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Is Vegan Pizza Healthy Or Not? Know The Answer

When somebody thinks about pizza, an image of round delight with flour dough, cheese, and saturated fat-filled topping comes to mind, right? Although such contents make a pizza delicious, they are harmful to your health. Contrarily, vegan pizza is different from any other kind of pizza due to its taste and health status.

You must now be wondering- Is Vegan pizza healthy or not

Yes, there is good news for those who love vegan pizza because it is completely healthy to eat. It can however become detrimental for you sometimes. 

Read on to know all the details about vegan pizza!

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Why Is Vegan Pizza Healthy?

If you are wondering, Is vegan pizza better for you? Then let us answer you with an absolute Yes. Vegan Pizza is healthy due to the vegetables added to it. That’s the best part about a vegan pizza. You can add almost any vegetable to it, and it will still remain delicious. 

Similarly, there is no meat or any animal product added to it, so the saturated fat content is less. That is why vegan pizza is loved by both vegetarians and non-vegetarians. Thus, whenever somebody asks, is vegetarian pizza healthy? We answer with a Big and resounding Yes!

One serving of vegan pizza (that does not include any cheese) contains the following nutrition:

Calories171 cal
Trans fat0g

Why Is Vegan Pizza Healthy and Meat Pizza Unhealthy?

There is only one major difference between a traditional and a vegan pizza: chunks of processed meat. These processed meat pieces are what make a traditional pizza unhealthy. Due to them, saturated fat is more that can cause health problems like obesity, high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels, and even strokes. 


But you can still make a vegan pizza unhealthy if you make the wrong choices.

vegan pizza vs meat pizza infographic

When Is Vegan Pizza Unhealthy?

We suggest you make vegan pizza at home to bring out the best of its benefits. However, if you still go to a restaurant, make sure you request the waiter some amendments to make your vegan pizza healthy. 

Below are the things which you should avoid, or else your vegan pizza will become unhealthy:

Unhealthy Crust

The first thing you should care about is the crust of the pizza. Avoid putting butter or cheese in it as it only increases the fat content. People ask, is cheese pizza healthy, and the answer is a big no due to the saturated fatty acids.

Just a crust made with flour is enough as it contains carbs that are vital for humans to carry out routine work. Moreover, you should choose thin crust over thick crust to cut down calories. 

Unhealthy Pizza Sauces 

Don’t add too much tomato sauce as it contains sugar in it. Similarly, avoid any other sauce that has high sodium content in it. You can add garlic or jalapeno sauce, which are great alternatives.



There is no denying that excess of anything is bad, be that honey or vegetables. Similarly, eating too much vegan pizza can also cause problems, which are indigestion, constipation, and even colon problems.

How to Make a Vegan Pizza More Healthy?

We have already established that a vegan pizza is superior to a traditional meaty pizza due to its health benefits. But what if you can increase the health status of the vegan pizza even more? Wouldn’t that be great? It sure will be, so here we are now discussing how you can make a vegan pizza healthier than usual.

  1. Add Caprese Salad As a Pizza Topping

You should increase the nutritional value of the vegan pizza by adding Caprice salad as a topping. Caprice salad includes mozzarella, tomato, olive oil, fresh basil leaf, and many other vegetables. We also recommend you see healthy vegan pizza recipes on the internet to know which ingredients are best for you. 

  1. Go For Only Animal Product Free Sauces

It will be better if you choose to add only such sauces that are animal product free. This means that you cannot add chicken barbecue/ bbq sauce to your pizza. Go for sauces that include vegetables and spices like garlic sauce. 

Health Benefits of Choosing Vegan Pizza Over Traditional Pizza?

It is clinically proven that the human body needs proteins to work properly, and meat is one of the best sources of it. However, if you start cooking it unhealthy (which is the case most of the time), then it becomes essential to look for equally good alternatives (if not better). 

Plant-based meat is one of such things that is now becoming a prominent source of proteins for both vegans and non-vegans.

