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Red Spot on Breast Looks Like Bug Bite:9 Critical Reasons

Over the past few years, breast health has been emphasized in several international campaigns and forums. As neglected and ignorant women have been to their breast health, it is undoubtedly the most vital organ for developing severe complications.

Major health concerns include breast lumps, red spot on breast looks like bug bite, striae, bluish discoloration, purulent discharge from the nipple, pain, and tenderness. Not necessarily these are cancers but may have the potential to progress to one.

Other than cancer, many infectious or inflammatory diseases can also be a good reason for such spots. Here is an article that covers all of your queries.

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Why Do We Have Red Spot on Breast Looks Like Bug Bite?

First off, it can actually be a bug bite. Even though you are scared of the million things the red spot on your breast indicates, it can also be just a bug bite. If you have a history of coming across a similar situation, it can be dealt with simple anti-itch cream having hydrocortisone or cold compress.

Secondly, it may be some infectious disease. Shingles, initial stages of measles, dengue, and malaria may show red spots on numerous body locations, including your breast. But with proper medication for the disease or with time, it starts to disappear.


But the third kind is the one which is something to worry off. The constant appearance of rashes that does not go away with oral or topical administration of medicine is a bit concerning. Mainly it can be some inflammatory disease or a cancerous condition.

Inflammatory Disease

Certain inflammatory conditions swell the areola or tender the breast. As such, cutaneous rashes are observed. Mostly, these disappear within a few days but in some cases, they don’t. 

Namely, some cases are mentioned below:

Breastfeeding Mother

If you are a new mother and you are breastfeeding your child, you may develop small red spots that look like insect bites on the skin. Sometimes they are pain associated but mostly these are red spots on the breast with no pain.

During lactation, the mammary gland has an upsurge of breast milk in the initial days. Thus the breast becomes tender, red, or swollen at times. 

Often any obstruction in breast milk production also produces the same kind of symptoms. Mostly it is pain associated. 

As the lactation is frequent and smooth, gradually the pain subsides. The rashes also go away within a few weeks.

Infectious Diseases

In case you are suffering from pimples on the breast, followed by fever or body ache, these may be signs of some diseases like malaria, chicken pox,  and measles.

Mostly these rashes are found on the upper part of the body which includes the trunk region. They look similar to a bug bite, with pimples, and red dots. 


After confirmation by diagnostic tests, infectious diseases can be treated. As such the symptoms including insect bite-like marks may trail off. 

A wide range of antibiotics and antipyretics help to fight these and so the insect bite-like spots go away as well.

Nipple Dermatitis 

Inflammation of the nipple is called nipple dermatitis. The areola may also be inflamed, along with local and regional pain. These are mostly caused by:

  • irritation of the skin due to attachment to an infant
  • Allergic reaction 
  • Atopic dermatitis 
  • Yeast infections 

Mammary Duct Ectasia

The milk ducts are affected by a noncancerous or benign condition called mammary duct ectasia. The ducts inflame to a wider and thicker-walled structure. The milk inside the glands is obstructed and there is an accumulation of fluid. 

Such health condition evolves red spots on the breast like insect bites, tenders the areola, and sometimes produces purulent discharge.

An antibiotic course with an ideal pain medication system can be a good treatment procedure in such a case. This can fight off the red spots and also give relief to the patient. 


The overall inflammation of the breast mostly in the lactation phase of a woman is called mastitis. Any bacterial or fungal infection, along with the trapping of milk in the breast causes such a painful condition. 


Itchy red spots on the breast that look like a bug bite and pimple red spots on the breast that look like a bug bite are observed at the time of mastitis. 

Breast Abscess

A bacterial infection causes lumps with sebaceous or purulent content in the breast. Conditions like tuberculosis are a huge reason behind this. 

Moreover, breastfeeding women and cancer patients are also seen to have abscesses. 

It can be drained or aspirated when needed. 

Cancerous Condition

Small red spots that look like insect bites or rashes can be initial symptoms of Inflammatory Breast Cancer or IBC. This is aggressive cancer and spreads quickly by involving the lymph nodes. 

