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Fleeting Tinnitus: Everything You Need to Know

While it is silenced all around, still getting ringing, buzzing, hissing, chirping, whistling sounds in ears is annoying. This sort of noise may fluctuate from individual to individual.

The noise could be sharp, loud & intermittent for some, whilst it could be low-pitched or pulsatile for others.

Normal people can feel the same sensation when they stay in a pin-drop silent environment for a while. This is called phantom noise. That’s why it is imperative to know which state you are.

So, in today’s article, I will discuss fleeting tinnitus: it’s causes, cures, faqs & much more.

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Fleeting tinnitus what is?  Is fleeting tinnitus normal?

You may be hearing the term fleeting tinnitus for the first time. Probably, you even don’t know the fleeting tinnitus meaning. But, I am pretty sure that you aren’t unaware of the consequences arising from it.

Okay, let me prove it to you.

After returning from a music concert or festivals – don’t you feel a buzzing sensation in your ears?  Of course, you did!

And surprisingly, this sensation vanishes away after a while. Well, in some cases it takes around 16-48 hours to disappear. Surprisingly, you don’t need to do anything for subsiding this random, quick & loud ringing.

No matter,  you’re facing fleeting tinnitus every day, once or fleeting tinnitus multiple times a day. You don’t need to be afraid. Because the frequent fleeting tinnitus attack will not push you to develop permanent tinnitus.

Furthermore, there are no diagnostic, therapeutic, or prognostic measurements against it. Because the fleeting tinnitus spikes are a normal phenomenon.

The reason may be associated with anxiety, stress, medication & so on. You could get rid of this by assessing what is affecting you & limit that causes one by one.

As for now, you may get to know – why does fleeting tinnitus happen? But, why does it go & come again? Alright then, let’s proceed further to know more about this disease.

Why have I got tinnitus?

Do you know your ear is an incredible organ which helps you to maintain your balance? It helps to maintain equilibrium while walking, running  & similar types of movements. For this, your ears are blessed with hair cells.

These fine hair cells move with the pressure of the sound waves into your inner ear. That time it creates electrical drive and sends them to the cerebrum through the auditory nerve.

Afterwards, the brain receives the impulse & interprets them as sounds.

Unfortunately, if the cells get destroyed, the system breaks & as a result the cells produce random signals. That’s how you develop tinnitus. The onset of tinnitus could be sudden or it can happen gradually.

Below here, we will see the causes at  a glance:

Common causes presbycusis(age-related hearing loss at the age of 60-65), Prolonged exposure to noise ( firearms), trapping of earwax on the ear canal, Shifting of ear bone in the middle ear.
Blood vessel disordersAtherosclerosis, vascular neoplasm, High blood pressure, Turbulent blood flow in the neck ( narrowing the carotid artery, or jugular vein), Capillary malformation.
Medications Antibiotics, Diuretics, Quinine medications, Aspirin, Antidepressant.
Other causesMeniere’s disease, TMJ disorders, Injuries in head & neck, Disjunction in Eustachian tube, Spasm of the inner ear muscle.

Why do I get tinnitus when I lay down?

You may feel tinnitus changing your postures like sitting down from standing or lying down from sitting. This happens due to the pressure in muscle, nerves & changes in the flowing of blood during movements.

Can ear wax cause permanent tinnitus?

Earwax or cerumen is a natural antibiotic that secures your ear canal & eardrum from bacterial growth. After a certain period, it goes away easily.

But sometimes it stays in the ear canal and disturbs your hearing. In response to this, your auditory system may try to compensate everything & therefore fabricate unusual sounds.

So, you should immediately consult an audiologist to remove the ear wax. If you leave it untreated, then it may cause you chronic tinnitus. As a result, you may lose hearing power for good.

How do you know if you have developed a permanent type of tinnitus?

Time & sound are two parameters based upon which you may know whether it’s permanent or not.

People who experience short bursts are considered as not having permanent tinnitus a. Because, in this case, the noises go away within a few seconds to minutes.

But, if you sense the noises for hours, days or months, then you need to find out the cause. Sometimes it happens due to any growth or blockage in the ear way.

If this is the case for you, then it will be considered as a transitory issue.

The following variable we will discuss is the noise. First of all, it is imperative to find out if you are sensing the noise alone or not.

For this, you have to visit the Otolaryngologist chamber. Using a device, your doctor will come near to your ear. If he too hears the sound then it is temporary else it will be considered as permanent.

However, the doctor may perform the following tests for confirmation.

An audiological examination

During the test, the doctor will ask to wear earphones & sit in a soundproof room. After that, he will play different sounds at a different period.

You should simply demonstrate in which ear and when you are hearing the sounds. This examination will let you know the probable reasons for tinnitus.

Movement examination

The physician will ask you to perform different movements. Then, he will check whether it is affecting your tinnitus or not.

Like, he may ask you to move your eyes, neck, arms & legs or clench the jaw. Depending on this test, he will easily diagnose the underlying cause.

Imaging tests

The doctor may suggest you do the CT scan or MRI for final confirmation.

How to stop tinnitus instantly?

Before jumping into any treatment process, it is important to assess the causes & severity of the disease. If this is happening due to any underlying health condition, then your doctor will suggest the following management.

Treatment of Underlying Cause:

  • If you have built up ear wax then you should visit doctors that specialize in tinnitus. He will then remove the impacted earwax.
  • Your doctor may suggest you medicines, devices or even surgery when the underlying cause is the blood vessel disorder.
  • If the prescribed medications are unable to show positive results, then the physician may switch to different drugs.

Treatment by noise suppression

You may have heard the name of white noise which normal people use to concentrate in a noisy environment.

