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Resound Forte vs Linx: Which One is the Best Hearing Aids?

According to the latest updates by the World Health Organisation, around 466 million people worldwide are suffering from disabling hearing loss. This disability not only hampers daily life but also takes away one’s social skills.

There are several brands of hearing aids available in the market. Resound is one of the best brands out there. However, before making the big investment in hearing aids, you must be researching your options. 

Statistics say people may wait till 15 years after diagnosis to get their hearing aids. It would help if you weren’t confused for long. So, we are comparing Resound Forte vs Linx so that it is easier for you to decide. 

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Resound Forte and Resound Linx Overview

Resound is one of the best hearing aids brands supplied by Costco. We’re putting Resound forte and Resound Linx against each other. Before that, let’s go through a small overview of the products.

Resound forte

Resound forte is one of the widely used hearing aids around the world. Resound has been one of the leading companies in the hearing aid industry so far. They have been providing cutting-edge new technologies to cater to people’s hearing needs.

The Resound forte is available in two models. The Resound forte 8 and the Resound forte 6. The Resound forte 8 is one of the latest models in the forte series. It was released to replace the Resound Cala product line.


The Resound forte series is equipped with several features that are sufficient to combat your hearing problems.

  • The Resound forte 8 has 17 channels, and 9 gain handles
  • Some of the models offer advanced features like binaural directionality 3. It allows the ear-to-ear advanced communication features. It also has the binaural environmental optimizer 2.
  • Forte 6 provides 14 channels and 7 gain handles. 
  • All of the devices have connectivity with iPhone devices.

Resound Linx

Resound LINX is one of the more advanced ranges of hearing aids manufactured by the GN company. It claimed to deliver the clearest, natural, sound quality yet.

The Resound  LINX series has two models available in the market. The Resound LINX 3D and the Resound LINX Quattro. The LINX Quattro is the latest in the market.


The features that are provided by the LINX family of the Resound hearing aids are as follows:

  • The LINX family has battery ranges from 10A,312, or 13 batteries.
  • It provides iOS direct streaming services that help in connectivity through your phone.
  • The models offer advanced features like binaural directionality 3. It allows the ear to ear communication. It also has the binaural environmental optimizer 2.
  • The models offer features like a standard volume button, Telecoil, Direct audio input (DAI) functionality.
  • It has a unique Tinnitus sound generator and nature sound feature.
  • The Resound LINX 3D has an average retail price of 2900$, and the LINX Quattro costs around 1899$. It’s quite cheap compared to other products of its range.
  • It has a made for iPhone option, which makes the experience more personalized. This makes it easy to customize.

The Comparison Between Resound Forte vs Linx

Now that we have an idea about Resound forte and Resound Linxlet’s features compare the hearing aids.

Gain Handles

Gain handles of the hearing aid allow the user to shape the frequency response according to their need. It also helps to change the comparison ratios to discrete frequencies. 

The Resound forte offers 7 to 9 gain handles, which is good enough for all the basic hearing aid uses.

The Resound Linx offers 17 maximum frequency handles. This is the highest number of gain handles that the Resound brand provides.

Sound Quality

One of the main things that come to mind when you compare hearing aids is their sound quality.

If you choose to use the Resound Forte, you will be enjoying several advantages. It allows you to focus on what you want to hear. It also helps you to respond to sounds all around you. Good for settings like a noisy airport.

Automatic volume and noise adjustment is a prominent feature. It allows you to move around throughout your day without manually adjusting the settings. It also has an outstanding sound location and spatial sense performance. 

Photo by Tirachard Kumtanom from Pexels

This allows you to identify the source of the sound easily. However, some users point out that the intensity of the sound is quite average. It may not be of high quality.

If you choose to use the Resound Linx, you will enjoy a continuous ear-to-ear exchange of data about the environment. The device optimizes the data and polar patterns. It also helps optimize the volume adjustments, which is one of the best factors when comparing Resound Forte vs Linx. 

It has spatial sense technology, which is similar to Resound forte. It helps you to identify where the source of the sound is with a better sense of direction. The Noise tracker will help the user to adjust to noisy environments. This allows the user to focus on the speech of a speaker.

