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Do Spices Have Calories? 9 Spices That Can Help You Lose Weight!

Calories become the focal point when it comes to weight control. Any diet can be spiced up but when it comes to weight loss, one has to be conscious about the calorie count! We usually remove all the high-calorie food items from the chart but have you ever thought of spices being relevant to it? Now you must be thinking that do spices have calories?

Every food item in the market comes with a certain amount of calories in it. It is actually the unit of energy. When it comes to spices, they help you add lots of flavor to the food with less or no regrets! Yes, a majority of the spices we use on daily basis are low in calories. But would that actually favor weight loss? You’ll find the answer to all of your questions once you read the whole article.

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Do Spices Have Calories?

Spices not only elevate the flavor of food but also help in boosting the immune system. They transform the boring meals into tempting ones. But many of you might not know that low-calorie spices can help you lose weight!


So, you must be thinking, do spices contain calories? Well, the answer is yes. Almost all of the spices contain calories except for a few. However, the quantity of calories is extremely low which makes the total count near zero.

What Spices Have Calories?

Almost all the spices have calories in them including black pepper, cinnamon, fennel, fenugreek, turmeric, and chili pepper, etc. The presence of calories isn’t a problem when it comes to spices. The normal calorie value in spices ranges from 5-6 per teaspoon.

Do Cinnamon Sticks Have Calories?

Yes, cinnamon sticks do have calories. A single stick (2 grams in weight) can have 5 calories. These sticks are rich in carbs and also have some proteins.

Does Salt Have Calories?

No, salt is a seasoning that does not have calories. Although it is a zero-calorie seasoning, still it is associated with obesity. This is because of the presence of sodium. Higher consumption of salt in the body can lead to fluid retention which might cause weight gain.

Does Pepper Have Calories?

Yes, pepper has calories but the quantity is very low. A teaspoon of black pepper consists of 6.5 calories. This low-calorie pepper can aid in weight loss.

Calories in Spices Chart

If you’re a big fan of seasoning foods and you’re diet conscious too, then you must be thinking, do spices have calories? Well, a straight No or Yes isn’t an answer in this case.

Below is the calories in spices chart that shows which spice is good to go with a weight loss diet.

SpiceAmount of calories per teaspoon 
Turmeric8 calories
Black pepper 6.5 calories 
Cinnamon6 calories
Chili Powder8 calories
Ginger root2 calories
Ginger ground6 calories
cardamom6 calories
Cumin8 calories
Fenugreek seeds12 calories
Fennel seeds6.9 calories

The above chart shows the number of calories in different spices but do you know about other nutrition facts? Do spices have fat? Do spices have carbs? Well, it won’t be wrong to say yes. However, a majority of the spices aid in burning fat and are very low in calories.

Since we’ve been discussing the negligible presence of calories in spices, this might have made you think why don’t spices have calories? So, spices do have calories except for salt. However, the quantity in which spices are used in the food is too low. So, the less amount makes the calories negligible.

Does Seasoning Make You Gain Weight?

We cut carbs, avoid fat, and do lots of exercises to lose some pounds but we never think of seasoning playing its role in this regard. Spices are already too low in calories and a small amount of seasoning is enough to boost the taste which makes the presence of calories negligible.

In fact, new studies reveal that using no-calorie seasonings can help you lose weight! Such spices include black pepper, cinnamon, fennel, cumin, ginger, fenugreek, and a lot more. You’ll learn all about them in the next heading. However, seasonings high in sodium can sabotage your weight loss plan. So, you must avoid them.

What Spices Help In Weight Loss?

Researchers suggest that the people who use a higher amount of spices in the food are more likely to suffer from obesity. However, this depends upon the types of spices that are being used.

Some spices not only add flavor and taste to your food but also benefit your weight loss plan. Your kitchen pantry must have the essential spices which won’t only make the food delectable but would also help in enhancing your body’s metabolic rate. So, for the diet community a confusion arises, do spices have calories? So, here I’ll share with you some spices which can help you in your weight loss plan!


Are you ready to shed some kilograms by simply spicing up your life and food? Well, this might be quite surprising for you but yes, spices can actually burn calories! You might have seen a yellow-colored powder in the cabinet but did you know it is medicine in the form of spice? Its anti-inflammatory properties improve the immune system.

100 grams of turmeric has 354 calories. The presence of curcumin enhances fat loss in the human body which directly promotes weight loss. However, more research is still needed for further details.

