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Why Do Your Arms Go Numb When Squatting? Know It All!

While doing a set of squats, do you ever feel like your arms are going numb? It also happens to some people rarely or much more regularly. 

So, why do your arms go numb when squatting?

There are different reasons for your arms to go numb while doing squats. The major reason is hand tissue swelling. However, for some people, it can also be related to thoracic outlet syndrome. Low bar squats and bad techniques in your exercises can also cause your arm to go numb sometimes.

I feel like you might still be confused. Well, don’t worry. There’s good news for you. We have explained in detail all the reasons and possible solutions in our article. 

Go on, have a read!

During low bar squats, blood is directed to the muscles that are more active. Squatting increases blood flow in the legs while decreasing it in the upper limbs.

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Why Do Your Arms Go Numb When Squatting?

Squatting seems like a pretty harmless exercise. However, if you notice your hands go numb while doing squats, then this might be an issue. 

There may be common reasons why this happens. Most of these are not that deadly, unlike lower abdominal pain while squatting. And you can easily prevent this. 


So, why do your arms go numb while squatting?

Most physicians have a different theory about arms tingling when squatting. However, there are two theories that make the most sense. 

Hand Tissue Swelling

The most common reason is most likely connected to blood flow. It can cause swelling in the hand tissue, which affects the nerves. As a result, the possibility of pain linked with numbness is also increased. 

We can find an extensive network or plexus of tiny blood vessels in the hands and feet. These vessels dilate and dilate to change the volume of blood flowing through the hands, presumably to aid in heat transfer.

During long runs, the veins may leak fluid into the surrounding tissue. Swelling can be a result and numbness can come from nerve damage. Rotating the hands may amplify the fluid leak by “holding” it in the extravascular space.

Thoracic Outlet Syndrome

Sometimes, another reason your hands might feel numb is because of Thoracic Outlet Syndrome

If this happens, you’ll see a slew of problems. It happens when blood vessels or nerves are in the area above your collarbone. It also makes your first ribs become crushed. You may get numb fingers, neck pain and shoulder pain.


If you have any previous injuries, then squatting can aggravate the numbness.

Low Bar Squats 

During low bar squats, blood is directed to the muscles that are more active. Squatting increases blood flow in the legs while decreasing it in the upper limbs.

This could also cause numbness, as the arms and hands receive less blood. You might see that your left arm goes numb if this happens. 

Limited Time Exercise or Stress

People are pressed for time or agitated. So they often exercise with a tight fist and a vigorous beating action. This can exacerbate the stinging or numbness.

When people do this most of the time, it reduces their hand’s flexibility. As a result, they feel more restrained in their exercise routines. Because of this, you can also find it difficult to flex your left arm. Although this is the less severe of the two issues, this should also be looked at. 


If you do this a lot, it can also cause permanent damage to your arms. And people who do this make this a habit. They tend to do this not only while squatting but also while doing other exercises. 

Most of the time, you can cure it by just shaking it off. However, if you do this often and if it causes permanent damage, then it’s best to see a physician. 

Are you getting too agitated because of what we told you? Don’t worry, the good news for you is that it’s nothing too serious. 

You can prevent this by simply following a few simple rules. Let’s go on to the next section.

How to Prevent Your Arms From Going Numb During Squats? 

Your arms going numb occasionally is not that big of a problem. So don’t get too scared. However, just follow some directions below in case you don’t want that to happen.

Practice With Your Coaches

Most people get arm numbness because they don’t know the proper technique for squatting. Sure, squatting seems like a straightforward exercise, but trust me,  it. is not. 

Especially when you’re doing the overhead squat, which can be very difficult. And some people only feel numbness while doing overhead squat.  Make sure to practice with your coach more. 


Warm up is so necessary when starting your exercises. However, for squats, you might need to do this extra carefully. 

Talk to your trainer and ask them to teach you proper warmups before doing squats. If you mostly do home workouts,  then you can search the internet for some easy warmup routines. 


We can also give you a few pointers. Begin by walking your arms to a downward-facing dog position. Then, one leg at a time, spin your body while pulling your heel back towards the ground. 

Your bent elbow should be raised from the extended side. Now, turn your body to the opposite side. Make sure the weighted arm is pressed against your leg. Finally, return to downward dog and repeat on the other side.

Talk to a Physician 

If the other two suggestions didn’t help you, then it’s time to see a doctor. Visiting a chiropractor or physical therapist, in my opinion, is preferable. This means people who are skilled with nerve flossing and have expertise in soft tissue therapy. 

An expert who is also a Crossfitter is an extra bonus. This is due to the fact that that person has had enough knowledge to communicate and understand.

You can also try different supplements to boost your immune system. It can be of real help to you in the future.

Since we’re on this subject, there are a few products I would like to recommend. 


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Some of these will somewhat help you with your problem of arm numbness.  

Massage Your Arms

If your arms rarely get numb while squatting then massaging can relieve the numbness. There’s no appropriate way to massage in this case. 

Simply take some massaging oil and rub the numb area for 20-30 minutes. You’ll see that the numbness or any kind of pain that you were feeling is slowly going away. 


An added benefit is that you’ll also feel relaxed. It will calm your nerves and your muscles. Even while doing other exercises, a simple massage can ease your pain. 

If you face arm numbness during squats, these techniques should help with your problem. However, if you experience this in general, there are few exercises for numbness in the arms. You can try them out. 


Do squats cause ulnar nerve Damage? 

If you’re doing normal squats, then there’s very little chance of your ulnar nerve being damaged. However, if you’re doing overhead squats and apply too much pressure on your arms then the situation can be different. It can cause damage to your Ulnar Nerve and the damage can be permanent.  

When I lift weights, why do my arms feel numb?

Pressure on a nerve is produced by inflammation after working out. It can also be caused by pressure at the level where the nerves extend out from the spine. And if the vertebrae are squeezed together owing to muscle function, this is the most prevalent occurrence.

When I do push-ups, why do my arms feel numb?

This occurs as a result of nerve compression. When people wake up, this is often exacerbated. Several nerves can be damaged, but carpal tunnel syndrome and cubital tunnel syndrome are the most prominent.

Final Word

Now you know what to do if your arms go numb when squatting

We tried to give you all the possible reasons and solutions to this. However, if you feel this way too often, then we strongly suggest you visit a physician. 

Good luck!

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