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A Detailed Guide on Selecting the Best C4 Flavor

Nothing compares to the boost of energy that a C4 drink gives. It allows you to work out faster, achieve extra focus, and get exceptional results in the long run. And when you use it after the workout, it will improve your overall results even more.

The only problem with this kind of drink is taste. Some can be awful or at least not as enjoyable as they should. That’s why learning about the best C4 flavors will help you find out precisely what you should go for. You won’t have to drink something you don’t tolerate. Just pick the right flavor and enjoy it!

But there are several flavors to pick from. Apart from that, there are both pre-workout and post-workout drinks to consider. Don’t worry, though – we have exactly what you need. We’re going to teach you everything there is to know about C4 and its different taste options. You’ll be able to pick the best C4 pre-workout flavor as well as the best C4 post-workout Flavor.

Want to find out more? you can hop on our list below. It contains everything there is to know about pre and post-workout drink flavors from C4. According to verified user rating, taste and health benefits here our top 5 C4 pre workout flavors.

  1. Icy Blue Razz
  2. Pink Lemonade
  3. Raspberry Lemonade
  4. Blue Raspberry
  5. Cherry Limeade

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Comparison of 5 Best C4 Flavors

Cellucor C4 Ripped Pre Workout Powder for Energy and Weight Loss, Beta Alanine, Sugar Free Energy Supplement Preworkout for Men & Women - 150mg Caffeine + Creatine-Free, Raspberry Lemonade 30 Servings
Blue raspberry
Cellucor C4 Sport Pre Workout Powder Blue Raspberry - Pre Workout Energy with Creatine + 135mg Caffeine and Beta-Alanine Performance Blend - NSF Certified for Sport 30 Servings
Cherry Limeade
Cellucor C4 Ripped Pre Workout Powder for Energy and Weight Loss, Beta Alanine, Sugar Free Energy Supplement Preworkout for Men & Women - 150mg Caffeine + Creatine-Free - Cherry Lemonade - 30 Servings
C4 Ripped Pre Workout Powder Raspberry Lemonade
C4 Sport Pre Workout Powder Blue raspberry
C4 Ripped Pre Workout Powder Cherry Limeade
Raspberry Lemonade
Blue raspberry
Cherry Limeade
Cellucor C4 Ripped Pre Workout Powder for Energy and Weight Loss, Beta Alanine, Sugar Free Energy Supplement Preworkout for Men & Women - 150mg Caffeine + Creatine-Free, Raspberry Lemonade 30 Servings
C4 Ripped Pre Workout Powder Raspberry Lemonade
Raspberry Lemonade
Blue raspberry
Cellucor C4 Sport Pre Workout Powder Blue Raspberry - Pre Workout Energy with Creatine + 135mg Caffeine and Beta-Alanine Performance Blend - NSF Certified for Sport 30 Servings
C4 Sport Pre Workout Powder Blue raspberry
Blue raspberry
Cherry Limeade
Cellucor C4 Ripped Pre Workout Powder for Energy and Weight Loss, Beta Alanine, Sugar Free Energy Supplement Preworkout for Men & Women - 150mg Caffeine + Creatine-Free - Cherry Lemonade - 30 Servings
C4 Ripped Pre Workout Powder Cherry Limeade
Cherry Limeade

5 Best C4 Pre-Workout Flavors Review

A C4 pre-workout drink is the perfect energy-boosting and focus-oriented supplement you can take. It will improve how much you get from every training session and will keep you concentrated on results & performance.

But remember that you’ll need to use it every day. And that means drinking it after every training session without fault. Otherwise, its results won’t be as good. To do that, you’ll have to enjoy how it tastes.

Luckily for you, we know exactly how you can pick the Cellucor c4 pre workout best flavor that you enjoy. And the only way to do that is to learn about the many different options available out there – starting with our reviews.

The following C4 drink flavors are all worth considering if you’re looking for quality &excellent taste above anything else. Come and learn more about each!

1. C4 Original Pre Workout Powder Icy Blue Razz

No products found.

