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How Long Does It Take To Lose 40 Pounds? 6 Best Strategies to Expedite It

Diet and various workouts are crucial to maintaining a healthy lifestyle and shed off some weight. The routines and meal plans are all available right at our fingertips on smart gadgets.

Numerous ads and platforms across the internet are readily available and accessible. These usually say you will lose much weight in a month by subscribing through their preset program.

However, how precise and realistic is this claim? Is it possible to lose 40 pounds in a month diet plan? How long does it take to lose 40 pounds? We will find out in this article.

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6 Strategies to Lose 40 Pounds

Numbers of fancy regimes, weight-loss plans, and obvious scams ensure fast and effortless weight loss. Still, the base of triumphant weight loss prevails a healthy, low-calorie, or low carbohydrate diet blended with optimized physical movement.

how long does it take to lose 40 pounds

For thriving, long-term weight loss, you must obtain constant modifications in your lifestyle and health practices. If you ask me how to lose 40 pounds in 2 weeks, it will depend on your consistency.

How do you make those constant adjustments?

1) Readiness

  • If you have an enormous amount of weight to lose, it sure will take more time and effort on your end. The lengthy time and steps mean you have to be more focused and committed to achieving your goals.
  • Your little progress of losing weight is still progress. Do not feel discouraged.
  • While you do not need to set off weight loss momentarily, you should ascertain that you can apply the modifications consistently to your food and physical activity.
  • Challenge yourself the subsequent inquests to help you discover your willingness:

Speak to your physician if you need guidance in approaching stressors or sentiments that appear like barriers to your eagerness. If you are willing, you will notice that it is easier to set aims, stay engaged and improve practices.

2) Motivation

  • Stick to your motivation. Why do you want to lose weight? Is it because you are afraid to get sick? Do you want to look good? Improve your mood and outlook? Are you taking a vacation soon?
  • Write a journal. Keep track of your progress and your list of motivation. The key to your success is you.
  • It also helps to find someone who can encourage you to stay on your goals and commend you for your progress or any improvements and changes.

3) Realistic Set of Goals

  • While imagining our goals makes us feel good, we have to set our minds to reality. Realistically how long does it take to lose 40 pounds? Losing one to two pounds or 0.5 to a kilogram a week must be your starting goal.
  • Usually, to lose a pound or two per week, it is a must to burn five hundred to a thousand calories. More than you utilize daily, by a lower calorie intake and daily physical movement.

4) Consume Healthy Foods

  • Choosing a distinct eating form that promotes weight loss must involve reducing your total calorie consumption. Though limiting calories need not mean giving up flavor, content, or even the manner of preparation.

5) Workouts

  • Staying active is needed to burn weight and calories. You may opt to seek professional consultation on which program may suit you best to help you lose weight.

6) Consistency

  • Do remember that it takes consistency and patience to achieve the results and your preset goals.

What are the possible steps that you can follow? How can you lose 40 pounds?

How to Lose Weight in a Healthy Way?

Anybody who wants to lose weight wants a quick route to achieving their goal. But is that natural?

When you gradually lose weight in approximately one or two pounds per week, you are more thriving in keeping and maintaining that pace of shedding those pounds off your body.

Healthily losing some pounds is not solely reliant upon following a diet or a specific workout program. Consistency is a key, as they say. You have to keep up with your lifestyle changes to see improvements and maintain what you have done.

Losing weight is a task, and it is not an easy one. It takes full time and commitment. Losing weight is not just for you to feel lighter. When you lose weight, it creates an impact on your health and overall outlook on yourself.

But, what is the ideal weight loss? How do you do it? How do long does it take to lose 40 pounds with diet and exercise?

How Long Does It Take to Lose 40 Pounds With Diet and Exercise?

When you follow a healthy diet, remain active through workouts, and do it consistently, you will achieve your weight loss goals. It would help if you combined your efforts to get the best outcome.

How long will it take to lose 40 pounds on a 1200 calorie diet if you apply both diet and exercise? Concerning and linking with workout, how long does it take to lose 40 pounds on a treadmill?

how long does it take to lose 40 pounds

Nowadays, people want to lose weight by following a diet plan that promises to lose weight rapidly. There are various diet plans that you could try. One of the most popular is the keto, followed by GM, South Beach, and many more.

You can find recipes online, too. However, the most popular meal plans focus on low carb, high protein. Examples of a low carbohydrate and high in protein diet are Paleo, South Beach, and Atkins. These diets are also known as, Ketogenic diet or keto for short.

How Long Does It Take to Lose 40 Pounds on Keto?

