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Is Pastrami Bad For You? A Complete Nutritional Value

When Romanians migrated to Europe, they brought with them their tasty cultural foods. One of the foods that are still very popular is Pastrami. 

It has a flavor that is similar to sausage and roast beef. It is chewy but luscious at the same time. But people think it is unhealthy due to the high amount of sodium in it.

Therefore, you must be wondering, is Pastrami bad for you?

No, the Pastrami is not bad for your health in any way. It has a very low amount of saturated fat (only 2g) and 41 calories in one serving. Unlike other deli meats (such as salami), protein content in Pastrami is very high, which fulfills your body’s daily requirement of protein.

Now let’s find out is Pastrami unhealthy in any way, or is it just a rumor?

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Is Pastrami Healthy Only?

Is Pastrami Healthy

As we all know, our body needs 0.8g of protein on a daily basis to carry out all functions of the body. In order to avoid deficiency, you should add high-protein food to your daily diet plan. Among many high-protein foods, you should try Pastrami. 

But the question here is, is Pastrami good for you in totality or not. 

Well, eating pastrami can make you healthy by fulfilling your protein and essential amino acid requirements. Moreover, it contains saturated fat, which is called “good fat” as it reduces the risk of heart diseases. 

We often get this question, is Pastrami high in cholesterol. The answer is no. Pastrami is not high in cholesterol. 

Cholesterol in Pastrami is 68mg per 100g which is very low. Hence, Pastrami reduces the risk of high cholesterol levels when eaten in moderate amounts. 

Pastrami is all good when you eat them in the right quantity. 

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Now, after knowing Pastrami health benefits, it’s time to know about the other side. 

When Is Pastrami Bad for you

Is Pastrami Bad For You

Pastrami is a completely healthy meal for those who do not have any heart issues. If you have any heart issues or other diseases, it is recommended to limit your intake of Pastrami due to its high sodium content.

Taking too much sodium can cause calcium loss. Calcium from bone is extracted if you eat a high amount of sodium which can cause weakness in bones and muscles. 

According to research, people are now consuming over 3400 mg of sodium which is obviously higher than the required amount. This high intake causes nothing but harm.

People ask us, is Pastrami processed meat? Yes, Pastrami is processed meat. Processed meat has some chemicals that are used to preserve it. 

Those chemicals are harmful to your health. As a result, consuming a lot of processed meat such as Pastrami for a long period of time may increase the risk of chronic disease, particularly cancer.

Consuming less saturated fat is also very important if you want to stay healthy. 


Consuming a large amount of saturated fat may cause strokes and heart problems as well. The recommended quantity of saturated fat by WHO is less than 7 percent, which is 16g of fat per day. 

Never exceed this recommended amount of saturated fat if you want to stay healthy.

Pastrami vs. Corned Beef

Pastrami vs Corned Beef

You must be thinking between Pastrami vs. corned beef: which is healthier? You might be shocked to learn that Pastrami is somewhat healthier than corned beef. While most of the nutritional content of Pastrami and corn beef is the same, the salt content varies. Corned beef has a slightly higher amount of sodium than Pastrami.

Apart from that, there are numerous distinctions between Pastrami and corned beef. Spices are mixed in various ways in the making of both Pastrami and corn beef. 

The spices used in making Pastrami are mustard seed, crushed garlic, pepper, and many more. In contrast, these spices are not used in corn beef.

Corn beef and Pastrami are cooked with different methods. Corned beef is often cooked with cabbage. Pastrami is a type of meat that most people like to eat in steamed form rather than cooked. 

One thing they have in common is that they both use the same brine. Brining is important to add flavor and moisture to the meat.

Pastrami vs Ham

Both pastrami and ham are healthier. The calories are high in ham, while the fat is high in pastrami. Moreover, ham contains more protein than pastrami.  

Got Some Questions?

Is Pastrami bad for acid reflux?

Pastrami (like other meat) is acidic in nature. It has a pH level of 4.5 once digested. So, if you have acid reflux symptoms, you should avoid Pastrami and any other spicy food as it may trigger the symptom of heartburn.

Also, Pastrami has high sodium content, which may cause acidity in the stomach. 

Is pastrami good for diabetics?

Doctors recommend that diabetic patients should avoid meat that is high in fat in order to stay healthy. Avoiding high-fat meat can also reduce the risk of increasing cholesterol levels for people with diabetes. 

Moreover, the national institute of health includes Pastrami in the list of healthy foods for diabetic patients. 

Is Pastrami Keto? 

Pastrami can be a part of the keto diet because it is low in calories. Plus, optimal levels of protein and fat are present in it, so it is keto-friendly. 

Is Beef Pastrami Healthy? 

People who are on a low-calorie diet use beef pastrami due to its complete package of nutrients and minerals. Lean beef pastrami is regarded as a good source of protein, fatty acids, zinc, iron, and essential vitamins such as vitamin B12. 

Is turkey pastrami healthy? 

Turkey pastrami is loved by older folks who prefer chicken to red meat. With 39 calories per 1-ounce serving, turkey pastrami is the best option for old people. You can clearly see improvement in their blood cholesterol level if they eat Pastrami instead of other meat.

Parting Thoughts

So, is Pastrami bad for you? Absolutely not. 

There are a plethora of pastrami health benefits. It is a healthy option if you want to eat a low-fat diet. Pastrami is also keto-friendly due to its low carb content. 

But it also has high sodium content, which is not suitable for patients with heart diseases. So, they should avoid it. Even if you don’t have any such diseases, you should eat it in a moderate amount to avoid high cholesterol levels.

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