What We Liked Most About This Product:

The original version of the C4 pre-workout never disappoints in terms of results. And when you add a citric flavor like the Icy Blue Razz, it gets even better. You will have the chance to enjoy the first pre-workout formula that C4 created with one of the unique tastes out there. It is simply delicious.

C4 Original Pre Workout Powder Icy Blue Razz Review

What sets the original formula of this drink apart from the competition is the addition of CarnoSyn Beta-Alanine and the 150mg of total caffeine.

With the beta-alanine, you can achieve exceptional strength and improvement in performance when working out. If you like to give your best every time you set your feet into the gym, then this drink will come like an excellent addition to your pre-workout.

But it all comes down to the 150mg of caffeine, which improves concentration & energy. Especially in those days when you’re feeling down and unable to do your best – those are the days this drink will help you the most.

Remember, it is not only the quality of the drink but the taste. Here, you get the Icy Blue Razz, the best C4 original flavor for its simplicity yet unique tone. It tastes like blue raspberry, and it is simply amazing for those who like the citric and sweetness of it.

And it is essential to mention that it offers no added sugar or carbs – so it boosts your energy without harming your diet.

  • Excellent blue raspberry taste keeps citric-lovers hooked
  • A vast amount of caffeine will improve concentration exponentially
  • Perfect beta-alanine ingredient for extra strength & performance
  • Contains no sugar or extra carbs
  • Super easy preparation
  • Those who don’t like citric taste will probably hate this flavor
  • Slightly more acidic than other options which can be a drawback

2. C4 Original Pre Workout Powder Pink Lemonade

No products found.

What We Liked Most About This Product:

While the C4 Original is a fantastic choice by itself, nothing compares to the sweetness the Pink Lemonade flavor gives. If you want to enjoy every single time drinking your pre-workout supplement, then you’ll go for no other option than this one.

C4 Original Pre Workout Powder Pink Lemonade Review

Like all other C4 Original blends, it contains the perfect amount of caffeine and beta-alanine that work together to improve overall workout performance.

What sets this one apart is not only the boosting capacities of the drink but the flavor. The Pink Lemonade is actually the best C4 energy drink flavor for most. And that’s saying a lot – but totally accurate.

This happens because you’ll get the same acidic taste that most pre-workout drinks have. But the pink color comes from cranberry juice, a way sweeter touch to the lemonade that adds up to a superb taste overall.

Along with the advantages of the caffeine in terms of focus and the beta-alanine for strength and long-term results – you will get one of the tastiest pre-workout supplements you can get.

And let’s not forget – the Pink Lemonade flavor boasts a super sweet touch. But it won’t deliver a single grain of sugar. Instead, you will get an outstanding boost of energy, totally free of sugar, and that will delight your taste buds.

You will also get creatine and arginine along. That will improve your performance and results even more. This is the ideal choice if you want to enjoy the drink from the first sip to the last grain left on the container.

  • Delightful and enjoyable pink-lemonade flavor
  • Slightly citric touch will make lemon lovers happy
  • A perfect combination of beta-alanine with caffeine for performance
  • Added arginine and creatine improve workout results
  • Does not contain a single grain of sugar
  • Might be too sweet to some people
  • May induce people to get jittery

3. C4 Ripped Pre Workout Powder Raspberry Lemonade

What We Liked Most About This Product:

The C4 Ripped is an improved version of the original C4. But while it helps the same way as the regular version, this one has an extra weight-loss feature. That sets it apart not only from the original but from every other version out there.

C4 Ripped Pre Workout Powder Raspberry Lemonade Review

Like all pre-workout drinks, it contains a hefty amount of caffeine at 150mg. That’s enough to boost your energy and motivation for every training session. It also boasts the 1.6g of CarnoSyn beta-alanine, ideal for improving your overall performance and results.

But the real advantage comes from the C4 ripped pre-workout flavors. The Raspberry Lemonade, for example, is a perfect choice for those who like the extra-citric taste of lemonade with the sweet touch of raspberry. Together, they make a unique and ultra-enjoyable flavor.

As said before, the Ripped C4 is not only about pushing performance to the max. Yes, it comes with a fantastic flavor, but the best benefit comes from its weight-loss capacity. And this happens thanks to the I-carnitine, cayenne extract, and other weight-cutting ingredients.

