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Pamprin vs Midol: Which One Is Right for You?

Pamprin and Midol are medications designed specifically to relieve menstrual cramps along with other symptoms of PMS in women. There are different varieties of these two brands available on the market, so a person can choose whichever ingredients are suitable. 

Both of them are used widely by women during periods. There is confusion about Pamprin vs Midol, which one is better?

Both Pamprin and Midol are effective in treating PMS. They work in the same way by blocking prostaglandins production in the body. Prostaglandins are responsible for pain sensation and inflammation. In terms of doses and active ingredients, Pamprin and Midol differ quite a bit. Any of them can be preferred depending on the medical condition.

Read on to find out more.

Although Midol is more effective, the presence of caffeine in it sometimes makes Pamprin more preferable. Pamprin, on the other hand, contains aspirin, which usually results in irritability.

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Pamprin is the painkiller used to reduce premenstrual syndrome. Caffeine, acetaminophen, and aspirin are the active ingredients present in Pamprin. Besides caffeine, other Pamprin ingredients reduce pain by protecting the body from producing the histamine responsible for inflammation in the body. Caffeine enhances the functional ability of both acetaminophen and aspirin. 


Pamprin is used widely to

  • Reduce symptoms of premenstrual syndrome (PMS). These symptoms include pain, irritation, muscular ache, lower abdominal cramps, and headache.
  • Reduce the production of histamine in the body.
  • Cure joint pain due to arthritis
  • Alleviate fever

Variety of Pamprin

In the following varieties, Pamprin is widely used.

Pamprin Multi-SymptomPamprin Max Formula
Acetaminophen, pyrilamine, antihistamine, and a diuretic pamabrom are the active ingredients present in Pamprin Multi-symptomsAcetaminophen, aspirin, and caffeine are active ingredients in Pamprin Max Formula.
Pros:It effectively relieves multi symptoms including lower abdominal cramps, headache, bloating, and irritability.Pros:It contains a lesser amount of acetaminophen which makes it suitable for proper liver functioning if taken in a moderate dose.

Antihistamines aid proper sleeping and can also help with allergic symptoms.

Aspirin, being an NSAID, is very effective in relieving menstrual pain. Aspirin relieves menstrual cramps by acting directly on prostaglandins. Caffeine enhances the action of other active ingredients.
It contains a higher amount of acetaminophen and its daily intake will surely negatively affect your liver.Antihistamines can cause side effects including fainting, constipation, and visual irritability.Diuretics along with caffeine can result in frequent urination, leading to dehydration.
Cons:If a patient is already taking some blood-thinning medications as taken by patients of blood pressure, aspirin can interact with these medications.A high dose of Pamprin Max Formula can result in peptic ulcers.Caffeine, if taken in high amounts, can result in insomnia, anxiety, and many other complications including indigestion. 

Side Effects of Pamprin 

Like all medications, Pamprin also has some side effects. Pamprin’s side effects include

Pamprin overdose can result in yellowish skin, dull eyes, aggravation, nervousness, dark urination, loss of appetite, and lethargy in addition to all the above-mentioned side effects. 


It is used to relieve mild-moderate discomfort or pain from menstrual periods. Just like Pamprin, Midol also works by inhibiting the production of histamine in the body. 


Midol is used widely to treat:

  • PMS
  • Headache
  • Back pain
  • Toothache
  • Fever
  • Bloating
  • Fatigue
  • Muscular pain
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Muscular Inflammation

Variety of Midol

Midol is available in the below-mentioned varieties.

Midol CompleteMidol Long-Lasting ReliefMidol Caffeine Free
Acetaminophen, diuretic caffeine, and an antihistamine, pyrilamine are the active ingredients in Midol complete. Acetaminophen is the main active ingredient in it.Acetaminophen and pamabrom are the active ingredients in Midol Caffeine Free.
Pros:The amount of acetaminophen in it is sufficient to relieve pain as well as keep the liver healthy.Caffeine alleviates fatigue.Antihistamines prevent allergic symptoms.Pros:Acetaminophen is enough to relieve pain without affecting the liver.Pros:The absence of caffeine makes it suitable for use, eliminating side effects like insomnia.The limited amount of acetaminophen makes it safe for the liver.
Cons:Antihistamines can cause many side effects including lethargy, tiredness, loss of consciousness, dry mouth, and constipation.Caffeine can result in insomnia.Cons:Due to the presence of a single active ingredient, it cannot cure multi symptoms of PMS.Cons:If taken in high amounts can lead to dehydration.