  • White noise like rainfall sound, ocean wave sound etc helps to suppress the tinnitus at a greater extent. For getting better sleep, you should buy a white noise machine with a pillow speaker.
  • In summer, you can switch the fan at high volume to reduce other environmental noise at night.
  • If you have both hearing issues & tinnitus, then bringing a hearing aid can reduce these problems.
  • You can also buy tinnitus headphones for masking the noise. If you have no idea about which one will be the perfect fit, then don’t be sad. You can take a look at the top 10 noise-cancelling headphones Tinnitus to find your fit.

Supplement vs medication

Medications can diminish the tinnitus symptoms yet can’t fix it. On the other hand, supplements show effectiveness in curing tinnitus.

  • In case of severe tinnitus, doctors often suggest amitriptyline and nortriptyline. Although they show positive results, it may cause you some side effects. (Blurring of vision, dry mouth, constipation etc.)
  • Another commonly used drug is Alprazolam. But, the downside is you may feel nausea & vomiting after having it. On top of that, this one is propensity shaping.
  • However, going with supplements like Tinnitus 911 & Synapse XT can soothe your issue effectively. They are crafted with all-natural ingredients & cure tinnitus without giving any noticeable side effects.

These are all about the tinnitus cures that work effectively. It becomes helpful for those who are dealing with ringing in ears after flying, changing posture. It also becomes effective for patients having tinnitus due to any underlying cause.

However, Science Translational Medicine has published the latest news on tinnitus treatment. As per their statement, they suggest the bimodal neuromodulation, a new BREAKING THROUGH, to treat tinnitus.

Now, you may be wondering what is this bimodal neuromodulation?

This is a device which combines the sound & the electrical stimulation of your tongue to minimize the symptoms of tinnitus. It is safe, secure and very effective.

So, you can also try out this new treatment for tinnitus.

Does CBD help tinnitus?

The answer yes both yes & no. The research on taking CBD for curing tinnitus is limited. A team of researchers has experimented on rats. Which shows that cannabis worsens the condition of their tinnitus.

CB1 & CB2 are two different receptors of our brain that work for aiding tinnitus. For this, you have to take CBD induced supplements. Due to inadequate research, this aid is not considered as an effective option in curing tinnitus.

Besides, the FDA has banned the CBD induced product recently. Before taking this kind of dietary supplement, you should consult your physician first.

When CBD comes in contact with other medication i.g blood thinner, it may deplete the effect. Even, it may cause you diarrhoea, drowsiness & make you fatigue.

Does Vicks Vapor Wax Rub help tinnitus?

We use the Vicks vapour wax as a remedy to cough, congestion & muscle aches.  Surprisingly, you can use this for aiding tinnitus-related symptoms too.

But, the evidence regarding its effectiveness is inadequate. Besides, you should not give it to children below 2 years of age. If you do this unknowingly, then it may cause your children the respiratory distress.

What vitamins help tinnitus?

Recent studies claim that Magnesium and other minerals can aid your tinnitus. These components can improve your age-related hearing problem & infections as well.

Thankfully, Silencil reviews is one such supplement that is loaded with vitamins & other hands-on natural ingredients.

What happens if tinnitus goes untreated?

In this busy world, we hardly get enough time to take care of ourselves. We ignore our health issues & go to the doctor’s chamber only when there is no way left.

By doing this we do nothing but harm our body. Whether you are in stress, you should sit & give yourself some time to relax. That’s being told, STRESS is the key risk factor for developing tinnitus.

Before taking any medicine or supplements, it is savvy to tackle the stress, anxiety  & anger issues first.

You can join the tinnitus discord server to converse with individuals in similar shoes. The tinnitus talk forum is another platform to share your issues. There you also come to know what they do to tackle this condition.

However, if you keep this tinnitus untreated, it will be resulting in depression, insomnia,  anxiety & much more. Besides, it is one such problem which you cannot take lightly.

It may cause you unexpected deafness, which means hearing goes out in one ear for a few seconds. That’s why, without any further delay, you should seek medical help. When you see that the problem isn’t going away.

How Can I Prevent Tinnitus?

There goes saying prevention is better than cure. Suppose, you are doing a job or residing in an app apartment where you’re getting exposed to loud noise daily. Here, you should think about your ear health.

However, a  noise-cancelling headphone can help you to tackle this situation.  Even though there will be noisy environments all around, you will be able to protect yourself from developing tinnitus.


Tinnitus is one such havoc that no one will want to live with. Hence, it’s better to seek solutions before getting too late. However, in today’s article about fleeting tinnitus, we try to cover every aspect of this issue.

Also, we narrate the possible cause & put insight into the treatment regimen. So, follow that & stay healthy.


  1. What causes occasional tinnitus?

There is no exact reason based on which we can say why this havoc is happening to you. However, if the inner hair cells get affected i.g bent, broken or damaged, then it may generate a false electrical impulse. As a consequence, you may develop tinnitus.

  1. Can tinnitus be sporadic?

Yes, it can be sporadic. The ringing buzzing, hissing, chirping type sound could have appeared from anywhere. Like it could be from the inner ears, one or both ears & inside or outside your head. Besides, you can feel the noise either constantly or infrequently (sporadically).

  1. Can tinnitus cause neurological problems?

In recent research, it has been proved that tinnitus itself happens as a result of neurological changes.Specifically, it can affect the structure of your brain.

  1. Does sudden tinnitus go away?

Tinnitus or ringing in the ear is a temporary problem in most cases and it goes away on its own. While suffering from this problem you may see that tinnitus went away after months. Also, the sudden tinnitus can even go away after some days and again appear later.

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