This pre-workout drink will not only help to improve your training motivation, but it will also push your body to the max so you can burn extra fat. And that’s something you don’t want to dismiss, especially with such a fantastic flavor like the Raspberry Lemonade.

If you want to enjoy both extra sweetness and a nice touch of citrus, then you shouldn’t dismiss this flavor. It will make the pre-workout drink super enjoyable in every way.

  • Unbeatable weight-loss capacity with carnitine and cayenne extract
  • Top-notch raspberry lemonade flavor for a sweet & acidic touch
  • Excellent amount of caffeine & beta-alanine for performance
  • Free of any sugar or carbs for extra safety
  • Straightforward blending process with water
  • May feel too acidic for some people
  • Produces a tingly sensation that can be uncomfortable for some users

4. C4 Sport Pre Workout Powder Blue Raspberry

What We Liked Most About This Product:

If you’re an athletic person who competes in sports and wants something to boost performance but without feeling like cheating – then this is your best bet. It contains a little less caffeine than other C4 pre-workout versions, yet it delivers almost the same benefits.

C4 Sport Pre Workout Powder Blue Raspberry Review

When playing sports, nothing compares to getting a boost in endurance and energy. That allows every athlete to push boundaries and achieve precisely what he proposes. But in some sports, it can be cheating to use a supplement that does that. Luckily, the C4 Sport version matches all sports demands.

You can use this pre-workout powder with 135mg of caffeine to give a concentration improvement. And you won’t get distracted as quickly, and will still have the chance to follow plans and demands. Especially if you are over-sensitive with caffeine, the performance-boosting capacity of this drink is unbeatable.

That matches well with the CarnoSyn beta-alanine and the micronized creatine monohydrate. Together, they ensure that you get all the benefits from your training session without fault.

But as we know, it is the flavor we’re reviewing here. And you won’t be disappointed. There’s no doubt that the best taste for the C4 pre-workout sport is the Blue Raspberry. It has the ideal sweetness to overcome the acidic touch of the drink. You won’t have to cringe when using it.

In short, it will be the perfect addition to any athlete’s supplementation. From its benefits to its flavor, it leaves no space for mediocre results.

  • Unique beta-alanine & creatine combination for performance boost
  • The safe amount of caffeine makes it an ideal drink for sports
  • The ultra-enjoyable sweet and slightly acidic raspberry flavor
  • Much more affordable than other C4 versions
  • Milder effects make it suitable for over-sensitive people
  • Not as effective or strong as other C4 pre-workout powders
  • Gentle acidic touch could be a negative for some users

5. C4 Ripped Pre Workout Powder Cherry Limeade

What We Liked Most About This Product:

The only drawback of the Ripped version of the C4 is the over-acidic taste. But that changes with the Cherry Limeade. This flavor allows the user to enjoy every single sip of the drink without cringing. If you don’t like the sour touch this powder has, then Cherry Limeade is your best bet.

C4 Ripped Pre Workout Powder Cherry Limeade Review

This is the second of the C4 ripped pre-workout flavors we go over – and probably the best you will find. And it happens because it uses the highest amount of sweetness to mild down the acidic touch of the Ripped C4.

The exciting part is that despite being the sweetest version of the C4 Ripped, it contains no sugar, carbs, or calories. You will get an utterly clean drink that will improve your performance without getting unwanted things into your body.

It has the same benefits of energy boosts, strength pumps, and overall performance for excellent results. Yet, it comes with the addition of L-carnitine and Capsimax Cayenne that allows the user to burn extra fat when working out.

Moreover, this is an essential advantage to enjoy, as it will help those who want to get ripped or simply lose weight to enjoy this pre-workout even more. So it helps not only to build more muscle by training super focused every time – but it also boasts the weight-loss capacity to burn the highest amount of fat possible.

Whether you want to shed more fat, mark those muscles better, or simply achieve superior performance while training – the Ripped C4 is your best option. And all of that fits well with the fantastic Cherry Limeade flavor.