The symptoms of IBC take about three to six months to appear. Commonly found features are:

  • Reddish or purple discoloration of the breast
  • Red spots on one-third of the breast
  • Pitting of the skin
  • Thickening of the skin
  • Dimpling of the skin (Peau d’orange)
  • Itching
  • Pain
  • Tenderness

Paget’s disease is also a kind of cancer that starts with rashes and reddish discoloration around the areola and nipple. Often found, red spots on the breasts that look like insect bite surround most quadrants of the breasts.


In addition to that, the disease has some features like:

Inflammatory Breast Cancer

As discussed till now, the main concern for red spots on the breasts that look like bug bite is Inflammatory Breast Cancer. 

Statistically speaking, at least 1% to 5% of the breast cancers in the United States itself is of this kind. Typically, women below the age of 40 are affected by this condition. If not metastasized, the five-year survival of IBC is about 40 percent. 

Screening and Treatment

Repeated annual screening is the best way to be alert for cancers in the breast. Every year, a certain age group is advised to undergo health checkups that include a thorough investigation of the breast. 

The confirmation of a case of Inflammatory Breast Cancer is done by breast imaging, breast core biopsy, and skin punch biopsy. If the results are positive, numerous treatment techniques are introduced to a patient. 

Inflammatory Breast Cancer can must be graded to what it’s been metastasized. Respectively, the radiation or chemotherapy can be suggested by the doctor to the patient. 

As the rate of deterioration of Inflammatory Breast Cancer is very high, it must be treated. To much relief, it cures about 40% if treated at right time. 

What Can Be Done to Get Rid of Red Spots on the Breast?

Not necessarily every rash on your breasts that resembles an insect bite is a malignant condition, but the first thing to do is to get it checked. 

Right after you notice changes in the breast, it’s better to firstly avoid scratching it. Scratching deliriously may ruin the skin layer and spread the rash at times. Only to make you more uncomfortable than required. 

Secondly, the best solution to initially treat a known case of skin irritation is by applying hot compression to it. Lukewarm water or a warm shower can ease your uneasiness. 

Thirdly, if you find no solution despite the home remedies, it is better to find out the cause of your skin irritation. Is this because of a change in your laundry powder? Or is it because some insect has been residing on the clothes you wore recently? 

Lastly, if all of the reasons are chalked out and even then you still see a red spot on your breast that looks like a bug big, visit a doctor. 

Definitely consult one if you see some of the following symptoms in your rashes: 


The right approach, to begin with, is to treat the rashes. Topically, creams can be applied along with heat compression therapy. 

Then if the rashes don’t tend to go away, antibiotics can be used to fight any underlying skin conditions or infectious diseases. 

Tests like mammograms or biopsies can be done if no lead is obtained behind the main cause of the disease. 


What does a red spot on your breast mean?

A red spot on your breast may indicate a rash, insect bite, or even cancer. Now, of all that, which one do you have, is the main matter of concern. Whatever it may be, try and find the root cause and get it treated.

What does an IBC red spot look like?

Typically, an Inflammatory Breast Cancer red spot looks like a reddish or purple-colored rash that covers more than one-third of the breast. At times, it is associated with pain that often radiates.

It is also said to resemble Peau’d orange.

What do breast cancer spots look like?

Any mobile lump or swelling, with over-skin discoloration that involves pain is a concerning factor. If the pain radiates to the axillary region, it is vital that you consult a doctor as soon as possible.

Is Inflammatory Breast Cancer treatable?

Yes! It is treatable. By radiotherapy or chemotherapy, according to the stage of cancer, Inflammatory Breast Cancer can be treated.


Red spots on the breast that look like insect bites can indicate so many things. From being a genuine insect bite to being something as deadly as cancer, it is a small but significant symptom.

Regular screening of the breast for cancer can actually keep away the doubt of cancer. Other than that a proper hygiene routine may help for other insect bites or fungal infections.

Whatsoever may be the case, it is crucial to take care of oneself and look out for any signs that can be fatal in our later lives.

Be healthy!

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