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Do Strawberries Have Potassium? Read What Experts Say!

Strawberries, an American and Chilean crossbreed, are everyone’s favorite. It is due to their bright red appearance, juicy nature, sweet, and sometimes sour taste.  

Strawberries are also used in desserts, jams, ice creams, and jellies as well as raw.  Strawberries offer a considerable amount of vitamin C, folate fibers, manganese, and potassium.

Our main concern is about, do strawberries have potassium?

Strawberries are a good source of potassium. But, they are not potassium-rich fruits. Keto-dieters who are looking for potassium-low foods should opt for strawberries.  Because strawberries are also very low in calories and contain little sugar.

Read on to learn further.

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Do Strawberries Have Potassium?

Do Strawberries Have Potassium

Strawberries contain a significant amount of potassium, but they are not potassium-rich. You can add them as potassium-low food to your diet. 

An excessive amount of minerals in the diet can lead to kidney problems. But strawberries, being a low-potassium fruit, don’t cause these risks.

At this point, I’m sure you are curious about how much potassium is there in strawberries. Are strawberries low in potassium? A potassium-rich food is one that contains more than 500 mg of potassium per serving.  Food that contains less than 300 mg of potassium is usually low in potassium.

The amount of potassium in strawberries is 138 mg per serving or 90 grams. Strawberries have even less potassium than 200 mg, showing their low potassium content.

But yet, you might wonder – can strawberries provide too much potassium? Most likely, no!

Strawberry consumption is unlikely to result in excess potassium intake. Many people often consume large quantities of strawberries in a single sitting. But, this will also not cause an increase in potassium intake. You still need to eat the recommended amount of strawberries not more.

People love strawberries in the form of salads, milkshakes, and desserts. These diets can already be high in potassium. It can be due to the presence of other fruits, milk, creams, and chocolates. An excessive amount of potassium can enter the body in this situation.

Strawberries: Basics You Need To Know

how much potassium in strawberries

The initial part of the article says all about the potassium content of strawberries. But is that all we are going to tell you? Absolutely not!

Here is some basic information regarding this delicious fruit and its benefits. 

How many strawberries a day are healthy? 

How Many Strawberries Should I Eat Per Day? This is a very common concern.

A daily serving of 8 medium-size strawberries is acceptable. In this amount, strawberries are suitable for people who need a low-calorie diet.

Can eating too many strawberries be bad for you? If someone eats strawberries in excess, they can result in

acidic reflux, bloating, heartburn, upper abdominal pain, esophageal inflammation, and diarrhea.

What Vitamins Are There In Strawberries?

Are strawberries a good source of vitamin C?  

Vitamin C is present in a significant amount in strawberries. The vitamin C content of 100 grams of strawberries is about 58.8 mg. Vitamin C content in this amount is equal to 98% of the daily recommended value.

Besides providing vitamin C, strawberries contain vitamins K, E, and B in small amounts.  Strawberries can provide 2% of the DV% of vitamin E and 3% of the DV% of vitamin K.

Do Strawberries Have A Lot Of Sugar?

Do strawberries have sugar in them? A single serving of strawberries has only 29 calories. Most of these calories come from carbohydrates. Around 6.9 grams of carbohydrates are present in 90 grams (or one serving) of strawberries.

In this amount of carbohydrates, dietary fibers cover 1.8 grams, and sugar covers 4.4 grams. That means if a person eats 90 grams of strawberries, he will get only 4.4 grams of sugar. It is a very small amount and any diet-conscious person can consume it.

How Are Strawberries Healthy For You?

How healthy are strawberries for you? Here are the benefits of strawberries :

  • Maintain Blood Pressure: Strawberries provide potassium to our bodies.  Potassium counteracts the effects of sodium on blood pressure.  After entering the bloodstream, it prevents hypertension.
  • Enhance Immunity: Strawberries have more vitamin C. vitamin C improves immunity. It does so by boosting the white blood cells.  It also protects the skin from bacterial or viral infection. 

