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Here’s to How Abdominal Pain Relieved by Lying Down

Abdominal pain exists in the first place primarily due to digestive issues. Most of the time pain due to digestive issues vanishes on its own or simply gets treated after lying down.  Antacids are a common medicinal remedy to treat stomach pain. 

However, do you know how abdominal pain relieved by lying down

We have collected all the relevant information regarding how lying down or sleeping in various positions may aid in providing relief against abdominal pain. It is a common assumption that sleeping on the left side aids in digestion a lot. 

In the following article, find all information as to how lying and sleeping prove effective to treat abdominal pain. 

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Digestion Benefits of Sleeping on the Left-Side

It is a common perception that sleeping on the left side is an ideal way for better digestion. Whether one sleeps on their front, side, or their back, it is essential to have a firmer mattress and supporting pillows. 

  • Healthy Digestive System: No scientific proof exists to depict the benefits of sleeping on the side to be better than sleeping on the other side. However, the natural posture of the stomach has an impact on the digestive process and it fulfills how stomach pain relieves after laying down. The natural posture of the stomach is on the left side which promotes better digestion of meals. 
  • Heartburn Relief: People who have the issue of heartburn experience relaxation in their muscles when they rest on their left side. This position is highly effective for soothing the muscles which connect the stomach and esophagus (food pipe). Upon the contraction of these muscles, acid reflux is regulated. Sleeping on the right side leads to a higher chance of the occurrence of acid reflux. 

Sleep Positions and Disorders

The National Sleep Foundation has been in action since 1991 and it has conducted polls to determine the sleeping routines of the people of the United States. They reported in 2020 that a considerable number of people in the United States are drowsy for roughly three days each week, which has a big impact on their everyday lives. It is found that abdominal pain is relieved by lying down to a great extent. 


With such a large number of people, it’s no surprise that they’re curious about the finest sleeping positions. According to a 2017 cross-sectional study on sleep positions and mobility, sleeping on one’s side is the most common sleeping position.

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Side Sleeping Posture

Other than improving digestion, sleeping in a side posture has a few additional health advantages. It is necessary to sleep the right way in the appropriate posture with a firm mattress and pillows. It is found that in some cases right side abdominal pain worsens after laying down. Anterior pelvic tilt may be treated by sleeping in certain postures during the night as well. 

Side Sleep Benefits

As per a study conducted in 2015 on mice, side sleeping eliminates toxins from the brain and reduces the chances of getting any neurological disease.

Keep snoring to a minimum: People snore less when they sleep on their sides as their airways remain open.

Pressure point: A Trusted Study source of 2018 depicts that resting on the right side reduces pressure on the heart muscles by increasing chest cavity space. People sleeping on the left side experience uncomfortable sleep as per an older study for those who experience congestive heart failure (CHF).

Side Sleep Cons

Lungs and disruption in blood flow are obvious if one sleeps on their side. Resting on one arm might produce numbness, and reclining on one’s side can be difficult for someone with shoulder difficulties. 

A firm, responsive and ergonomic pillow is a must for people sleeping on their sides as the head tends to move forward. This is the most effective way to align the positions of the head and spine. 

Placing a pillow between the legs keeps the spine and the lower half of the body in proper alignment. A knee support can also be improved with this. Keep an eye out for wrinkles if you sleep on your side.

Abdominal Pain Relieved By Lying Down

The healthiest sleeping posture is resting on the back as per a study conducted by the National Sleep Foundation. However, there is no constraint such that one may experiment with different sleeping postures to find one that is best suitable. Sharp stomach pain may be relieved after lying on the back.



  • The weight of the body is evenly distributed when sleeping on the back as it relieves the pressure on the hips and the shoulders
  • Laying on the back allows for a neutral position for the head, neck, and spine. 
  • A person who manages his or her pain well is less likely to be in agony.
  • When people sleep on their back they are less prone to grinding their teeth or clenching their jaws.
  • It allows for fewer face wrinkles by helping with decreasing the facial pressure and preventing them altogether. 


  • Back sleeping produces acid reflux because the position permits acid to travel back up the neck.
  • If you sleep on your back, snoring and sinus problems may become worse.
  •  It becomes difficult to breathe when the back of the tongue collapses into the airways.
  • People who have the habit of snoring should try sleeping on their sides as well. 
  • Raising one’s head with cushions can help to reduce uncomfortable feelings. This can also aid in the alleviation of headaches.

Lying on the Stomach

Can I lay down if my stomach hurts? Does lying on my stomach help with cramps? Experts suggest sleeping on the stomach for many more reasons. The following are the details:

Maintaining a neutral spine is challenging, which can cause back and neck pain. If the head is tilted to one side, the neck may be stretched. Tucking hands or arms under a pillow can cause numbness, tingling, pain, and long-term harm.

The bottom of the spine can be lifted by placing a firm pillow beneath the hips. People who have the habit of sleeping on their front sleep more comfortably in this position. 

Digestion and Sleeping Well

The digestive system is quite difficult to understand. Bloating, diarrhea, discomfort, and constipation are typical disorders that are influenced by a variety of circumstances. Sleep might affect digestion but the fact remains that the stomach is fully operational in its duties even when a person is sleeping. Eating right before bedtime can have a big impact and cause a slew of symptoms that can keep you awake at night. These are some of them:

  • Acid Reflux
  • Heartburn
  • Indigestion
  • Stomach Cramps
  • Bowel Movements

Here are some tips for better digestion of food before going to bed:

Avoid Big Meals before Sleep

The digestive system, like all other functional regions of the body, requires plenty of rest and recovery time. Eating a large meal before the night is not a good idea since it forces the digestive system to work harder. It’s better to have a light snack like an apple or avocado toast. One can satisfy their appetite with the intake of complex carbs, fruits, veggies, and a considerable amount of proteins. 

Eat 3 Hours Before Bedtime

Some people believe that three hours before bedtime is the best time to consume an evening meal. This allows the stomach to effectively digest the food. It can avoid problems like heartburn by moving into the small intestine.

When a person sleeps on their stomach, the contents may reflux into the oesophagus, causing heartburn or chest pain. This may lead to the production of insulin which alters the internal clock of the body and makes a person more alert.

Avoid Beverages before Sleeping to Avoid Abdominal Pain

Coffee is a stimulant and drinking it late at night may cause insomnia as a common symptom. Sodas, sugary tea, and hot chocolate are among the beverages to avoid. This will minimize the chances of urinating at times during the night as well. However, if you are experiencing stomach pain after drinking water then it is a matter to worry about. 


  1. Is stomach pain relieved by lying straight in a hot bath?

Laying down is an ideal way to relax the stomach muscles and thus relieve any pain. Lay down in the hot bath for 15 minutes and it will soothe not only the stomach pain but the entire body.

  1. Why is lying down bad for people with appendicitis? 

Appendicitis begins with a pain in the mid stomach which keeps vanishing and appearing. In some hours, the pain travels to the lower hand side towards the appendix and becomes much more severe. Pressing the area and laying down may worsen the pain further. 

  1. What are the proven ways to relieve stomach pain at home?

Stomach pain may be treated at home by drinking lots of water, using ginger, mint, taking a warm bath, avoiding smoking or drinking, and staying away from hard-to-digest foods. 


Is abdominal pain relieved by lying down? Abdominal pain may hurt us due to many underlying conditions. In the following article, we have discussed how lying on the left side may aid in better digestion. The key takeaway is that sleeping on the left side keeps the digestive system healthy and relieves the pain if any.

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