How long does it take to lose 40 pounds on the keto diet? Following the first week of the Keto diet, you will probably see a notable decline in your weight.

In contrast, with a regular diet and a caloric deficiency plus, daily exercise routine, most individuals can assume to lose a pound or two within a week. Meanwhile, those pursuing the Keto diet usually witness a drop from two to ten pounds.

Nevertheless, keep in mind that what you are losing is mostly water weight. And losing this much weight is since the Ketogenic diet strongly limits the intake of carbs.

The pace will decrease ultimately. You can anticipate losing four to ten pounds per month of burned fat while adhering to a Keto diet. That implies you can presume to lose 40 pounds in the equivalent of four to five months on average.

How Long Does It Take To Lose 40 Pounds on a Treadmill?

Losing 40 pounds on a treadmill will demand several months but may get shorter and quicker if you incorporate some portion restriction in your food. For males, you need to eat 2,500 calories a day at least. And for females, 2,000 calories.

The use of the treadmill is perfect for losing weight. When you use one, how long does it take to lose 40 pounds? According to CDC, the approximate weight loss you can have in a week is an average of a pound or two. If we go by this result, losing 40 pounds will take 20 weeks or four to five months.

As discussed earlier, you will lose more mass the heavier you are. And this event persists with running or walking via a treadmill. You burn added calories working at the same pace for the same amount because it takes more power to drive yourself when you weigh extra. You can recognize that you lose further if you are heavier.

How Long Does It Take To Lose 40 Pounds After Pregnancy?

While it is typical to gain weight when pregnant, it is also vital to watch out for its after-effects on your health. The question is, how long does it take to lose 40 pounds after pregnancy?

After delivering the baby, females will lose weight immediately because of the expulsion of the baby, placenta, and amniotic fluid.

Few weeks after postpartum, you will lose some more of your extra fluids. What is left will be your fat deposits accumulated. At this time, it is best and recommended to lose a pound per week. The first few weeks are the easy part as you only have to lose fluids but, after that time, losing fat will create a pound-per-month weight loss.

how long does it take to lose 40 pounds

You must aim to lose weight and return to your normal BMI pre-pregnancy. Weight loss should be within six to twelve months. Modern investigation implies that females who do not or cannot lose weight within this time frame have a higher chance of grasping the weight for the long term.

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If you have difficulties losing your pregnancy weight, consult your physician for weight-loss programs you can follow and employ. The following are some ways which you can do to shed off pregnancy weight gain:

Combine Diet and Exercise Post-Pregnancy

Cut out on junk foods and focus on eating healthy food. Working out is okay post-pregnancy. If you had a caesarian section, consult and plan with your physician your movements needed.


Your body burns calories when you do breastfeeding. The body demands additional energy to produce milk. However, this claim will necessitate further research and study.

Can Walking Help You Lose 40 Pounds?

Staying active helps us to lose weight. We can do different routines with a treadmill, cardio workout or weightlifting, and even walking. Walking is a good step for beginners if you feel like a cardio workout or running makes you sluggish. If that is the case, how long will it take to lose 40 pounds by walking?

Walking is one of the safest ways to remain active. Walking also is best for those who have joint issues. We can recall that a healthy weight loss is at the rate of a pound or two per week, which is a mix of diet and exercise.

Self Determination

If you are willing and ready to pursue your weight loss journey via walking, then the answer to how long it will take to lose 40 pounds is this.

With the aim of the half to a pound each week, the process of losing 40 pounds might take you at least 40 weeks. At this rate, you are sure to keep your weight off for a longer period and in a safe manner.

How will you accomplish this weight loss? You need to burn an added 250-500 kcal daily through walking. Furthermore, the motion alone is not enough. So, it is best to adjust your caloric intake, too.

Start Workout

Begin by walking at least three times a week for 20 minutes. Slowly increase your pace and frequency up to an hour per day and every day will help you achieve your weight loss target. Working out might make you lazy and slow down, but this is just going to keep you off track.

To avoid getting tired of walking, you can do your walking outdoors, or do it with a friend, listen to a workout, happy vibe music, watch your favorite TV show, listen to podcasts or audiobooks.

The number of calories that you burn per walking depends upon your total body weight and your pace. You can try walking via a treadmill to know the specific statistics and results, too.

When you begin losing so much weight, your body might lose its form. So, in keeping your muscles fit and toned, you may try incorporating some weights, too.

Can I Lose 40 Pounds in Two Weeks?

Losing weight is not easy and requires effort and adjustments to your lifestyle. If you are running on a timeline and wondering how to lose 40 pounds in 2 weeks, this can be an answer.