Also, it functions as an antioxidant. This prevents the oxidation of cells due to free radicals. Free radicals can cause severe disorders such as cancer and even death. So, if you ask – Can strawberries help prevent cancer? Yes, it helps in preventing cancer indirectly. 

  • Promote Cardiovascular Health: Strawberries contain antioxidants that prevent blood clotting.  And potassium in them prevents hypertension. These properties help to prevent heart attacks.
  • Maintain Blood Sugar Level: Strawberries are low in calories. Are strawberries bad for diabetics? As it has a low glycemic index, it reduces the risk of hyperglycemia, thus preventing diabetes.
  • Maintain Eye Health: Strawberries contain ellagic acid, flavonoids, and phenolic phytochemicals. These compounds, reduce the risk of eye disorders caused by aging.

Are Strawberries Good On A Diet?

Are Strawberries Good On A Diet

People on the diet avoid foods high in sugar and get most of their calories from proteins. What about strawberries? Are strawberries keto-friendly? As we have discussed, strawberries are not rich in sugar. A single serving of 90 grams of strawberries can offer only 4.4 grams of sugar. Those on the keto diet can consume strawberries without high-calorie intake.

Canned strawberries can be high in sugar. There are artificial sugars in canned strawberries. This sugar can increase the calories in the body, so they are not preferable for those on a diet.

Potassium In Strawberries Vs Bananas

Strawberry servings contain less fat, calories, and fat per serving than bananas. So, most diet-conscious people must prefer strawberries due to their low glycemic index.

Strawberries will also be a preferable option if someone wants a low-potassium fruit. Bananas contain more potassium than strawberries. One serving of bananas, which can be equal to 118 grams, provides about 422 mg of potassium. 

It covers 12% of the daily need for potassium. While strawberries offer 138 grams of potassium. It covers only 4% of the daily potassium needed.

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Potassium In Strawberries Vs Blueberries

The mineral content of strawberries is higher than blueberries. Except for zinc and copper, which are more abundant in blueberries. Further, blueberries offer more sugar, fats, and calories per serving compared to strawberries.

The potassium content of blueberries is much less than that of strawberries. One serving of blueberries, which equals 1.4 grams, contains only 1.1 mg of potassium.  It is negligible compared to the daily recommended intake of potassium.

Any More Questions?

Can I get fibers from strawberries?

Strawberries are a healthy source of fibers as compared to bread and nut. You can get 1.8 grams of fibers from 90 grams of strawberries. This value is small, as 25 to 30 grams of dietary fibers are healthier per day for an adult. One should take some other source of fibers as well with strawberries.

Are strawberries good for diabetics?

Strawberries are low-caloric due to the low nutritional value of sugar. Diabetics can take strawberries. Because they cannot increase their blood sugar level due to their low glycemic index.

Can I use strawberries with acid reflux?

Strawberries are acidic with pH ranging from 3.00 to 3.50. Being acidic, they are not recommended to use with acid reflux. They can aggravate acidity in the stomach and make acid reflux worse.

Are canned strawberries high in potassium?

Like fresh strawberries, canned strawberries are also low in potassium. Half a cup of canned strawberries provides 112 mg of potassium. It is less than the potassium in fresh strawberries. It is safe to consume canned strawberries without consuming a lot of potassium.

Will strawberries spike blood sugar? 

Canned or processed foods are usually high in sugar. This can result in hyperglycemia increasing the risk of diabetes type-2. Thus, fresh strawberries are always better than canned ones.

Parting Thoughts

Do strawberries have potassium? Strawberries contain potassium but not in large quantities.  A single serving of 90 grams of strawberries contains only 138 mg of potassium. It covers 4% of DV% of potassium. 

You can use strawberries as a low-potassium diet. Eight medium sizes per day of strawberries are suitable for an adult. Strawberries cannot cause high potassium consumption. 

But be careful while using them with other healthy diets. It’s used with diets like salads, desserts, and milkshakes can exceed potassium intake.

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