  • Extra-sweet Cherry Limeade flavor tastes amazing
  • Strong performance-boosting results keep users super-focused
  • Unique weight-loss formula sheds more fat than other C4 versions
  • Contains no sugar or extra calories despite its extra sweetness
  • Way more useful for getting results in the short & long term
  • Could induce stomach cramps due to sweetness & powerful mix
  • Produce a tingly effect on arms & legs that can be uncomfortable

5 Best C4 Post-Workout Flavors Review

While getting the best Cellucor C4 flavor for pre-workout is an excellent way to give your workout the perfect boost – it is the post-workout C4 product that allows you to get the best results.

Here, we’re focusing on the 5 best products for your post-workout routine that you can take. They will either help you build more muscle, shed more fat, or eventually recover faster from every training session.

Similarly to pre-workout powders, these also have a few drawbacks in terms of taste. Luckily, you can always pick the best one and prevent any unwanted experience when taking them.

Want to know which flavors or products we’re talking about? Then come further and read our reviews:

1. CELLUCOR COR-Performance Protein Powder Molten Chocolate

What We Liked Most About This Product:

Building muscle is not an easy job. For that, you’ll need to work out correctly, but also eat as much protein as possible. That’s where a protein powder enters into play. With the COR-Performance protein powder from Cellucor, you can get all its benefits with a magnificent Molten Chocolate flavor.

CELLUCOR COR-Performance Protein Powder Molten Chocolate Review

This one works wonders with the C4 mass pre-workout, and for the only reason that they will build muscle like no other. The protein, along with a muscle-promoting drink, will ensure that your body grows faster than with any other supplement.

It contains 24g of protein per scoop, so you can make a protein-rich drink and receive outstanding muscle-growing results. This pairs up well with the 5.25g of BCAA, which ensures you can recover faster and grow in the process.

You will also get digestive enzymes that help you dissolve the drink once it gets into your body. That makes it even easier to absorb all the protein and make your body grow super-fast.

But none of that would be useful if the protein didn’t taste amazing in the first place. That’s why the Molten Chocolate flavor is an unbeatable taste that will surpass your expectations in every way. Satisfying your sweetness drive was never so easy and rewarding at the same time.

In short, it will help you build muscle while tasting better than all other options. And sure enough, it will work wonders with any pre-workout C4 drink. For the best results, don’t overlook the COR-Performance protein powder.

  • Outstanding 24g of protein per scoop for better results
  • Fast-absorbing composition with unique digestive enzymes
  • High-quality 5.25g of BCAAs for excellent recovery
  • Superb Molten Chocolate flavor for Cacao lovers
  • Works well with most C4 pre-workout drinks
  • Difficult to mix without a blender (takes time & effort)
  • Taste can be too sweet for some people

2. Cellucor COR-Performance Creatine Unflavored

What We Liked Most About This Product:

It seems counterintuitive, but one of the best flavors is no flavor at all. Especially when talking about creatine, you’re able to enjoy the highest benefits when it has no sweetness or sourness. This will help you blend with any other post-workout drink and enjoy its amazing results.

Cellucor COR-Performance Creatine Unflavored Review

What makes creatine so amazing in the first place is its ability to let your muscles absorb more energy from its surroundings, which results in better mineral absorption and better growth. For those who want to build their muscles fast – this is a perfect choice.

But the best thing about this Cellucor product is a straight forward preparation. You simply need to mix it with other drinks or directly with water, and it will blend in seconds without much shaking or blending. It is known as the C4 on the go – ideal for easy consumption.

Yet, there’s still a lot more about this creatine drink to enjoy. The first thing is the endurance boost. Taking it every time after training will make your muscles recover faster, which ends up in better performance in the next session.

You also get the chance to enjoy more power and strength. The ability to grow your muscles also ends up providing added power – making it super effective to improve results over time.

Finally, it helps with energy. As soon as you start taking creatine, you’ll see how your body responds better to the most intense routines out there. And in a short time, you’ll be doing exercises and exhaustive sessions that you weren’t capable of before.

