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How to Eat 6000 Calories a Day and Not Feel Miserable?

Everybody wants to have a healthy lean body not only just to look good but also to stay healthy and active. If you are overweight, you might feel lazy all day and cannot be able to perform your daily task properly. But have you ever thought about what if you’re underweight? You might be startled to learn that being underweight is just as dangerous as being overweight.

How? If you are underweight, you might face some health issues such as vitamin deficiency, osteoporosis, and malnutrition. The question here is, how can we gain weight? You can gain weight simply by increasing your calorie intake.

But, how to eat 6000 calories a day?

You can eat a 6000-calorie diet a day by overeating high-fat food such as pizza and cheesy burgers. Reducing your physical activities can help you a lot as physical work burns calories.

But is it healthy to gain weight by overeating? You will find it here.

In the experiment published in science-translated medicine, six underweight men eat 6000 calories of food on a daily basis. All of them consume 6000 calories of diet plan daily and do absolutely no physical activities. The result was that most of them ended up gaining 8 pounds weight only in a week. 

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How to Eat 6000 Calories a Day? Know the Foods

We often get this question, is it possible to eat 6000 calories a day? Yes, it is possible, but you have to consider some factors given down below before starting a 6000 calorie diet plan.

  • This 6000 calories diet plan is very hard; it is only good for those who are active and does lots of physical work as well. Otherwise, you will end up being overweight.
  • The idea of a 6000 calorie diet plan is to allow your body to adjust to the larger volume of food, so you don’t gain too much weight. Hence, you should slowly increase your calorie intake to avoid being overweight. In simple words, never go directly from 2000 to a 6000 calorie diet plan without first taking some small steps.
  • Every two weeks, re-evaluate your diet, which means if you notice you’re accumulating too much body fat, reduce your calorie intake immediately.
  • 4-5 cups of vegetables and 1-2 greens supplements should be a part of your daily diet.
  • All meals should be separated by at least two hours. Nutritionists recommend eating every two hours to gain weight.

6000 Calories a Day Meal Plan

Now, let’s have a look at the meal plan you should follow if you are on a 6000-calorie diet.

Meal No 1 (Breakfast):

  • 1.5 Cups Oatmeal 
  • Three whole eggs
  • 1 Avocado
  • 8 Egg Whites

Meal No 2 (Brunch):

  • 1 ounce of walnuts (or peanuts)
  • Two high protein fudge bars

Meal No 3 (Lunch):

  • 10 ounces of chicken (fried or grilled)
  • 2 Sweet Potatoes (total 15oz)
  • 2 Tbsp Olive Oil (must include)

Meal No 4 (Mid-afternoon Snack):

  • Two protein fudge bar
  • milkshake

Meal No 5 (Dinner):

These five meals mentioned above have a total of 6000 calories. You have to eat five times daily to achieve your goal of eating 6000 calories. Sugary drinks and snacks to achieve a daily intake of 6000 calories. 

What Happens if You Eat 6000 Calories in One Day?

One question we often get is, I ate 5000 calories today. Will I gain weight? Yes, you will. It is possible to gain weight by overeating, but it is very unhealthy for you. Increasing your calorie intake by having junk food is a bad option. Stop thinking, how can I eat 6000 calories a day? There is no doubt that you will gain some weight if you eat lots of food which contains a high amount of fat, such as cheeseburgers and pizzas. But all of this unsaturated fat is very unhealthy.

In the experiment published in science-translated medicine, six underweight men eat 6000 calories of food on a daily basis. All of them consume 6000 calories of diet plan daily and do absolutely no physical activities. The result was that most of them ended up gaining 8 pounds weight only in a week. 

However, these six men who eat 6000 calories a day not only just gained weight but some negative effects were also reported in their bodies. These men show the symptoms of insulin resistance and oxidative stress. Moreover, the fat they consume is accumulated on their abdomen and thighs, which results in an increase in belly fat.

How to Increase Weight in a Healthy Way?

Gaining weight in a healthier way is vital if you want to prevent dangerous diseases. While eating high-calorie meals or consuming 6000 calories per day may aid in weight gain, it can also be harmful to the human body. Hence, eating healthy meals and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is important. Here we have some suggestions for gaining weight in a healthy manner.

Increase Your Meals

You may feel fuller after eating a small meal or even some snack if you’re underweight. Instead of two or three substantial meals throughout the day, eat in small portions such as five to six smaller meals. It will increase your calorie intake and make you feel energetic and full all day.

Eat High Nutrition Food

Choose some nutrient-friendly food such as brown bread, pasta, cereals of all kinds, different fruits, and green vegetables, dairy products, lean protein sources such as meat, and nuts and seeds as part of your daily diet. Consuming healthy food with all essential nutrients can speed up the muscle-building process, which not only makes you strong but also results in weight gain.


Drink Smoothies

Never consume harmful drinks such as Coke, coffee, or other sugary drinks as they can only cause dizziness. Instead, make smoothies or nutrient-rich shakes with almond milk and your favorite fresh fruits. You can add any fruit you like as all of them have unique properties and high nutritional content in them.

Drink Correctly

Drinking water just before your meals can kill or reduce your appetite. It is not good for gaining weight as you may end up eating less which means less calorie intake. Drinking higher-calorie beverages with a meal or snack may be advantageous in this case as they increase calorie intake. Some people believe that it is good to drink 30 minutes after your meal rather than during it to get more benefits.

Make the Most of Every Bite

Any kind of nuts, cheese, cream, dried fruits, and avocados are good bedtime snacks. Eating snacks in the morning or at night (1 hour before going to bed) is very helpful in increasing calorie intake in a healthy way. Add more calories to your diet plan by adding cream or cheese to your bread and scrambled eggs, as well as fat-free milk such as almond milk to soups.


Strength exercise, especially, can help you gain a healthy weight by giving strength to your muscles. Exercising can also help you eat more as it promotes appetite. Moreover, exercising daily also helps you stay in good shape, and the fat you consume will not accumulate on the abdomen. But if you eat 6,000 calories a day, bodybuilding will not be helpful in distributing your fat.


How many calories is considered a binge?

Binge eating occurs when a person consumes significantly more food in a shorter period of time. A binge eater is someone who consumes 5,000–15,000 calories in a single sitting. It is unhealthy to consume that many calories daily.

How much weight will I gain if I eat 6000 calories?

If you eat 6000 calories daily for a week, you will end up gaining 3.5kg or 8 pounds by the end of the week. But this weight will be pure fat which can cause harm.

Is 6000 calories a day too much?

Daily calorie intake depends on many factors such as your age, size, height, weight, gender, lifestyle, physical work, and overall health. Recommended daily calorie intakes by health professionals are around 2,500 calories for men and 2,000 calories for women. If your daily intake of calories is more than 2000 calories a day, you are consuming way too many.

Wrapping up

To sum up, how to eat 6000 a day? 

Add high fat, protein, and starchy foods to your diet. These are meat, potatoes, cheese, seafood, avocados, etc.  

Surely you can eat 6,000 calories a week, but it will cause nothing but harm. Eating high-calorie and fat food daily will cause the accumulation of visceral fat in the abdomen, which can lead to many diseases, especially type 2 diabetes. 

We recommend slowly increasing your calorie intake in order to gain weight in a healthy way. Eating healthy food or snacks after every two hours is very helpful in this regard. But don’t forget to exercise daily as it will aid in keeping your body in good shape.

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