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What Happens When an Eyelash Gets in Your Eye?

Tiny objects can slip into your eyes and dissolve in them. Still, the eyes will often remove particles like eyelashes by natural process. Eyelashes shield your eyes from dust and residue. When you blink, the glands at the base of your lashes assist in lubricating your eyes.

But what happens when an eyelash gets in your eye?

Eyelashes in the eyes are cleared by tear formation. Sometimes, it might get lost in the eyelid due to the great space available. Hence, consulting a doctor is the best approach. If you have an eyelash in your eye, remain calm and follow the steps provided in this article.

Often, eyelashes expel without difficulty. This article will show you a brief glimpse at the journey of an eyelash in your eye!

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Eyelash in Your Eye

how to get an eyelash out of your eye

Why do my eyes hurt? What happens when an eyelash gets in your eye

It can be ticklish, sharp, and stabbing. You may or may not realize when the eyelash falls out. 

But in common, it is due to scratching your eyes. Besides, you might have an extra urge to rub when the eyelash stuck in tear duct.

How to confirm an eyelash stuck in eye? First, stand in front of a mirror. Then, keep your eyes open and roll your eyeball from side to side. By doing this the eyelash in corner of eye will become visible. 

DO NOT use your fingers when you’re doing this procedure. As we all know, fingers are the prime source of dirt due to unhygienic practices. 

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Common Foreign Objects in the Eye:

Foreign bodies are particles that shouldn’t be there in your eye. If it is present, you may need to figure out which one it is. 

Different objects may need unique methods of removal. 

Here are a few foreign objects found in the eye:

  • Contact lens
  • Cosmetics
  • Dirt
  • Dried mucus
  • Dust 
  • Eyelashes
  • Glass Sherds
  • Hair
  • Insects
  • Metal particles
  • Sand
  • Wood chip

Where Do Eyelashes Go in Your Eye

The truth is that eyelash behind eyeball is very rare. A coat of muscle and tissue secures the front half of the eye from the posterior. And this part will not break with ease. Only a heavy form of injury can shatter this layer.

I’ll tell you what happens if an eyelash goes in your eye

Where do eyelashes go? Eyelash in the eye rolls around the externals of your eyeball like an ice cube on slippery tiles. It may also hide beneath your upper or lower eyelids.

What happens when an eyelash gets in your eye? Your body will remove objects from your eye by blinking every second. It produces extra tears for lubrication. Likewise, your eyes often take out foreign objects while you sleep. 

Tiny objects can cross down thin drains in the corner of your eyes. It passes through the canaliculi channel and out via the nose. 

Beneath the eyelids, the conjunctiva forms the outer surface of the white part of the eyeball. This is the most prominent part of the eye apart from the visible lens. 

The continuous nature makes it ridiculous for anything to get behind the eye. Thus, eyelashes cannot get trapped there. 

What Happens When an Eyelash Gets in your Eye

What Happens When an Eyelash Gets in Your Eye

As we all know, the fake eyelashes falling off meme is becoming a trendsetter. 

But what happens if an eyelash goes under your eye? Several things can happen, such as:

01. Itchy Eyes:

Eyelashes on inner corner of eye can be ticklish and stingy at the same time. Moreover, eyelashes are soft and smooth. 

02. Blepharitis:

Blepharitis is the inflammation of the eyelid and skin. It occurs at the eyelid’s edge. 

The margins of your eyes become puffy and scaly during blepharitis. Yet, you can cure your blepharitis without visiting the doctor. 

03. Trichiasis:

Trichiasis is the in-grown eyelash. 

Eyelashes behind eye may impact the eyeball or irritate the skin beneath it. Soon, it may worsen the inflammation.

04. Corneal Abrasion:

Corneal abrasion is a scratch on the cornea. 

It is not always visible with naked eyes. But sometimes, you may have redness with a painful sensation. 

What Happens to Eyelashes That Go Behind Your Eye?

Do eyelashes dissolve in your eye? Nothing can get stuck behind your eyeballs. It is unimaginable! For all you know, nothing should get stuck as well. 

Tear glands work very hard to produce tears. These tears and mucus will remove the eyelashes in corner of eye

If this is not successful, you can try using some saline solution to rinse it out.

Recovering from a foreign object in the eye may be traumatizing. 

An irritation or minor ache may be present for at least 24 hours. 

Not to worry, the eyeball with lashes can repair quickly. For the worst-case scenario, corneal abrasions may heal within three days without infection.

How to Remove Eyelash from Eye

How to Remove Eyelash from Eye

How to get an eyelash out of your eye? As mentioned before, our eyes remove eyelashes by producing tears or during sleep. 

But if the natural processes don’t work, you may try these 10 steps:

  1. First, practice hand hygiene. Wash your hands with soap and clean water. Dry them with a towel so that you don’t blink too much later. 
  2. Remove any contact lenses, cosmetics, and fake eyelashes. 
  3. Position yourself and face a mirror. Look for any signs of eyelash embedded in conjunctiva.
  4. Don’t rub your eyes. Instead, blink a few times to see if your tears will wash out the eyelash on their own. Avoid blinking too much as the object may irritate your eyeball.
  5. If you cannot see it, it may be under one of the eyelids. Roll your eyeballs in all directions, upward, downward, and sideward. 
  6. Use a wet cotton swab or clean tissue to grasp the eyelashes tucked under eyelid. Only do this if the lash is on the conjunctiva or eyelid. Otherwise, you can damage your lens and vision.
  7. Try normal saline or artificial tears. Make sure you inspect the expiry date. 
  8. You might try taking a shower. Run a gentle stream of lukewarm water toward your eye.
  9. Avoid using fingers to prevent contamination.
  10. If the steps above are unsuccessful, see an eye care specialist.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the eyecare tips to remove eyelashes in my eye?

First, do not try to remove the eyelash when your hands are dirty. Wash them and remove your contact lens as soon as possible. Don’t use any sharp items to scratch your eye. Instead, apply a warm compress to ease the irritation. Keep track of your eye drops from time to time. Ensure the expiry date is still available. For better guidance, reach out to the medical professional. 

How does the eye remove debris?

The eyes remove debris in various forms. Often, you need extra tears and adequate sleep only. But sometimes, it can be troublesome. If that is the case, you need medical care to treat your condition. In general, the eye removes debris by lubrication and movement. If you have a deficit in tear production, the eye drops will do!  

Can an eyelash grow into my eye?

Yes, it can, but it is rare! This condition is Trichiasis. It is an issue that causes abnormal eyelash growth. In normal circumstances, eyelashes grow outwards. But a few eyelashes may grow inward toward the eye in Trichiasis. With that, you can feel like a needle stabbing into your eyes.

Take Away

What happens when an eyelash gets in your eye? Can it lead to blindness? The answer is NO. 

Eyelashes in your eyes are a common condition. And safe to say, you can treat this at home. I hope this article taught you easy methods for removing tiny foreign objects from the eyes.

Otherwise, do not try any dangerous removal. If you’re still unable to get it out, consult an eye specialist to remove the debris.

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