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Are Cucumbers Acidic or Alkaline? Let’s Find Out

Is cucumber acid or alkaline? This is the most asked question nowadays related to this vegetable, and quite rightly so. One in every four Americans is suffering from GERD. 

The biggest reason is those foods that are low in pH and acidic in effect. Hence, there is now a growing trend among people to find out whether their favorite fruit or vegetable is also acidic or not. 

The question now here is, are cucumbers acidic? 

Cucumbers are considered alkaline because of their alkalizing effects after being digested. However, make sure you are eating them right. Pickling them or eating them in a salad that contains acidic ingredients can increase the acidity levels in 

the stomach. 

If you want to know the health benefits of cucumbers and how you can eat them in different ways, then keep on reading!

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Table of Content

Cucumbers And Their Acidity Levels: Explaining with facts

Are Cucumbers Acidic

As mentioned above, cucumbers are not acidic in effect. However, the acidity of cucumbers depends upon how you eat them (discussed later in this article).

Cucumber pH level is between 5.1 to 5.7. It is slightly lower than the neutral because of the presence of malic, caffein, and ascorbic acids. 

So, now let’s discuss some basics regarding cucumber’s association with your health. 

Are Cucumbers Healthy?

Cucumber is a great source of vitamins and minerals. A cup of cucumber contains: 

Vitamin B55% of DV
Vitamin C3% of DV
Potassium3% of DV
Copper5% of DV
Manganese4% of DV

Cucumber health benefits are:

  1. The potassium in the cucumber leads to better communication within the central nervous system. This mineral acts as an electrolyte and makes sure the signals are transferred smoothly. 
  2. You can also reduce the chances of getting cancer if you make a habit of eating cucumbers. A compound called cucurbitacins is present in this vegetable that is clinically proven to kill cancer cells and stop the mutation. 
  3. The fiber content in the cucumber can keep the cholesterol levels down and prevents any heart problems from arising. 
  4. Diabetics should also eat cucumbers. A study suggested that eating cucumbers can regulate insulin release, which lowers blood sugar levels. 
  5. Since cucumbers are mostly water, you get hydrated, and your electrolyte level is also improved. 
  6. Eating cucumber is also good for the stomach. People also ask, is cucumber good for gastric problems? And the answer is yes. However, don’t eat this vegetable at night. Since it is high in fiber, it does not get digested quickly. So, eating this vegetable at dinner or after dinner can cause gastric problems to arise. 

Hence, to avoid these health benefits, eat the cucumber before dusk. 

Another thing you have to remember is to follow the correct way of eating cucumbers. Hence, how do you eat cucumbers? 

If you want to enjoy great health benefits from cucumbers, you have to eat them right. Let us now tell you the best ways to eat cucumbers:

  1. The simplest and healthiest way to eat cucumbers is to eat them raw. You can eat this vegetable alone or by adding it to a vegetable salad. 
  2. You can also make cucumber smoothies. Drink a glass of this smoothie in the morning and get the energy to face the world. 
  3. Cucumbers are also a vital part of vegetable soup. Chopped up nice slices of cucumbers are added with carrots, turnips, potatoes, and spinach to prepare a perfect meal. 
  4. Japanese love to top the sushi with a slice of cucumber. It increases the health status and also gives a vegetal touch to this dish. 

Other than this it is very important to know the amount of cucumber you can have in one day. So, the query is how many cucumbers to eat a day?

Make sure you are not over-feasting on cucumbers. One cucumber a day before dusk is enough. 

Eating too many cucumbers can cause bloating and flatulence. The fiber content in the vegetable absorbs the water; thus, gas is formed that causes further discomfort. Plus, you should stay away from bad or spoiled cucumbers. 

Is Cucumber Good For Acid Reflux?

Is Cucumber Good For Acid Reflux

One question we often get is, can you eat cucumbers if you have acid reflux? And, Yes, you can. Cucumbers are mostly water and can be easily digestible. Moreover, there is a negligible amount of fat present in this vegetable. So, it does not increase stomach acid levels and worsen acid reflux. 

Cucumbers cause acid reflux only if you add any acidic ingredients to them, like lemon, or ferment them with vinegar. 

Some experts claim that cucumbers can reduce high acidity levels. The water and fiber content in them can neutralize the HCL, which in turn, lessens the symptoms. So, you can eat a cucumber for stomach acidity. However, more research is needed to further strengthen this claim. 

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Do Cucumbers Cause Heartburn?

Do Cucumbers Cause Heartburn

Let us now discuss another problem people face due to high acidity- Heartburn. People often ask, why does cucumber give me heartburn? If you are feeling a burning sensation in the chest, it means that the acidity levels of the stomach are not normal. But cucumbers do not aggravate the situation. 

However, there are a few exceptions!

So, can cucumbers cause heartburn? 

The possible reasons why you might feel heartburn after eating cucumber are:

  • You are adding an acidic ingredient like lemon to cucumber. 
  • You are eating pickled cucumber, which is acidic. 

Are Pickled Cucumbers Acidic? 

Are Pickled Cucumbers Acidic

Yes, Pickled cucumbers are acidic due to the fermentation process or due to the acidic brine (if unfermented).

The pH level of pickled cucumber is 3.6. According to the FDA, those with GERD should not eat foods that have less pH than 4.6. So, if you also have stomach acidity problems, then we suggest you don’t “feast” on Pickled cucumbers. 

Therefore, we suggest you eat raw cucumbers with no other acidic ingredients. 

How Do You Know If a Cucumber Is Bad?

Any spoiled food is not good to eat. Harmful bacteria can get into your body this way. Moreover, vomiting, diarrhea, and nighttime bloating in the body can occur due to eating bad fruits and vegetables.

So, When are cucumbers bad for you?

  1. If the cucumber feels squishy and mushy, then it is surely bad. 
  2. If you see any molds, then throw the cucumber away.
  3. If the color of the skin looks bland, then it is better not to buy such cucumber. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are Persian cucumbers acidic?

No, Persian cucumbers do not have any acidic effect. In fact, most people prefer to eat these cucumbers only. They are cylindrical in shape, soft in touch and seedless from the inside. That is why people from all around the world love to consume this cucumber variety. 

Is cucumber water acidic? 

Just like the raw form, cucumber water is alkaline. Its pH value is between 8 to 8.5, so it does not harm the body in any way. In fact, it is considered to be a rich source of important electrolytes that maintain the body’s fluid levels. 

How much of a cucumber is water?

Around 95 percent of cucumber is composed of water. That is why nutritionists say that eating this vegetable each day can improve hydration. 

Bottom Line

So, are cucumbers acidic? 

Cucumbers have a pH level between 5.1 to 5.7, but they are alkalinizing in effect. Thus, if you have acid reflux or any other stomach acidity problem, you can eat cucumber without any hesitation. 

In fact, you can enjoy great health benefits like the prevention of cancer, better heart health, hydration, and smooth communication between the central nervous system. In addition, you can make salads, soups, smoothies, and other meals using this vegetable. 

So, include cucumber in your daily diet plan!

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