Why are My Arms So Fat Compared to the Rest of My Body

It is that time of the year again when you see everyone working for their summer beach body. But, are your flabby arms making you feel all self-conscious? If so, know that you are not the only person to go through this!

Often people ask – “why are my arms so fat compared to the rest of my body?”. Well, there can be myriads of reasons behind this. But, this stubborn fat will also go away once you hop onto a proper routine.

To slay in that perfect swimsuit you just need a little consistency and confidence. So, today we are going to know how to attain our desired body type for the summer.

Reasons for Having Fatty Arms

Fatty arms or flabby arms, whatever you want to call them, can lead you to cover them with a scarf. You see everyone with their toned muscles and start questioning the effort that you put in the gym.

why are my arms so fat compared to the rest of my body

But, before you make yourself go through the horrors of self-loathing, know the reasons behind this condition where you frequently ask why are my arms so fat compared to the rest of my body!

Calorie intake

The basics of weight gain work pretty the same for arm fat as well. Our arms tend to store more fat when calorie intake is more than what we burn.

A calorie surplus continued for months can lead to this unusual fat accumulation. The weight we gain brings a change in our body based on our body type. Most people get bulky in the abdomen and thigh area. But, flabby arms can be the result of this as well.

However, you can solve this problem by creating a calorie shortage in the body. Initially, the body might fail to recognize the area of fat loss. With routine exercise and calorie deficit, you can see a quick change in your arms.

Calorie sources

Well, we often do not look into the type of food that we take. We run after the idea of losing weight without noticing the actual criminal and end up asking why are my arms so fat compared to the rest of my body.

Sugar and refined grains can heavily influence our body type. You may not gain your desired body type if you continue having sodas. We know that white bread in breakfast hits differently. But, it does more harm than you can imagine.

why are my arms so fat compared to the rest of my body?

Avoid having sugar, candies, white bread, pasta, etc to shed the fat from your body. Even a little amount of these foods can make you gain fat fast. This gets worse when the body gets habituated. Insulin levels may also rise due to this.

Testosterone level

Testosterone is also called the male hormone. But, females also have this hormone at the baseline level. It helps to maintain sex drive and muscle buildup.

Low testosterone levels can lead the body to store fat and resist muscle-building capability. As a result, the body tends to lose its toned looks. Instead of muscles, we grow flabby, wiggly fat in the body.

In case of deliberate weight loss, make sure you eat enough meat and vegetable protein. Weight lifting and workouts should not degenerate the existing muscles. Adapt to a workout routine that separately focuses on each muscle area. This will help both the hormones and your physique.


Flabby arms are a common problem in women. Upper arms cause insecurity in more women compared to men. One of the main reasons behind this is genetics.

Women genetically tend to store more fat in the upper arms. It is tougher to lose fat arms due to genetic bindings. So, do not be hard on yourself asking why are my arms so fat compared to the rest of my body. Rather continue to follow workouts that focus on the upper arms section.

Improper exercise routine

We all have different body types. Not all of us need to give squats or weight lifting. Each of us requires a unique set of exercises depending on our body types. So, if you are asking yourself – “why are my arms so fat compared to the rest of my body?”, you already might have the answer.

Instead of focusing on shedding overall body weight, perform workouts that intensely work on upper arms. For bringing a balance, you can do weight lifting as well. Consult your trainer and make a proper routine for your best body.

The journey from Flab to Fab

You can turn your flabby arms into fabulous ones by including a few steps in your life. This journey from flab to fab asks for nothing but a bit of determination and will.

To tone the muscles in your arm you need to know which workouts focus on which muscle. The biceps and triceps from the upper arms. A few exercises that can help in this regard are-

Weight lifting

Let the word weight lifting not fear you. You do not need to go to a gym for this. Pick up two  2-liter water bottles and start lifting them in sets.

You can start weight lifting with anything heavy. But, make sure you do not overwork your muscles on the first day.

Hold the weights and gradually lift them over your head. Try to keep your posture straight while lifting. Continue doing it. Slow lifting will help to tone the arms well and prevent asking ‘why are my arms so fat compared to the rest of my body’.

Chair dips

Chair dips are an effective exercise for both arms and back muscles. Choose a chair or bed that is at a higher level than the ground.

