun chips’ delish taste is their ingredients. 

Are sun chips potato chips? Absolutely not. The company specifically mentions that Sun chips are made from grains only (mainly wheat and oat). Mid Oleic sunflower oil is used during manufacturing, which is high in unsaturated fat.

Moreover, Sun chips are made from organic ingredients only. This means that the manufacturer does not use GMO products. Also, no preservatives or artificial additives are added to make these chips.

In addition, depending on the flavors, other ingredients you will find in Sun chips are buttermilk, romano cheese, lactose, yeast extract, oat flour, brown rice flour, cheddar cheese, etc. 

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Sun Chips Nutrition Facts:

One serving of sun chips or sun chips snack-size nutrition is: 


Sun chips are healthier than many chips available on the market. Other chips contain even more calories, sodium, and fat than sun chips. 

So, if you crave snacks, eating one serving of Sun chips is suitable for you. 

That’s not it!

In addition to this, the brand claims that the chips are heart-healthy. It is also mentioned on the front side of the packet. So, are sun chips heart-healthy, or is it just a sham claim? 

Well, Yes. Sunflower oil in these chips is high in unsaturated fat, which is known to improve heart health. Plus, the trans fat is less than many other junk chips. So, Sun chips are healthier.  

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Now, it is time to discuss some famous flavors of Sun chips and whether they are healthy or not.

Sun Chips Flavors

Sun Chips Flavors

Sun chips have certain variations based on flavor. Take a look at them by below: 

Sun Chips – Whole Grain:

Are sun chips whole grain healthy? Sun Chips Whole Grain has a total of 210 calories. The fat and sodium content is also less, which is 6g and 120 mg, respectively. So, one serving can prove to be good for you. 

Moreover, the company also claims to make the chips from whole grain with no preservatives added. In light of this, Everyday Health comments that since Sun chips are crafted using grains, it is rich in Fiber.

The fiber content makes a person feel full and also suppresses cravings. Also, digestion is improved due to this Fiber. 

Cheddar Sun Chips:

The sodium content in cheddar sun chips is more than any other sun chips flavor. So, I don’t recommend you eat these chips. 

Let’s have a look at cheddar sun chips nutrition.

Cheddar Harvest Sun chips contain 140 calories and 6 grams of fat. Similarly, the sodium content is 170 mg while 2 grams of sugar is also there. 2 grams of Fiber are also present in a serving of sun chips.

Cheddar sun chips contain milk products and wheat. So, it is not for vegans and for those with gluten allergies. 

Now, it is time to read Is sun chips garden salsa healthy or not. 

Garden Salsa Sun Chips:

Garden salsa sun chips taste like red tomatoes, jalapenos, and peppers all at once. As much as people enjoy its taste, its health status is also debated. 

Sun chips garden salsa calories are 140. The fat content is the same as other sun chips flavors – 6g per serving. It has 30% less fat than any other regular chip whose serving contains at least 10 grams of fat.

When it comes to sodium, it is less than cheddar cheese sun chips. One serving contains 140 mg of sodium. Moreover, Fiber and protein are 2 grams each per serving. 

It also contains milk and wheat ingredients. So, these chips are not for vegans, lactose intolerant, and those with gluten allergies. 

People also ask, Are sun chips healthier than potato chips? Let’s find out.

Sun Chips vs. Potato Chips:

is sun chips healthy

Nutritionists consider chips made from grains healthier than chips made from potatoes. The reason is that potato chips are deep-fried and also contain more starch.

Moreover, tomato paste, spinach powder, and other flavors are also added to the veggie or potato chips, which increases the calories to at least 160 and fat content to 10 grams per serving.

Sun chips contain 140 calories and only 6 grams of fat. So, sun chips are better than potato chips.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can dogs have sun chips?

It is better not to give your dog a Sun Chips treat. A few chips are fine, but you should give your dog something much more nutritious. 

The high sodium content and calories might cause health problems if you regularly give sun chips to your dog. 

Are sun chips fattening?

Sun chips can cause obesity if you make a habit of eating lots of them every day for weeks. The fat in these chips can accumulate around your belly, and a time will come when you won’t be able to fit into your old clothes anymore. 

Are sun chips healthier than Doritos?

Yes, sun chips are better than Doritos in terms of nutritional value. Sun chips contain around 140 calories, 6 grams of fat, and 140 to 170 mg of sodium. 

Doritos, on the other hand, contains 150 calories, 8 grams of fat, and 210 mg of sodium. In addition, Doritos are fried in vegetable oils, so the free radicals might be more in it. 

So, it is safe to say that sun chips are healthier than Doritos. 

Are sun chips healthy for diabetics?

Yes, sun chips are a better choice for diabetics than veggie-based chips. The fat and sugar content is low in sun chips, so it does not increase the sugar levels. 

Final Words

So, are sun chips healthy?

Sun chips are healthier than potatoes and many other brands of chips. It contains 140 calories, 6 grams of fat, and 140-170 mg of potassium in a single serving. 

But that doesn’t mean Sun chips are totally healthy. Since the sodium and fat content is more, you should also watch out for how many chips you are eating. 

Moreover, regular eating of these chips should also be avoided. Therefore, eat the right amount and stay healthy.

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