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Shrinking Fibroids with Apple Cider Vinegar: All You Need to Know!

Sometimes uterine fibroids grow larger and cause severe pain and bleeding. But most of the time, they cause no symptoms at all. Many people are reverting to the old style of curing diseases. Thanks to home remedies as you can treat fibroids in the comfort of your own house now.

Still, how to know if shrinking fibroids with apple cider vinegar does wonders?

First, you should understand the signs of growing fibroids and oppose these factors. Then, you must discover the benefits of taking apple cider vinegar every day. With that, learn the best dosage of vinegar to shrink fibroids. 

If you have any fibroid symptoms, this article will be helpful and worthwhile! It includes all the information on the usage of apple cider vinegar and ways to shrink fibroids. 

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How Can I Shrink Fibroids Fast?

Uterine fibroids are more common than uterine tumors. But often, fibroid symptoms imitate the outcome of other conditions. That is why it’s crucial to consult any possible symptoms with your doctor. Apart from that, are there any ways to shrink fibroids fast? 

Oftentimes, fibroids shrink and vanish without medicine. If you do not want to undergo procedures that use the knife, diet and herbal remedies can help you!

5 Herbal Remedies for Uterine Fibroids:

  1. Apple cider vinegar
  2. Black seed oil
  3. Castor oil
  4. Green tea
  5. Red raspberry tea

What Are The Signs of Fibroids Growing?

Signs of growing fibroids depend on the quantity, location, and size. For instance, intramural fibroids cause heavy menstrual bleeding. Meanwhile, subserosal fibroids will increase the frequency of urination.

Fibroids will often shrink after menopause. As the progesterone and estrogen levels drop, the fibroid will reduce in size. 

But, during pregnancy, it isn’t the same. Pregnancy can either shrink or grow fibroids by twice the prevalence. 

Thus, it is always reasonable to learn the signs of fibroids growing. The good news is that when the fibroids shrink, the symptoms go away. 

Signs of growing fibroids are:

  • bloating and fullness in the abdomen
  • chronic vaginal discharge
  • constipation
  • difficulty in breathing
  • heavy menstrual bleeding
  • increased frequency to urinate
  • leg pain and swelling
  • longer duration of menses
  • lower back and pelvic pain when walking
  • pain during sexual intercourse
  • painful menstrual cramps
  • unusual tiredness 

Is Apple Cider Vinegar Good for Shrinking Fibroids?

Shrinking fibroids with apple cider vinegar is a superb choice of home remedy. It retains antibacterial and antifungal effects with various nutrients. Moreover, it helps treat diseases due to the effective anti-inflammatory agent acetic acid

Apple cider vinegar for fibroid infographic

Shrinking Fibroids with Apple Cider Vinegar

The formation of uterine fibroids can be due to many factors. Sometimes, toxins in the body result in an acidic reaction. So, we have to counteract the acidity by raising the body’s pH level. 

In general, vinegar has an acidity level of at least 4%. But apple cider vinegar has a unique property that produces an alkalizing effect. 


Although Apple cider vinegar is acidic, when it breaks down and digests, it stimulates an alkaline setting in the body. This can counteract the acidic condition set up by the toxins.

Fortunately, most microorganisms too cannot survive in an alkaline environment!

Likewise, fibroids can be due to obesity or being overweight. Losing weight can naturally shrink uterine fibroids. But not everyone is good with strict diets and exercise.

The alkaline diet consists of various fruits, vegetables, and nuts. 

Thus, shrinking fibroids with apple cider vinegar come in handy! The acetic acid in vinegar works against enzymes that digest starch in our bodies. As a result, you stop taking excessive calories from carbohydrates. And finally, you get to lose weight and reduce the fibroid size.  

Can I Drink Apple Cider Vinegar Every Day?

Apple cider vinegar is very famous in everyday cooking. And, it can stand alone as a traditional medication itself! 

There is no valid data to learn how much apple cider vinegar to consume per day. 

Studies reveal 4 teaspoons of vinegar before food can reduce post-meal sugar levels. Another research shows 2 tablespoons of vinegar cause a 4% reduction in sugar level the next dawn. 


Different experts found different outcomes. So it is always safe to consume 1-2 tablespoons of vinegar with water daily. 

Start with a small amount and watch out for potential drug side effects. If you’re facing digestive problems, you may need to reduce the dosage by half for better results. 

Benefits of Drinking Apple Cider Vinegar Every Day

Apple cider vinegar serves various purposes in our daily life. When you drink it every day, you will have many health benefits:

Weight Loss

Apple cider vinegar will control your appetite and curb your food cravings. Thus, it’s effective if you’re planning to lose weight in the long run. 

But, you have to be consistent and disciplined for at least 3 months. 

Reduce Bad Cholesterol Levels

As we already know, bad cholesterol raises your risk of artery blockage and heart attack. A little dose of vinegar every day can lower this cholesterol! 

Balance Blood Sugar Level 

Apple cider vinegar can improve insulin sensitivity and maintain sugar levels under control. As a result, you’ll prevent the occurrence of diabetes

But, vinegar with Diabetes drugs can cause low blood sugar levels. Sometimes you feel dizzy and have excessive hunger. 

Hence, it is safer to consult a doctor if you are about to take vinegar as a part of your daily diet.

Drinking apple cider vinegar is healthy and safe for the majority, including children. But, it may lead to side effects if not taken in moderation. 

  • Avoid brushing your teeth right after drinking apple cider vinegar. Day by day, it can cause tooth erosion and cavities formation. So, set a reminder with at least a 30-45 minutes interval before brushing your teeth.
  • Besides, too much vinegar can trigger reflux symptoms among gastroesophageal reflux disease patients. So, always dilute it with water if you suffer from this condition.


Question: What side effects does apple cider vinegar have?

Answer: Apple cider vinegar, in moderation, is safe to take by mouth. Still, too much apple cider may lead to digestive problems and low potassium levels. Then, it can cause brittle bones among young women, resulting in osteoporosis. 

Besides the oral route, vinegar on the skin is very harmful. It results in skin burns, erosions, and exacerbating infections. Hence, be attentive when you apply apple cider.

Question: Can apple cider vinegar get rid of cysts?

Answer: As long as the magic ingredient acetic acid is there, apple cider vinegar works well on many types of cysts. It has antiseptic properties, which could destroy infection-causing bacteria. 

For ovarian cysts, one tablespoon of vinegar daily can help shrink cysts efficiently. Meanwhile, sebaceous cysts need diluted vinegar-soaked cotton balls to drain the pus. 

Take Away

Insufficient research has shown that shrinking fibroids with apple cider vinegar is effective. 

Still, home remedies are cheap and safe to try! It is not very evident how and why fibroids form.

Thus, prevention is best achieved with regular check-ups, diet modification, and regular exercise. For reassurance, always seek advice from a specialist before trying this method!

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