Face away from the chair. And, keep your hands on it from behind. Gradually bring your body to the ground level by breaking at the elbow point. Come back to the chair level. Continue doing this for toned arms.

Counter push-ups

The counter table is all that you need for this easy yet effective exercise. Face towards a counter and put both your hands on the edge of it. Stand in an inclined position by tiptoeing.

This is the initial position. By bending the elbow slowly comes down to the counter. Again, get back to the initial position by stretching the elbows. This is something you can do while you are working in your kitchen.


We all know how great push-ups are for core muscles and arms. They will help to strengthen the muscles. Even though beginners might find it difficult, one can master it with practice.

Divide the normal push-ups into 3 sets and continue doing them every day. This exercise will help you get your desired toned arms.


The name says it all in the case of this exercise. It is as basic as anything. Bring both your arms to your shoulder level. And, stretch out the arms.

Now, bring the stretched arms to their alternate sides with a flow. It resembles the opening and closing of scissors.

This cardio will overlap the other arm. Scissors do not need any other equipment to perform. So, it is also convenient for any place and time.

Arm circles

Arm circles are a fun exercise that one can do with or without weight. Move your legs apart from each other. And, bring your arms to the sides of your body. Lift your arms to the respective sides by keeping them stretched.

Start rotating your already stretched arms in a circular motion. Do it clockwise and then anti-clockwise. This back and forth movement will help to tone the muscles faster.

Will Fat Burning Cream Work On Flabby Arms?

Liposuction for Arms

Liposuction is a common process for removing fat from any focused region. This is a cosmetic surgery that uses a suction technique to withdraw lipid or fat.

Often fat may accumulate in the arms abnormally. It can be due to the genetics or body type of a particular person. This stubborn fat might not go away even with diet and exercise.

In the aforementioned case, a person might go for liposuction. But, it should be allowed only when a person has failed to lose the fat after diet and exercise. So the next step after asking ‘why are my arms so fat compared to the rest of my body’ can be liposuction.

Before doing liposuction, the doctor has to know the physical history of the patient. The patient will be required to go through multiple tests which include blood tests and ECG.

Different types of liposuction processes for arms are there. They are-

  • Suction-assisted – Traditional suction method comprises this procedure.
  • Power-assisted – This uses an outer power source through which the surgeon drives the cannula.
  • Vibro-assisted – Air pressure functions as the main actor in this process. Complex movements are performed on the tip during this.
  • Ultrasound-assisted –  This liposuction process needs ultrasound energy.
  • Vaser – assisted: This process also needs ultrasound energy but it does not have as much energy as the ultrasound-assisted liposuction. It also uses solid probes.
  • Laser-assisted – As the name suggests, this liposuction is done with the help of a laser.

Do not stress your mind by thinking – “why are my arms so fat compared to the rest of my body?”. There are many ways to get rid of the stubborn fat in your arms. Liposuction is one of them along with coolsculpting. Consult with a good cosmetic surgeon before you go for this surgery!


What causes the arms to look heavier compared to the body?

Many different factors can work to make the arms look heavier. Calorie intake, calorie sources, hormones, and genetics are the most prominent ones. This can also occur due to not focusing on arms during workouts.

Is liposuction safe for arms?

Liposuction is a safe process to remove fat from the arms. But, a doctor should suggest this only when the patient failed to lose fat in natural ways.

Diet and exercise should be the priority to bring change in the body. If this fails for a genetic reason, only then one should do this.

Is exercise enough to lose arm fat?

Exercise is undoubtedly the best way to remove fat from the body. But, one must also look after the calories that they are taking. Overall body toning can also make significant changes in your arms.


Flabby arms can be stressful. But, it is also important to accept your own body. “Why are my arms so fat compared to the rest of my body?” – a common question of many. But, while you look for the answers make sure you become more kind to yourself.

Keep that self-doubt aside and start working from today. The results will not be far once you get habituated with a healthier lifestyle. Till then keep loving yourself because you deserve every bit of it!

I'm Sabriha Hasan, a 3rd year medical student from Armed Forces Medical College. I chose to study medicine to do something for the greater good and to use my skills and knowledge to provide relief to those who are suffering. Writing is second nature to me. I always try to provide readers with necessary information that would not only quench their thirst for knowledge but also help them in long run.

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