Side Effects of Midol

Midol side effects include

If Midol is taken in a high dose, it can lead to yellowish skin, difficult breathing, dark urination, and allergic reactions.

Pamprin vs Midol for Menstrual Cramp

Both of these medications can work best to relieve menstrual cramps. People often ask, does Midol work for cramps? Midol is considered more effective than Pamprin for menstrual cramps, but it is a bit more expensive than Pamprin.


Although Midol is more effective, the presence of caffeine in it sometimes makes Pamprin more preferable. Pamprin, on the other hand, contains aspirin, which usually results in irritability. Hence, if you are not sensitive to caffeine and can afford the high price, Midol may be the better choice.

Pamprin vs Midol for Bloating

For boating, Pamprin can be more effective due to the presence of Pamabrom, which is a strong diuretic. Pamabrom relieves bloating by enhancing urination. On the other hand, Midol works much faster due to the presence of caffeine. Both of these drugs are effective for bloating. It is best to take them at the first sign of suffering.

Pamprin vs Midol for Irritability

Aspirin in Pamprin is responsible for causing irritation, especially in the stomach lining. This can even lead to peptic ulcers. Midol, on the other hand, can relieve irritation if caffeine intake is kept limited.


Are Midol and Pamprin the Same?

Both Midol and Pamprin are used to relieve menstrual cramps along with some other symptoms of PMS. Their working strategy is also quite the same. Both work by blocking the production of prostaglandins in the body, which are responsible for pain sensation and inflammation in the body. 

Then, what is the difference between Midol and Pamprin? There is a considerable difference in the active ingredients of these painkillers, which makes them quite different. Moreover, Midol is more expensive than Pamprin.

Pamprin Ingredients vs Midol Ingredients

Acetaminophen 500 mg in Pamprin is combined with Pamabrom 25 mg and Pyrilamine Maleate 15 mg, while Midol complete contains 500 mg of Acetaminophen, 60 mg of Caffeine, and 15 mg of Pyrilamine Maleate.

Pamprin and Midol differ mainly in their active ingredients: Pamabrom is present in Pamprin, while caffeine is present in Midol.

Can You Take Both Midol and Pamprin Together?

They are both painkillers used to treat premenstrual syndrome. Pamprin and Midol contain many of the same active ingredients. Due to the fact that their working strategies are similar, there is no need to combine them, as they won’t benefit you in any way.

What Is Better for PMS, Midol, or Pamprin?

As we have discussed earlier, Midol and Pamprin both can be used for PMS. They work almost in the same way. Taking it a step further, if the user is not sensitive to caffeine, Midol may be more effective. It is because of the perfect combination of active ingredients in Midol.

Midol vs Ibuprofen for Cramps

Ibuprofen is considered more effective for cramps than Midol. Ibuprofen is an NSAID, and it helps with inflammation and backache along with menstrual cramps. Midol is an acetaminophen drug, and recent studies have shown that NSAIDs are more effective than acetaminophen drugs in treating menstrual cramps.


Question: What is the best period cramp medicine?

Answer: Midol and Pamprin are the best medicines used for period cramps. By inhibiting the production of pain-sensing and inflammation-causing substances in the body, these medications work. By blocking prostaglandin production, these painkillers relieve menstrual cramps.

Question: Is Pamprin good for periods?

Answer: Unlike random painkillers, Pamprin is particularly made for menstrual cramps. This painkiller effectively relieves pain caused by menstrual cramps. There is a perfect combination of active ingredients including acetaminophen, caffeine, and histamines in Pamprin that block histamine production and help with menstrual pain.

Question: Can I take Pamprin for period cramps?

Answer: Yes, you can take Pamprin to cure period cramps. Pamprin is made specifically as a painkiller for menstrual cramps. As it is cost-effective and treats cramps effectively, it can be a good option for women during periods.

Question: Does Midol help menstrual cramps?

Answer: The Midol drug is also made specifically to alleviate menstrual cramps. It effectively reduces pain, but its caffeine content can be problematic for some users. The cost is also a bit higher than Pamprin. It is an effective treatment for menstrual cramps if you can afford it.


Midol vs Pamprin, which one is better? Each of them is an effective pain reliever for cramps caused by menstruation. They contain acetaminophen, caffeine, antihistamines, aspirin, and pamabrom as active ingredients. They all reduce pain by blocking production in the body, which is responsible for pain and inflammation in the body. Midol can be more effective if a user is not sensitive to caffeine.

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