Black Pepper

100 grams of black pepper consists of 255 calories. The common household spice contains a compound called piperine. It produces weight-lowering effects and suppresses the accumulation of fats in the body.


Moreover, it also inhibits fat cell formation. For weight loss, you should try black pepper tea after sunrise as the body metabolism is highly active in the morning.


Cinnamon is well-known for enhancing metabolic rates and for its antioxidant properties but did you know it is also amazing for weight loss? It is good at stabilizing blood sugar, burning fat, and curbing hunger pangs.

Does cinnamon have calories? Yes, it does. Around 100 grams of cinnamon has 247 calories. You can drink cinnamon tea at night and cinnamon powder mixed in water in the morning. Moreover, you can also use it in your daily cooking for other benefits.

Chili Pepper

This might sound strange but this hot spice also facilitates fat loss! It consists of capsaicin which leads to weight loss. Approximately 40 calories are present in 100 grams of chili pepper. The thermogenic effect of chili pepper helps in burning fat and also reduces energy expenditure.


Ginger is a spice that serves as a staple between both medicines and culinary. It is well-known for its medical importance for a variety of ailments. When it comes to weight loss, it regulates the blood sugar level, increases the body’s metabolism, and promotes fat burning. 100 grams of ginger root has 80 calories. Ginger tea, salads, and soups can be a great addition to your healthy diet.


100 grams of cardamom consists of 311 calories. Cardamom, also known as elaichi. It does not only add a flavor but also gives the food a unique aroma. Being rich in antioxidants, it benefits the digestive system.

Moreover, it also plays an effective role in weight loss. The diuretic spice is thermogenic and helps in burning body fat. You can add cardamom tea to your morning routine and for even better results try to add it to your food as well.


Cumin can help you boost the body’s metabolism and can efficiently work for obesity. If a healthy digestive system is your goal, then cumin can help you achieve that.


For better results, soak cumin seeds in water overnight and start your day with cumin-soaked water. 100 grams of cumin consists of 375 calories.


Fenugreek spice can help you lose weight only if used in higher doses. The natural fiber induces a feeling of fullness that helps you prevent overeating. Despite boosting the body metabolism, it helps in the cleansing of the human body and removes toxins. 100 grams of fenugreek seeds consist of 323 calories.


Fennel is also known as saunf. 100 grams of saunf consists of 31 calories only. It is richly supplied with vitamins A, D, C, and fiber. Their presence reduces appetite and also helps you feel satiated for a longer duration.

It naturally acts as a diuretic and also has antioxidant properties. It also promotes vitamin and mineral absorption in the human body thereby reducing fat storage. For weight loss, you must try fennel tea and fennel seed water. You can also add them to your daily cereals.

Final Words

Asian kitchens have always been a treasure of spices. However, the role of spices isn’t only limited to the addition of flavors. In fact, weight loss is one of the greatest advantages of a majority of spices. Losing weight isn’t always easy but if you can enjoy healthy and spicy food without regrets then what could be better than that!

So, if you’re still wondering that do spices have calories? Then a simple answer is “yes, they do have calories (except salt). However, the amount of calories in spices is extremely low which makes it nearly zero or negligible.”

In a nutshell, spices won’t harm you if used in moderate quantities. However, excessive usage might lead to harmful reactions in the body. So, if you’re on a diet and spicy food is something you can’t ignore, then rest assured because you don’t even need to do that!


Do seasonings have calories?

It entirely depends upon what seasoning you are using. Some spices have nearly zero calories such as salt while others have a pretty good amount. However, a majority of seasonings are extremely low in calories.

Do spices make you gain weight?

Almost all of the spices are extremely low in calories. However, research suggests that people who eat spicy food are more likely to suffer from obesity. But this entirely depends on the types of spices as a majority of them are beneficial for weight loss including cinnamon, turmeric, cardamom, black pepper, and chili pepper.

Are seasonings unhealthy?

A moderate amount will never bother you. Anything if consumed in excessive amount can lead to health problems. Seasonings are healthy and act as anti-inflammatory agents in your body. Specific ingredients can be harmful to humans if consumed in higher amounts.

Can you use spices when on a diet?

When you are on a weight loss plan, sugar and calories must be avoided. Spices can boost your weight loss plan if chosen with proper analysis. The use of black pepper, cinnamon, and cardamom can benefit you a lot.

Should I count calories for spices?

Counting calories is not needed when it comes to spices. This is because they are too low in calories and even a very small amount can boost the flavors in food.

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