Here are the benefits you will achieve if you choose to add vegetables and plant-based meat instead of actual meat:

Weight Loss

The saturated fat and calories in a traditional meaty pizza might be responsible for all the fat around your belly. Since vegan pizza contains unhealthy fat content and calories lesser than meaty pizza, the fat does not store in the arteries. Plus, if you exercise daily with this diet, you can experience weight loss faster

Stable Blood Pressure Levels

Processed Meat chunks are high in saturated fats and sodium content which shoot up the blood pressure levels. That is why nutritionists recommend adding more vegetables and less meat to make the pizza healthier.  

Prevention From Type 2 Diabetes

Blood sugar levels also get disrupted due to the meat, butter, tomato sauce, and cheese content. Vegan pizzas generally do not contain these things, so you can dodge the chances of occurring type 2 diabetes. This claim is also backed by a study that concluded that replacing a meat-based diet with a vegetable diet decreases the chance of Type 2 diabetes by 35%. 

Some Fast Food Giants and Their Vegan Pizza

Let us now tell you whether the vegan pizza of the three fast-food giants in the food industry is healthy to eat or not. 

Is Domino’s Vegan Pizza Healthy?

Yes, Domino’s veg pizza is healthy to eat. Make sure you order a thin crust with no cheese to enjoy a healthy pizza full of vegetables and plant-based products at dominos. The most popular dominos vegan pizza is Pacific veggie pizza that contains olives, mushrooms, peppers, onions, spinach, tomatoes topped with mozzarella. 

Is Daiya Pizza Healthy?

Yes, Daiya pizza is healthy as it includes plant-based meat and cheese alternatives that do not cause any harm to the body. Pizza lovers often search for one question: Is vegan cheese pizza healthy? And no, it is not. That is why Daiya is making cheese-free, soy-free, meat-free, and gluten-free vegan pizzas that all-vegan pizza lovers like. While we are on this subject, let us now discuss another question we often receive- Is gluten-free vegan pizza healthy? Yes, any pizza that does not contain gluten or any animal product is healthier to eat. 

People also search, what is the difference between vegetarian, Daiya, and cheese pizza? 

Vegetarian and Daiya pizza are the healthiest as both do not have processed animal meat. Vegetarian pizza contains vegetables only, while Daiya includes cheese and meat alternatives. Cheese pizza is just a pizza that contains cheese in the crust and toppings, which is super harmful to health.

Is Papa John’s Vegan Pizza Healthy?

Yes, Papa John Vegan pizza calories are low, so it is safe to eat it. The veggies used in Papa John Pizza are onions, olives, corn, tomatoes, and garlic sauce.  


Question: Is vegan pizza healthier than regular?

Answer: Yes, vegan pizza is healthier than the regular one because of more vegetables and no processed meat chunks. As processed meat is rich in saturated fat and sodium content, it is not healthy to eat regular pizza. Vegan pizza is free from any meat or animal-based product in it, so nutritionists term it healthier than a traditional pizza. 

Question: Does vegan pizza make you fat?

Answer: No, it is highly unlikely a vegan pizza will make you fat. The calories content in one serving is less than most of the junk foods there are in the market. However, if you continue to overeat it for a longer period, you may experience weight gain and other health problems. 

Question: Does vegan pizza contain fewer calories?

Answer: Yes, a serving of vegan pizza contains around 200 to 220 calories which are less than even a burger (that contains 250 calories on average). The reason for these low calories is the absence of meat, cheese, and other harmful toppings. 

Bottom Line

There are pizza lovers found all around the world. And one question we most frequently get is, Is vegan pizza healthy? Vegan pizza is definitely healthier to eat if you add more vegetables, include no animal-based products, ditch cheese, and choose the right crust and pizza dough. They are termed safe by reputable nutritionists. These ingredients lead to low calories, low sodium, and perfect protein content. So, go for vegan pizza and keep living a healthy life.

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