  • Fantastic unflavored option so you can mix it with anything
  • Boosts muscle growth by helping with mineral absorption
  • Improves endurance and recovery so you can train faster
  • Increases muscle strength & power so you can train better
  • Restores energy faster for longer training sessions
  • Lack of flavor makes it difficult to consume alone
  • Has a slightly bitter taste

3. Cellucor Alpha Amino Eaa& BCAA Recovery Powder Icy Blue Razz

What We Liked Most About This Product

What makes BCAA drinks stand out is the ability to improve your recovery like nothing else can. You can forget about sore muscles and lack of energy after every training session if you take one of these. Apart from that, it allows you to come back to the gym in less time than usual.

Cellucor Alpha Amino Eaa& BCAA Recovery Powder Icy Blue Razz Review

Every Alpha Amino powder comes with outstanding C4 drink flavors that you will love at first taste. This one boasts the ICY Blue Razz. It is a mix of blue raspberry with a touch of sweetness that makes it easier to enjoy.

But flavor alone doesn’t make it. You also want something effective. That’s why you get 14 different amino-acids, ideal for promoting the best muscle recovery in the market. And what’s even better, it allows your muscles to grow faster and absorb protein from your diet super effectively.

Other interesting ingredients to enjoy include coconut water, electrolytes, and beta-power – perfect to recharge your body faster so you can go back to training in less time than usual. This Hydration blend allows your body to be ready for more training as soon as 12 hours after your last workout.

You just need to take it as soon as you finish your training session, and it will start working immediately. No more sore muscles, no more 48-hour recoveries, or wasted time and money with “muscle-recovery meals” – this BCAA powder does it all.

If you want to get your results to another level and come back to the gym faster – then use the Cellucor Alpha Amino.

  • Unbeatably sweet blue raspberry flavor with ICY Blue Razz
  • Contains 14 amino acids for outstanding muscle recovery
  • Includes unique alpha-power blend for energy recharge
  • Prevents muscle soreness and keeps your body energized
  • Helps your muscle to grow faster than normal
  • Has a super thick consistency with a few clumps
  • The IcyBlue Razz flavor can be milder than expected

4. Cellucor Alpha Amino EAA & BCAA Recovery Powder Lemon Lime

What We Liked Most About This Product:

Having the unique Lemon Lime flavor sets it apart from the competition. It combines the sweetness of lime with the acidic touch of the lemon and the BCAA powder. You will get a fantastic taste that will make you love it at first taste.

Cellucor Alpha Amino EAA & BCAA Recovery Powder Lemon Lime Review

Reduces your recovery time, improves your results, and recharges your body – that’s what you get with this post-workout powder. And it all comes down with a combination of 14 BCAAs that work together wonderfully well.

But to explain this C4 energy drink review better, we need to go over the Alpha Amino Alpha-Hydration blend. It combines raw coconut concentrate with Chia Seed extract and HydroMax from Cellucor. Together, they provide a fantastic hydration process on your muscles that recharge and recover tissue.

You will get the chance to get back to the gym as soon as you want. But of course, that wouldn’t be possible without the EAAs and the BCAAs. They will improve your overall recovery time even more while adding up to your muscle-growing capacity.

And sure enough, all this comes by the hand of one of the most tasteful flavors in the market: Lemon Lime. It is sweet, acidic, and a little sour in a positive way. Even those who hate lime or lemon will probably appreciate the uniqueness of this flavor.

If you’re a fan of lime and want to enjoy a post-workout drink that doesn’t disappoint in taste or results, then this is your best option for sure.

  • Exclusive Lemon Lime flavor for enjoyable acidic & sweet tones
  • Exceptional Alpha-Hydration blend for energy-recharging effects
  • An unbeatable combination of EAA and BCAA for muscle recovery
  • Allow muscles to absorb protein fast and effectively
  • Makes you ready for the next training in less time
  • Acidic Lemon Lime taste is not for everyone
  • Does not dissolve as easily as it should

5. Cellucor Alpha Amino EAA & BCAA Recovery Powder Watermelon

What We Liked Most About This Product:

A watermelon flavor always stands out in almost every product you can think of. But when it comes to the Cellucor Alpha Amino EAA & BCAA Recovery Powder – you get one of the best out there. The Watermelon touch delivers a uniquely sweet touch that will make every sip super enjoyable.