The Resound Linx has an advanced feature called the Binaural environmental optimizer 2. It allows you to adjust to different environments while being on the move.

So far, it looks like Resound forte provides basic and effective sound quality. On the other hand, Resound Linx uses more advanced features for good quality sound.

Programmability and Connectivity

The Resound Hearing aids ranges are well known for their Bluetooth and connectivity features. The Resound Series has very good programmability as well.

The Resound Forte provides wireless connections to keep in touch without a hassle. It has an intuitive app for iPhones called Resound Smart 3D. This provides you with a personalized experience. 

You can easily program and change the device’s settings from your phone according to your hearing needs. It can double as a wireless headset for iPhones, iPads, and iPod touch. 

If you’re using an Android device, you can just use an attachment device called Resound phone clip +. It would make it compatible with your android phone easily.

However, some users complained about the Bluetooth connectivity as it may not be compatible with your phone. It is not suitable for listening to music because users complain about poor streaming audio performances. 

Resound mainly built the device for focusing on people’s voices. Telecoil technologies primarily focus on speeches and not musical sounds. As a result, music might sound distorted.

When comparing Resound Forte vs Linx, the Linx has similar if not better connectivity and programmability. It also has its personalized app, which helps connect to iPhones and iPads. It also has Bluetooth accessibility to TVs and radios.

The Resound Smart 3D app allows you to personalize your experience by changing the volume adjustments, focusing on voices in noisy places. It also helps in changing programs, adjusting middle, treble, and bass. 

There are features for looking for your lost hearing instruments, saving programs according to location, etc.

The music mode allows the users to stay connected to the phone and have good clarity while listening to music. There might be some problems with the distortion of the phone signals. 

The user might need to position telephone handsets differently. While being connected through the phone, there might be a lapse of signal if there is an increase in distance. 

The device may face interference from other electronics, which the hearing aid user might pick up as a buzzing sound, which is applicable for both devices.

Advanced Features

The Resound Forte is moisture and dustproof due to their iSolate nanotechnology, making their maintenance even easier.

On the other hand, the best feature that Resound Linx has is the Tinnitus sound generator and nature sounds. This helps deal with ringing tinnitus sounds and has several options of natural white noises.

The Resound Forte lacks the remote adjustment and tinnitus feature. But you can broaden its functionality by downloading apps provided by the Resound company. You can tackle your tinnitus problems with some supplements for the condition. Make sure to consult your doctor first.


The Resound Forte comes in a reasonable price range of around 2500$, which is quite cheap compared to other products available in the market.

The Resound Linx 3D 9 costs around 2,999$ in retail. The LINX 3D 7 costs around 2,299$ and the LINX 3D 5 costs around 1,699$ in retail. This product is slightly on the higher end. But given its advanced features, it is quite reasonable.

Resound Forte vs Linx: Which One is Better?

Both ranges of devices come from the same company, namely the GN group. The manufacturers specialize in the same forms of technologies. Both the Resound Forte and the Resound LINX have similar features. 

However, the Resound Forte lacks the tinnitus management feature which the Resound LINX devices specialize on. 

If you are looking for a more generalized but efficient solution for hearing problems, Resound Forte might be the hearing aid that you need. It also comes in an affordable price range.

But, if you’re planning to spend a little more and enjoy some extra features, go for the Resound LINX series.


What is the best Resound hearing aid?

Currently, The Resound Linx Quattro holds the top spot for hearing aids. It has a special made for iPhone feature and advanced sound quality that provides a superior sound experience.

How much does the Resound LINX cost?

The Resound Linx 3D 9 costs around 2,999$ in retail. The LINX 3D 7 costs around 2,299$ and the LINX 3D 5 costs around 1,699$ in retail.

How long do hearing aids last?

Hearing aids can last somewhere from 2 years to 7 years. They can last even longer for some people depending on the use and maintenance of the device. And how much damage it has faced.

Final Thoughts

The Resound is a very good brand of hearing aids that provides quality service to its user. However, while choosing one for yourself, you might think about Resound forte vs Resound Linx. Both are amazing hearing aids.

You just need to settle your budget and requirements. Then choose what’s best for you between Resound Forte vs Linx. 

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