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Is a GHD Worth It?- Complete Review and Guidelines

You might have used a GHD machine in your gym. And you feel like it’s helping you a lot. However, you might be confused about if you should buy it for your home gym or not.

So, is a ghd worth it

Yes, it is. A GHD is good for someone who does intense workout daily. GHD machines offer a wide range of services and is very helpful for fitness enthusiasts. However, GHD machines are normally quite expensive. You need to use it regularly, otherwise you’ll not get the full value out of it. 

Still confused on whether you should buy it or not? Don’t worry.  We have a complete article fully dedicated to this. 

Go on! Have a read. 

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Should You Own a GHD? Is a GHD Worth It?

If you’re into fitness and exercise, you probably know what a GHD is. The GHD is an excellent piece of gear to have in your toolbox. 

However, you might be wondering, should you own a GHD

It may vary from person to person. This is because owning one allows you to participate in a variety of vital activities. However, not everyone is so committed to fitness and exercise. 


For people who work out routinely, the case might be quite different. These exercises require glute Ham Developer and different commercial hamstring equipment.

If you’re someone who works out intensely then you should own a GHD. Most gyms have one and that would probably be enough for most people. However, people who have a strict workout routine might need them for their home.

You need to understand that it is not same for everyone. This equipment is very expensive. Their prices depend on various aspects. It is usually within $500 to $2000 depending on which machine you purchase. So if you get one make sure you make it worth your money. 

So you need to make sure you buy the right one for you. And also you use it regularly in your exercises. 

With that being said, the value of a GHD depends from person to person. You can only determine its worth if you buy the right machine. And know the proper exercises that go with it.  

So, you must know to use a GHD for it to be worth. We will show you all the details and process of buying it. You can know which one will be the best for you. 

Keep reading our article and you’ll find out everything you need to know. 

Which GHD Machine Should You Buy? 

You must know the right GHD for you. If you buy the wrong one, you’ll basically be wasting your money. 

Now we don’t know what type of machine you actually need. That is why we’ll be enlisting a few of the best types of GHD machines and how you can use them.

So, which GHD should you buy?  

Rogue Monster Swing-Arm Commercial GHD

The commercial-quality Glute Ham Developer here is the first one. That is the Rogue Monster Swing-Arm GHD. It’s the most costly GHD I’ll talk about in this piece, but it’s also the best. This bench is currently available for $1395.

If you ask me, most people don’t need to spend this much on a GHD. This must be mentioned here. 

I won’t go into too much detail about it, but I will highlight a couple of the features that make this GHD so special.


To help get into a stance easily, the Monster GHD incorporates two step-up decks. A new, swappable rear footrest with a bigger plate than standard models is also included. There is also a convenient handle at the bottom of the unit. 

This allows users to easily move the footplate back and forth to accommodate practically any workout need. The footplate can also be adjusted vertically.

Overall, this GHD is a beast, but it comes at a hefty price. If you are a professional trainer or athlete, you can purchase this. Or if you have really deep pockets and you want a home gym that has practically everything. 

Legend Standard 3130-S Split Pad GHD

This is another top-notch piece of equipment. And the best thing is that it’s a Legend product. I personally am a big fan of Legend products. 

Let me tell you why. 

Legend produces commercial workout equipment that is pretty sturdy, dependable, and attractive. It’s also available in almost every color palette you can think of. This Glute Ham Developer has a well-built “man-friendly” split pad as far as functions go. 


It also contains settings that help to move the footplate vertically and from front to rear. The footplate is also quite large, making leg day a lot easier. It also includes the much-desired strength training pegs. It’s similar to deciding on which is more accurate fitbit or treadmill

However, the lack of a big footprint and possible anchor holes for added stability may be the main things to be concerned about. And as for the pricing, you can consider it a medium-priced product. It’ll cost you around $809 without shipping. 

Vulcan Strength GHD

In case you have cheaper GHD machines in mind. The Vulcan Strength GHD might be the one for you.  Home delivery for this will be for only $599. 

And I’m going out on a limb here by saying this is the best you can get at this price. This GHD included all of the qualities of a luxury GHD. This includes a huge split-pad, several settings, and a broad base with wheels. It also includes band-pegs, a step-up plate, and other accessories. 


The Vulcan Glute Ham GHD will be good for your home or gym. You will last eternally without breaking the bank. Sure, you can get many GHDs for $300-$400. However, these will not offer you all the benefits that a Vulcan Strength would do. 

There are also a lot of other options on the market. We tried to mention three top products in three price ranges. 

However, we’re not done yet. Let’s show you some exercises you can do with a GHD

Exercises You Can Do on a GHD Machine

You need to use a GHD properly for it to be worth it. That is doing the proper exercises the right way.  

So, what are the exercises you can do on a GHD

Hip Extension 

Hip extensions are used to develop the hip extensor muscles. With your quads placed on the support pads and your legs straight, place your feet onto the foot pads. You need to have your hips fully stretched. Your spine need to be parallel to the ground. Make sure to not have your muscles when not flexed


The key to descending forward is to maintain a static trunk with motion coming from a flexible hip. When you hit the starting position, lift with your glutes. Remember to press for a little pause while keeping your core stable.

Sorenson Hold

Place your hips on the support pads and extend your body into a hip extension posture. Rather than sinking forward, make sure to keep your trunk static. The trick is to maintain as much rigidity as possible

GHD Raise

It’s difficult to do the GHD rise as it works the entire posterior chain. Start by securing your legs to the footpads. Flex your knees while lying on the support pad. 

To begin, make sure your body is perpendicular to the ground. Maintaining a static trunk as you descend forward is crucial until you get parallel to the floor. Stretch your hips and lift with your glutes and hamstrings as you rise until you hit the beginning posture.

So, now you know what a GHD is worth. You know the exercises you can do with it and how you can get the full use out of it. However, you can also look at some of the best equipment’s for home gym to make it complete.  


What is the purpose of a GHD?

The abbreviation GHD refers for Glute Ham Developer. It was created for the purpose of performing glute and hamstring exercises. Particularly the glute-ham lift, which aids in the development of posterior chain strength. It also helps in the formation of spine and pelvic flexibility.

Why do GHD sit-ups occasionally give me a headache?

This is usually produced by significant head whipping during the exercise. The most straightforward solution is to keep the head steady during the action.

What do you mean by GHD hip extensions?

The GHD hip extension is nearly identical to the nine CrossFit basic motions in terms of action. The abdominals and spinal erectors hold the spine in a stable position. The hip extensors provide the force behind the motion.

Final Word

By now you should have your answer to is a ghd worth it

We tried to give you a basic overall information about this. However, it’s very hard to suggest GHD machines, because not everyone will have the same need. We suggest you try one in your gym and see if you like it. 

Good Luck!

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