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Why am I Craving Sweets All of a Sudden?

Who doesn’t like sweets? People vary in their preference for sugary food. Some of us prefer chocolates, while the rest go for candies. Yet, sweet taste buds on the tongue should be the most grateful gift given to the human population. And we’re blessed with all types of cravings!

But why am I craving sweets all of a sudden?

This article will address all your concerns about sweet cravings! We’ll tell you the causes of craving sweets which can be habitual or medical-related. Besides, various methods to curb this problem will come hand in hand. 

Not only that, this might be the best time to change your eating habits. Let’s see what we have here!

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Is it Normal to Crave Sweets?

Cravings can be a way the body’s reminding us to maintain nutrients. Somedays, you crave tomatoes and peanuts. Strange, right? But not every type of craving is healthy and reassuring. 

Sugar affects the brain like cocaine. It is addictive. When you ingest sugar, your taste buds in the tongue send signals to your brain. Then, it releases dopamine into your blood circulation. 

Sweet Cravings

What does dopamine do? Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that handles the reward system. It makes you feel elated and fortifies what you ate is delicious.

Besides, our brain has an extra powerful dopamine response towards sugar. So, we crave more of it. As a result, we eat more to get that exact dopamine response. 

Why have I Suddenly Started Craving Sugar?

Often, sugar cravings are due to blood sugar imbalance. When the sugar level rises, our body’s natural response is to produce insulin

Insulin balances the blood sugar to a safer level. But sometimes, insulin causes a very low blood sugar level. Thus, the body craves sweet food and boosts energy. And the cravings continue.

4 Sweet Cravings Causes

Why am I craving sweets all of a sudden? We crave sweets and sugar most of the time. In fact, sweet cravings are the most common type of cravings. If you’re wondering why, here are a few explanations to answer:


Less water intake is often mistaken for sugar cravings and starvation. Furthermore, it’ll be harder for the body to digest stored glucose for fuel. 

So our bodies crave sugar instead of water for a quick energy booster. Likewise, drinking lots of soda and sweet beverages will not quench thirst. Instead, you’ll feel like drinking more of it.

Skipping Meals

When you skip meals, your body is in a deficit of energy. Our body’s cells become starved for fuel. Thus, the brain transmits signals that we need to ingest extra food. 

As we already know, sweet foods contain high calories that boost energy. So we tend to destroy the body with too much sugar.

Skipping Meals

Artificial Sweeteners

Intake of artificial sweeteners may alter taste preferences bit by bit. It does not fulfill your actual sugar cravings as it imitates starvation in the brain. And experts believe that too many artificial sweeteners will alter our taste buds.


Does stress cause sugar cravings? When you face emotional stress, sweet food is a temporary escape from reality. Meantime, physical stress gives us a quick boost in joy. After all, sugar intake provokes tension and vice versa.

What Vitamin Deficiency Causes Sugar Cravings?

Many people believe that sugar cravings can be due to medical reasons. When your diet lacks certain minerals, you will experience a deficiency in them. In reality, sugar cravings can be due to mineral or vitamin deficiencies:

  • Calcium
  • Chromium
  • Iron
  • Magnesium
  • Tryptophan
  • Vanadium
  • Vitamin B12 
  • Zinc

Why am I Craving Sweets at Night?

In the modern days, we often work late till night. Sometimes changes in the pattern of sleep can disrupt good non-REM sleep. To compensate for this, we eat our meals late or in the form of sweet junk foods at night. 

Sleep deprivation can make people eat higher-calorie foods. Thus, people eat junk foods in excessive quantities. And that explains how too little sleep can lead to sugar cravings at night and weight gain.  

Why am I Craving Sweets on My Period?

Fluctuation in the hormone levels during menstruation declines the blood sugar levels. Besides, menses itself causes food cravings and hunger due to blood loss. 

So you may wonder why am I craving sweets all of a sudden? It is a common idea that sweet intake can soothe period cravings. For instance, endorphins from chocolate can regulate mood. Thus, you divert your thoughts from the menstrual cramps to a peaceful state.  

What can I Do to Stop Sweet Cravings?

Cravings develop when your brain needs a reward. Cutting down on sweet food is not easy, but it is achievable. 

Yet, do not remove sweet or sugary stuff from your diet abruptly. You can develop withdrawal symptoms like unusual tiredness and feeling low mood. 

So how do we train the brain to stop sugar cravings? 

Eat Healthy Snacks

Most of the time, it’s not the tummy that feels hungry. But the brain tells us so. Realize when your body is in the actual hungry phase. 

If you’re craving sweets, one of the best tricks is to include a healthy form of sweets in the diet. Try eating sweet fruits like watermelon and mango. 

Healthy Snacks

Regular Eating Duration

Very long periods between meals can induce excessive hunger. To combat that, you might eat snacks between. Instead, eat at least 4-6 meals per day. 

But remember, take small portions to avoid too much calorie intake. And don’t consume sweet and sugary foods for at least 1 hour before going to bed. This way, it can help maintain blood sugar levels and lose belly fat as you don’t overeat. 

Plan a Food Diary

Go slow and focus on what type of sugar cravings you’re planning to quit. For example, cut down cupcakes and muffins on week 1. Then, gradually remove chocolates and sugar-containing coffee. 

But in intervals, don’t forget to reward yourself! Cheat days after every successful step can boost your next attempt. 


Why do we crave sweet food after a meal?

After meals, we use most of the energy for digestion. As a result, the body craves an energy booster. Sugary foods are available everywhere. Thus, it becomes the prime source of rapid energy. 

To control this, try brushing your teeth straight after eating. Like so, you’re training yourself to break the routine and stay disciplined.

What supplement stops sugar cravings?

Vitamin B complex improves the digestion and usage of sugar you consume. That way, you don’t feel the need to eat excessive amounts. 

Likewise, 150mg of Magnesium daily will control blood sugar levels. You’ll feel full after having meals. Hence, you’ll stop sugar cravings and binging on snacks over time.


Sugar craving itself is not a presentation of a health crisis. They’re one of the most typical desires people encounter. We hope this article has answered all your doubts on “why am I craving sweets all of a sudden?”. But if you are craving sweets more than regular amounts, it’s a sign to visit the doctor.

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