Cellucor Alpha Amino EAA & BCAA Recovery Powder Watermelon Review

Apart from having one of the best C4 Cellucor flavors, this powder also delivers many other benefits. And it all starts with the EAA and BCAA formula, combining all the highest-quality properties to help with recovery, build muscle, and feel more energetic after every workout.

What many people don’t know is that you also get the Alpha-Hydration blend. It delivers the chance to keep your muscles hydrated so you can recover even faster. This happens thanks to its coconut water, electrolytes, and BetaPower mix.

The best thing about this liquid, though, is the muscle-building benefit. Not only will you enjoy exceptional recovery, but also one of the fastest tissue-growing effects. Your muscles will grow like never before, especially if you pair it with the right protein powder and an exhaustive training routine.

When you add everything together, it boosts your performance and results exponentially. You won’t have to wait as much time to go back to the gym, and you will handle high-intensity training more frequently when taking this powder than when you’re not taking it.

In short, it will take your exercise experience to a whole new level. And with the unique Watermelon flavor, you can enjoy it without a single thing to complain about.

  • Exceptional Watermelon flavor for maximum sweetness
  • Super effective recovery with BCAA & EAA formula
  • Unique muscle effects with Alpha-Hydration blend
  • Helps to build more muscle faster than normal
  • Restores energy & muscle electrolytes
  • Super-sweet flavor can be slightly undesirable for some users
  • Does not improve workout performance directly

Buying Guide of C4 Best Flavor

Getting the Best C4 Cellucor flavor is not only about the different products out there. You also need to have a more general view of what they offer. Here are a few sections that will help you build your knowledge about C4 flavors:

What is the Best C4 Pre-Workout Flavor?

It all depends heavily on the user. But according to most reviews we read and our own experience – the Pink Lemonade flavor is the most enjoyable among the many C4 pre-workout drink flavors.

What makes it so unique is the capacity to mix the sweetness of the pink cranberry juice with a lemon touch. Together, they disguise the sour flavor of pre-workout drinks to deliver something less acidic and ultra-sweet.

In a close second, we have the Icy Blue Razz that delivers an extra-sweet blue raspberry touch. And then, you can find Cherry Limeade, another favorite.

Following this set of flavors, we can say that the best flavors are those that disguise the acidic touch of the pre-workout powder with sweetness. Without the high amount of sweetness, the flavors won’t be that much of a deal, and users would likely hate the product.

So, if you’re trying to pick the best flavor for your C4 pre-workout drink, focus on sweetness above anything else. In that case, there won’t be a better choice than the Pink Lemonade. But all others are still worth considering.

What is the Best C4 Post-Workout Flavor?

Apart from our C4 pre workout review, it is essential to mention the best flavor from the post-workout supplements that C4 offers.

In this case, there’s no competitor for Watermelon. It has the best sweetness and delivers an exceptional fruitiness that most people love. And sure enough, it leaves an aftertaste that covers all the acidic tone from most post-workout drinks.

It is still crucial that protein powders are also considered post-workout drinks. And here, you won’t find any flavor better than the Molten Chocolate. The creamy texture of the powder, when blended with water, matches well with the chocolate flavor.

And finally, you can also consider creatine as a post-workout supplement. Here, there’s no other alternative than unflavored. Yes, we picked that one because we didn’t find any better option for something as mild as creatine. You can mix it with anything, and it will still be super mild & enjoyable.

Overall, it all comes down to personal preference. But we can firmly say that sweetness wins over everything else. Don’t go too sweet, though, and you should be fine.

C4 Flavors Ingredients

The c4 ultimate pre workout best flavor comes from both natural and artificial ingredients. Among them, you’ll find the citric acid, malic acid, and sucralose. The citric acid helps to give the drink a perfect touch of the acidic taste. This is what disguises the bitterness of the pre-workout properties.

Then, you can find the malic acid. This helps to give a more enjoyable touch to the acidic tone, so you can drink it without problems. Finally, you find the sucralose, which often works with polydextrose. These are two sugary minerals that give sweetness to the drink. Here is where all the powders get their sweet touch.

