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Is Chipotle Sauce Unhealthy? The Reasons Behind

When it comes to making delicious spicy food, the use of the right sauces and seasonings is very important. Are you one of those who like smokiness and spicy flavor in your food? If so, you must have heard how spicy the chipotle sauce is.

Especially if you love Mexican-inspired recipes, it’s hard to beat chipotle sauce because of its spicy, creamy, and addictive flavor. Despite the fact that chipotle sauce has a mouthwatering taste, some people consider it unhealthy due to its nutritional content.

So, is chipotle sauce unhealthy for you?

Yes. Chipotle sauce is generally not a “healthy” option because it has a high amount of sodium and calories in it. It also has a spicy flavor which can trigger the acidity levels in the stomach. However, consuming it once in a while in moderation won’t do any harm.

Want to know whether you can lose weight by adding chipotle sauce to your meal? Then stay with us till the end.

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Is Chipotle Sauce Unhealthy? Why Is chipotle sauce bad for you?

Chipotle is one of the biggest fast-food restaurant chains providing delicious things to eat. People ask us, why is chipotle unhealthy? When eaten in large quantities, the chipotle sauce can cause digestive issues, vomiting, and high blood pressure. The reason is its nutritional content.


People ask us, how many calories are in chipotle sauce? There are 100 calories and 220mg of sodium in the chipotle sauce which makes it unhealthy when taken in large quantities.

Here is a chipotle sauce nutrition table of portion size (28g).


Moreover, this sauce is very easy to make, as it takes only 5 minutes to make chipotle sauce. It is ideal for salads, tacos, burritos, burgers, sweet potato fries, and much more!

Capsaicin has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. It can help relieve nerve aches such as arthritis, psoriasis, and diabetic neuropathy.

Chipotle sauce is high in sodium (220 mg per serving). When you eat a high-sodium meal, your blood vessels and arteries widen, allowing more blood to flow through them. Blood pressure may rise noticeably as a consequence. These effects, however, may not be felt by everyone.

Persons who are salt resistant may not notice a spike in blood pressure after eating chipotle sauce. But if an overweight person eats a large quantity of spicy food such as chipotle sauce daily, the risk of high blood pressure is more. These factors may explain why not everyone’s blood pressure rises after eating salty foods like chipotle.


Too much spicy sauce, such as chipotle sauce, can cause heartburn, and stomach pain. Simultaneously, the intestine reacts by absorbing too many liquids, resulting in diarrhea. As a result, we frequently witness people’s faces and hands turning red as a result of spicy meals.

Is Chipotle Sauce Healthy in Any Way?

Although, consuming a large quantity of chipotle sauce can cause serious health issues but still it has some advantages.

Like most spices, chipotle also contains capsaicin as the main ingredient. Capsaicin has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. It can help relieve nerve aches such as arthritis, psoriasis, and diabetic neuropathy. It also aids in preventing heart diseases by widening blood vessels and increasing blood flow, as well as lowering lipid deposits.

Chipotle sauce is also rich in beta carotene and antioxidants. Both can help the immune system fight viruses that cause colds and fevers. Likewise, anti-inflammatory characteristics can help prevent and decrease allergy symptoms.


Chipotle’s capsaicin can activate the intestine’s lining which reduces the chances of colon cancer. Capsaicin also aids in the killing of prostate cancer cells and the shrinking of tumors. However, there is not enough research to put this theory correctly.

You should consume only 20 to 30 g of carbs daily in ketosis. This is not possible in the chipotle sauce as you might end up eating a lot more than just one tablespoon due to its delicious taste.

So, we recommend that if you like spicy sauces you should eat them in moderate amounts to avoid any negative effects.

You might be wondering, is chipotle sauce good for weight loss? If yes, then keep reading.

Is Chipotle Sauce Fattening?

No, the chipotle sauce does not cause fattening. The use of chipotle sauce can suppress hunger, which can cause weight loss.

According to recent research, eating foods high in capsaicin, such as chipotle sauce, can help you lose weight. Capsaicin, which is one of the main ingredients in the chipotle spice, promotes fat oxidation rather than storage. That means it allows fat to be converted into useful and functional energy.

Capsaicin, present in chipotle and jalapeño peppers, may boost postprandial metabolism. A high metabolism rate means that more calories will be burned. Moreover, it defends the body against gastrointestinal disorders as well

Hence, Chipotle sauce has a positive impact on the body. as it

Is Chipotle Sauce Keto-Friendly?

No, the chipotle sauce is not good for those who are following a keto diet. Let me explain by giving the example of Chipotle southwest sauce. The calories in subway chipotle southwest sauce are 100g which is very high.

Moreover, the carbs in the chipotle sauce are very high. It is highly processed food that is rich in fat and carbohydrates. We often get this question, how many carbs are in subway chipotle southwest sauce? For 100g of chipotle sauce, it has 23.9g of carbohydrates. So, is chipotle southwest sauce healthy? You guessed it, No!

If you are on the keto diet, it is very important to keep checking on your daily carb intake. You should consume only 20 to 30 g of carbs daily in ketosis. This is not possible in the chipotle sauce as you might end up eating a lot more than just one tablespoon due to its delicious taste.

Similarly, some recipes for chipotle sauce contain honey in them. Carbohydrates must be avoided at all costs if you are on a keto diet. Sugar substitutes like honey, which are typically thought to be healthy, should not be used on a keto diet. This is due to honey’s high calorie and carb content, which may cause your weight-loss goals to be hampered.

However, Chefs have developed Keto chipotle sauce in which Himalayan salt, sour cream, and mayo are used.


Question: Is chipotle sauce acidic?

Yes, the chipotle sauce is acidic in nature. You’re not alone if you’ve ever had a severe burning sensation in your chest after eating spicy Chipotle sauce. Almost 60 million Americans get heartburn or acid reflux at least once a month. It is due to eating acidic food excessively. Try to avoid excess use of this sauce if you don’t want to trigger acid reflux.

Question: Is chipotle southwest sauce spicy?

Yes, the chipotle sauce is spicy because of the mix of smoked jalapenos. Chipotle Sauce has a creamy, yet smoky flavor. It is spicy because it is made up of dried pepper.

Question: Is chipotle sauce gluten-free?

The Chipotle sauce is gluten-free because it contains only ground chipotle peppers. But still, it is good to check the ingredients list on any prepared food product you buy in the store to be sure it’s gluten-free or not.

The Bottom Line

So, is chipotle sauce unhealthy?

It is quite unhealthy for those who have acid reflux as it may trigger the symptoms. Due to the high amount of sodium and carbs, the chipotle sauce may cause cholesterol problems.

But it has some advantages too, the main ingredient in this sauce is Capsaicin which has anti-oxidative properties. It causes widening of arteries which reduce the risk of heart problems and stroke.

We recommend using the chipotle sauce in a moderate amount to avoid any negative symptoms. If you use it in limited quantities, chipotle is the best spicy sauce to enjoy!

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