In contrast, on average, how long does it take to lose 40 pounds? We know that losing weight is not an easy route. However, we want results quickly, too.

As per the CDC, it is more safe and necessary for a person to lose weight slowly and gently. A safe weight loss is about a pound or two per week to maintain the weight off. By this information, losing 40 pounds will take around 4-5 months.

Can you lose 40 pounds in 2 weeks? How long does it take to lose 40 pounds of fat, then?

One pound of fat contains 3,500 calories, which is a scientific truth. If you want to shed one pound of fat, you must utilize those 3,500 calories or eliminate them from your regular diet.

Let’s take a 45-minute sprint as an example. Jogging at this rate burns 600 calories, whereas an hour of strolling burns 300-400 calories. Alternatively, you may start reducing 600 calories from your daily intake. It will take me roughly six days to drop one pound.

If you want to drop 40 pounds in two weeks, you must either decrease your intake or burn 10010 calories per day for 14 days in a row.

You can burn 10, 010 Cal/day for 14 days in a row by doing:

  • Sit-ups for a total of 1, 502 minutes which is equivalent to 400 kcal per hour.
  • Dancing for a total of 1,335 minutes which is equivalent to 450 kcal per hour.
  • Press-up for a total of 1, 502 minutes which is equivalent to 400 kcal per hour.
  • Sailboarding for a total of 2,002 minutes which is equivalent to 300kcal per hour.

Is It Possible to Lose 40 Pounds in 4 Months?

Losing 40 pounds of weight, based upon the average weight loss rate of a  pound or two per week, will entail that the process will take long before you achieve your end goal.

However, if you are thinking, how to lose 40 pounds in 4 months and if this is feasible? The answer is yes. But you must adjust more of your management including, a stricter diet intake, vigorous exercise routines, and remaining consistent and focused in what you do.

You may opt for high-intensity interval training. HIIT can help you lose more weight rapidly, in combination with a well-planned diet that is not encouraging you to adhere to crashing your intake but fills your energy, too.

How Long Does It Take To Lose 40 Pounds for a Teenager?

“Start them young” is one of the typical pieces of advice that you will hear in almost all aspects. One impactful thing that you can do is start tracking your weight if it is healthy or gearing towards being overweight at an early age.

By doing so, you will prevent a lot of health risks. Equip teenagers with the knowledge of losing weight healthily by aiming for at least a pound or two per week. Losing weight at this pace may mean shedding off 48 pounds approximately within six months.

To lose weight, a teenager must reduce the number of calories consumed and burn more calories daily. For parents, it is best to prepare healthy and balanced meals for their growing child or children.

It is also wise to involve your family during the whole process to keep your teenagers engaged and encouraged.

Meal Programs and Plans To Lose 40 Pounds

You often hear and see recommendations everywhere. And since you have a goal in mind, with a willingness to pursue it, you get to ask how long does it take to lose 40 pounds on Nutrisystem?

What is Nutrisystem? Nutrisystem offers simple programs from everything you need to continue to lose weight and maintain dropping until you achieve your goal.

Nutrisystem programs are completely ready, balanced for weight reduction. Meals produced comes with high-quality ingredients. Also, a balanced diet blends all veggies with good fats, lean meats, dietary fiber, and smart carbohydrates.

They have a stuffing daily plan that makes you pleased rather than hungry while consuming six times per day.  There is a place and room to indulge since the restriction is ineffective. All your culinary delights, including desserts, have been made healthier.

There are options for long-term results, such as on-demand counseling and a simple, integrated weight loss application.

Women who tried Nutrisystem can shed up to 13 pounds and seven inches in the first month, plus a pound to two per week after that.

Meanwhile, for men on Nutrisystem, they can lose up to 18 pounds and eight inches in the first month, thereafter, roughly a pound or two each week after that.


Losing weight is not an easy task, especially these days when a sedentary lifestyle is prevalent. However, there are multitudes of ways you can explore to shed off weight. How long does it take to lose 40 pounds?

It will differ on your body type, composition, even gender, and age. The best way that you can do is to start at an early age, or the earlier, the better.

If you notice that you are gearing towards an unhealthy weight, start by watching what and how much you eat. A good diet plan like the ketogenic diet, a low carb regime partnered with working out daily, may help you stay focused on your goals and attain them steadily.

Remember, a healthy weight loss entails a pound or two per week. Losing more or excessively may mean you have an underlying condition.

If you are having trouble losing weight, consult the help of a healthcare professional to give you the best advice.