But of course, it all depends on the flavor you pick. Watermelon, Icy Blue Razz, and Pink Lemonade, for example, could have tons of natural fruity ingredients. But with Juicy Candy Burst and Frozen Bombsicle, you’re more likely to find more artificial ingredients than natural ones.

C4 Nutrition Facts

Finding the C4 ultimate best flavors is only useful if you know what these supplements contain. That’s why we need to go over the main ingredients and explain what each one offers.

The first ingredient that you’ll find in almost all C4 pre-workout powders is Vitamin C. It comes with as much as 250mg per scoop, which is a lot of vitamin C that helps with energy and hydration.

Then, you’ll find Niacin with 30mg. That’s ideal for burning more fat and carbs from your body. It uses them as energy, so you receive a boost before every workout. Another essential ingredient is Vitamin B6, helping to process proteins, carbs, and fats more easily. It comes with as much as 500mcg per scoop of pre-workout powder.

You can also add Folic acid and Vitamin B12. They help to keep the blood cells working. You will get 250mcg of folic acid and 35mcg of Vitamin B12.

Now, this is where it gets better with CarnoSyn Beta-Alanine. It is a form of lactic acid that helps the body recover faster when working out. Your muscle will resist more strain and won’t tire out as quickly. You will get 1.6g per scoop of C4 pre-workout drink.

This works wonders with the creatine nitrate and the arginine with 1g each. Creatine helps to build muscle and recover, while arginine helps the muscles to have more energy.

Finally, you get the explosive energy blend. The main ingredient of this blend is caffeine anhydrous at 150mg in total. It matches well with the TeaCrine for the extra energy boost and focuses on improvement. The Tyrosine and velvet bean extract provide the explosiveness.

And this would be the original C4 pre-workout drink nutrition fact. But for the C4 pre-workout weight loss like the Ripped version, you may find other ingredients such as L-carnitine, green coffee bean extract, CapsiMax cayenne extract, and more.

Apart from being extra helpful in many ways, most C4 pre-workout supplements also have a few side effects. The most common is the jitteriness. Having tons of coffee and other energy-inducing ingredients, a pre-workout drink can always make people over-active and make them feel jittery.

C4 Pre-Workout Side Effects

Another common effect is tingling in limbs. Many people tend to experience this caused directly by the beta-alanine that reduces acidity in the body and thus cause tingling all around.

Finally, a pre-workout drink can cause digestive issues. Due to the high amount of ingredients, some people may not tolerate or digest the drink so easily. So it could cause some discomfort.

Just remember, that C4 pre-workout pros and cons are common. You can enjoy everything it offers, but you may also suffer a few side effects. Still, there’s nothing to worry about.

C4 Post-Workout Side Effects

As for the post-workout supplements, there aren’t many side effects to talk about. But there are still a few that are important to mention.

The first would be the creatine side effects. Many people use it as an excellent way to improve overall physical appearance, and it works. But it has sort of a strong composition that many people may not process easily. And it could cause nausea, cramps, and sometimes even diarrhea.

Another side effect of creatine would be water retention. People who take creatine and do not work out enough may end up retaining too much water, which makes them look sturdy rather than ripped.

Then, you can find the C4 protein powder side effects. Like any other protein drink, it comes with dairy and lactose. And sure enough, not everyone can handle them in their stomachs.

Added sugars are another danger of protein powders from C4. While this brand focuses on low sugar, it may still promote diabetic issues on those who don’t follow proper diet apart from supplementation. As for BCAA or amino-acid drinks, there aren’t too many side effects apart from stomach upsets.

Bottom Line

As you see, the best C4 flavors have a lot to offer. There are so many options to choose from, and so you should take your time finding out precisely what you want and need.

But remember, most of them are super helpful to improve your exercise performance and results, but they can also produce a few side effects.

Whatever you pick, make sure the best C4 extreme flavor fits precisely with your condition and body.

You won’t like to get something that eventually makes you sick and hinders your performance or results. As long as you consider your needs over anything else – there shouldn’t be a problem with any of the previously-mentioned C4 products.

So choose one flavor now – and start building up your body to the max with a tasty drink. You won’t regret it.

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