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Why Do My Ears Ring When I Lay Down?

It’s the eardrum that makes you hear any sound. Wondering how?

Your eardrums vibrate when any sound wave reaches your ear. The brain turns the vibration into audible sound and now you can hear everything. How cool is that?

However, sometimes we hear sounds that are not truly there. For example, a ringing in the ear aka Tinnitus. People with this problem often ask why do my ears ring when I lay down?

Do you hear the same ringing or morse code tapping sound in the ear? Then, probably you have tinnitus. And this post has everything you need to know about it.

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What is Tinnitus

Tinnitus is a common ear issue. The condition can affect both ears. But it’s not rare to experience it in only one ear. The primary characteristic of tinnitus is a ringing sound. You will hear the ringing occurs even though there is no such sound out there.

why do my ears ring when I lay down

Around 20% of the total world population has tinnitus.

The problem is more common among elder patients. However, young adults can experience the symptoms too. Some factors can aggravate the symptom of tinnitus, such as being in a quiet place or being exposed to a loud sound.

Symptoms of Tinnitus

The most common symptom of tinnitus is a ringing sensation in the ear. The sound feels realistic as if it comes from an external source, but none except you hear it.

This is because the sound is coming from the brain. Most people describe the noise as a ringing sound, but sometimes people hear other noises like buzzing, hissing, clicking, roaring, and humming.

Tinnitus symptoms are not persistent. There are times when the symptoms become worse. This explains why people ask questions like why is my tinnitus worse when I wake up.

Patients also ask why do I wake up with ringing in my ears? While some experienced fewer symptoms in the morning, others find that tinnitus is worse upon waking up.

There are multiple reasons for this. One possibility is having the alarm clock too close to your ear.

If you have a very loud alarm, the sound it makes can trigger a flare-up of tinnitus symptoms in the morning. If your room is exceptionally quiet when you wake up, then this could also be a trigger. For the latter situation, symptoms would be the same for both nighttime and morning.

Causes of Tinnitus

Tinnitus is generally linked to an underlying health problem. Age is considered one of the most important risk factors.

As a person ages, small hair cells aka cochlea inside the ear tend to bend and eventually break off. This is often the case among those who ask why do my ears ring randomly. The damaged hair cells can send electrical impulses to the patient’s brain. Even when there is no stimulation from external sound waves.

Patients who ask why do my ears ring when I wake up or lie down should also consider:

  • An infection in the ear can contribute to symptoms of tinnitus. When there is an infection, inflammation develops. The swelling causes excess pressure inside the ear. In turn, this can cause a ringing sensation in the ear.
  • Trauma or injuries to the head can be a cause too. This is usually the case if an injury to the head affects the nerves that run between the eardrum and the brain.
  • Certain medications can affect tinnitus and hearing in general. NSAIDs, diuretics, antidepressants, beta blockers, and antibiotics are common drugs linked to such complications.
  • Diseases that affect the blood vessels can affect the ear too. Atherosclerosis and hypertension are two examples. These conditions can cause an increase in force within the blood vessels located in the earthat makes a ringing noise.

In one report, it is explained that Covid-19 seems to harm individuals who already have tinnitus.

The added stress and significant lifestyle changes have caused some individuals to experience a flare-up of tinnitus. This new variant of the coronavirus has also triggered tinnitus symptoms in some patients who never experienced the condition in the past.

Next time if you ask why do my ears ring when I lay down, make sure you are covid 19 negatives or haven’t contracted the virus already.

Why do My Ears Ring When I Lay Down – Some Practical Suggestions

In one study, researchers looked at what makes tinnitus better and worse. A total of 258 individuals participated in the questionnaire. Stress, loud noises, silence, and sleep deprivation were the most common causes to flare up the symptoms.

In terms of making tinnitus better, patients reported that two particular factors seemed helpful. In 31% of cases, a soft noise makes it better whereas relaxation works great for 15%.

White Noise Machine

If tinnitus gets worse when you lie down in bed then silence is the most probable cause. So having some soothing noise in your bedroom can be beneficial.

why do my ears ring when I lay down

Place a white noise machine close to your bed. It makes different noises that will help you calm down and relax more. And yes you can pick the noise and keep the volume under control.

White Noise Apps

If you do not want to invest in a white noise machine, consider downloading a white noise app on your smartphone. There are several apps on both Google Play and Apple App Store – these apps come with a variety of sounds and many of them are free.

Stay Relaxed

Some people find that stress causes tinnitus symptoms to flare up or become worse. So, consider whether you have a large amount of stress in your daily life. If this is the case, implement a few relaxation techniques into your daily life. Meditation or yoga can add feelings of calmness and relaxation.

Wax in The Ear

If you are asking, why did I wake up not being able to hear out of one ear, this could be due to a wax blockage in your ear too. Now it’s time to check with your doctor or change the wax guard of your hearing aid. They can assist in the removal of wax that accumulates in the ear.

Treatment Options for Tinnitus

Asking why did I wake up with ringing in my ears does not always need medical treatment. Simple home remedies can often help people who ask why do my ears ring when I lay down. However, you need to consult a doctor for more professional treatment options.

When tinnitus is connected with blood vessel conditions doctors prescribe drugs to heal it first. You will find tinnitus gone eventually as the blood vessel issue improves. Some drugs can cause ringing sounds in the ear as side effects. Make sure you ask about it beforehand.

If it’s the ear wax blockage, removing the wax will make things better and sounds great for you.

Apart from these, additional medical treatment options also exist. These include:

  • Tinnitus retraining therapy, also known as TRT, is a good option. An audiologist provides this type of therapy for patients with tinnitus. Both counseling and sound masking forms part of the treatment.
  • Counseling is sometimes used as a treatment option too. Cognitive behavioral therapy is currently the most commonly used counseling option for the treatment of tinnitus.
  • In some cases, hearing aids can be helpful too. This is often used in older individuals. Hearing aids are generally used when the patient experiences hearing loss alongside tinnitus.

why do my ears ring when I lay down

If the question ‘why is my ear ringing when I wake up’ comes up frequently, you should consider medical treatment. The more consistent the symptoms, the bigger effect they will have on your life.


Why Do My Ears Ring When I Lay Down at Night?

Individuals often ask why does my tinnitus get worse when I lay down. Well, It’s quite common for people to experience worse symptoms when they go to bed at night. The primary reason is at night the environment becomes super quiet.

The brain becomes confused as it is no longer exposed to bustling noises of streets, shops, crackling, buzzing, hissing, and many more. in a person with tinnitus. Thus, the brain’s response comes in the form of sound to counteract the sudden silence.

How Do I Stop My Ears From Ringing at Night?

People who are asking why do my ears ring when I lay down need to understand the causes for the worsening of symptoms. This allows the individual to identify triggers in their own life. In turn, this makes the process of implementing effective countermeasures easier.

As we explained, the quiet environment we enter at night is often the cause behind this aggravation of tinnitus symptoms. With this in mind, consider how you go to bed every night. If you switch everything off and lay in complete silence, then this is likely the cause behind the ringing in your ears at night.

Is Ringing in The Ears A Symptom of Covid-19?

Some people affected by the Covid-19 viral infection reported experiencing tinnitus symptoms. The Covid-19 virus causes fever, a dry cough, and tiredness in the majority of people.

Some people also experience body aches, headaches, rashes, sore throat, and breathing problems. Tinnitus is not considered a common symptom associated with the Covid-19 virus, but still, something that we should take into consideration.

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