  1. Is It Possible to Lose 40 Pounds in 3 Months?

As a weight-loss target, thirty to forty pounds is entirely feasible. Although, not in three months. Rather than putting everything, including your focus, on the weighing scale, prioritize raising good practices. In this manner, you will help shed weight steadily, and your current lifestyle will assist you in keeping it off.

  1. How Can I Lose 40 Lbs Fast?

Decrease your energy intake. A healthy weight loss is around a pound or two of body weight per week. Radical single-product fad regimes, juice or broth cleanse, and other plans that aim at extreme calorie restriction can damage your health.

Aside from lacking vital nutrients, these practices will quickly make you gain weight following ceasing this type of diet.

As mentioned, a healthy weight loss is 1-2 pounds per week. A pound of fat is about 3,500 calories. To get rid of a pound per week, you need to reduce your caloric intake by 500 calories per day. To drop two pounds, decrease caloric intake by 1,000 calories. So, losing two pounds each week means you will need roughly four to five months to drop 40 pounds.

  1. In Two Months, How Much Weight Can You Shed off Your Body?

Although each body type is diverse, typically, people can anticipate losing a pound or two each week if they are doing so in a healthy way. Across the course of two months, a healthy weight-loss aim is eight to sixteen pounds. Losing weight at this pace assures that you will keep your weight off for the long term.

  1. What Is Considered an Alarming Weight Loss?

If you are losing weight of about ten pounds or even more or a total of five percent of your total body weight over 6 to 12 months, this is deemed unexplained. Unexplained weight loss can be a manifestation of a grave condition or illness.

  1. Cardio Workout or Weights?

Doing cardio can burn more calories than performing a weight-training exercise. Nevertheless, your metabolism may remain raised for a long time following weights rather than cardio.

Weight lifting is more beneficial for building muscle. Therefore, the perfect exercise plan for enhancing body structure and overall health must comprise cardio and weights routines.

  1. How to Lose 40 Pounds for a Woman?

We did mention above that losing weight entails more factors before achieving your preset goals. One factor to consider when putting your realistic aims and objectives for your weight loss journey is your gender.

Females regularly employ only 1,600 to 2,100 calories daily. For some, chopping off 1,000 calories will put them at a regular consumption of under 1,200 calories, which is not enough and healthy.

When you talk about reducing or consuming lesser than recommended calories like micro-and macronutrients, it can slow down the metabolism instead of boosting.

Not consuming adequate calories may make your body burn lean muscle mass, mainly if you do not perform exercises. When you lose muscle, which demands more energy for your body to sustain versus fat, your metabolism drops further, making weight reduction even more challenging.

Consuming just 1,200 to 1,400 calories per day, as with most people, is a very low consumption that will lead to weight reduction, but it may be damaging to your health. So, you might set a weekly weight reduction target from one to 1.5 lbs., and you could exercise daily, which is a far better alternative.

  1. What Does Losing 40 Pounds Do to Your Body?

Losing weight, in general, is not easy. But, once you achieve your target goal, you will also see massive changes in your body. Whether those modifications are good or bad, the positivity outweighs and wins.

When you lose 40 pounds, you will be able to sleep better, prevent hypertension or high blood pressure, your outlook about yourself changes so, your mood becomes better, too.

Adhering to a healthier lifestyle and diet may change your sense of taste – which is fine. Changes in your taste buds will help you maintain what you have.

Your memory and focus become snappier. You will stick to remaining active. Since you are working out, you will have less pain in your joints and knees.

Your chance of acquiring cancer lessens. And your chronic conditions will be managed properly, too. For instance, if you have a high cholesterol level, your diet and lifestyle will keep your rate manageable to normal.

Although, of course, when you lose a massive amount of weight, your skin will become loose and sag. Adding weightlifting to your routine may help improve this condition. Or you may seek the opinion of your consultant if it requires a more extensive treatment modality.

  1. What Is the Fastest Amount of Time I Can Safely Lose 40 Pounds?

It would depend on the person’s body type and where they would be categorized. Classification are as follows:

It would depend on the person’s body type and where they would be categorized. Classification are as follows:

  • Very lean must decrease 0.1 to 0.2 kilograms per week and 0.5 to 1% of total body weight monthly.
  • Lean must decrease 0.2 to 0.5 kilograms per week and 1 to 2% of total body weight monthly.
  • Average must decrease 0.5 to 0.7 kilograms per week and 2 to 3% of total body weight monthly.
  • Moderate overweight must decrease 0.7 to 0.9 kilograms per week and 3 to 4% of total body weight monthly.
  • Obese must decrease 0.9 to 1.4 kilograms per week and 4 to 6% of total body weight monthly.

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