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Is Hemp Seed Oil High in Oxalates? -Things To Know!

Most of you probably started using hemp seed oil knowing it was healthy for your heart. However, because it’s really a plant oil, you may be wondering if it includes any oxalates.

So, is hemp seed oil high in oxalates

The hemp seed oil contains a very high level of oxalates. In 30 gm of hemp oil, there is around 22 mg of oxalate. If you consume too much hemp seed oil for a long time, you might see some effects. 3 tbs of oxalate oil consumed daily can be ideal. However, hemp seed oil can be good for your health. 

Do you still have more questions about how much hemp seed oil to take? Don’t be concerned. We have a complete article that goes through everything in depth.

Just go ahead and read.

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Does Hemp Seed Oil Contain High Oxalates?

Most people with heart problems have a fascination with hemp seed oil. It is known for heart and other physical benefits. However, most people are confused about if this contains any oxalates. Just like how people are confused if mayo contains protein or not.  


So, is hemp seed oil high in oxalates

The answer is yes, the oxalates in hemp seed oil are very high. Like most plant seeds, it contains a lot of oxalates, which can sometimes be bad for you. It means that its oxalate level is higher than peas, pumpkin seeds, watermelon seeds, and others. 

In 30 gm of hemp oil, you’ll likely find around 22 mg of oxalate.That’s a lot. Hemp oil in the amount of 30 grams is considered one dose. So, if you consume more than 30 g of hemp oil in one sitting, you might face discomfort.

Three tablespoons of hemp seed oil per day is recommended by most researchers. It can give you the 3:1 fatty acid ratio you need for a healthy diet.

However, not all hemp seed oils have the same amount of oxalate in them. Some will have a greater number of oxalates than others. You don’t have any way of knowing, do you? 

So, what you might think is good for you might actually be the downfall of your health. As a result, we believe it’s critical to understand how much oxalate is actually harmful to your health.

Follow us to the next segment and find out!   

What Is the Appropriate Amount of Hemp Seed Oil to Consume?

Now you know that hemp seed oil contains a lot of oxalates. However, should this stop you from consuming hemp seed oil? 

Before you get too scared, let us tell you something interesting. Some of the foods that you consume daily also have high oxalates. Foods like spinach, almonds and even potatoes also have high oxalates. So these are not killing you, are they? So we don’t think hemp oil seeds will kill you either.  

However, consuming the appropriate quantity of hemp oil is good for your health. The quantity of hemp seed oil you take depends on how you plan to use it. And what beneficial properties you want to gain.

Three tablespoons of hemp seed oil per day is recommended by most researchers. It can give you the 3:1 fatty acid ratio you need for a healthy diet. Not only this, but there are also some other benefits of hemp seed oil


For example, hemp seed oil contains nutrients and minerals that can help with skin and overall health. It can also aid in the reduction of inflammation.

Hempseed oil also contains the amino acid arginine. This component has been linked to a good cardiovascular system in research. As a result, eating the correct amount of hemp seed oil can lower your risk of heart problems.

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However, no food is ever all good. There are, of course, some side effects you might face due to the high oxalate level.

Side Effects of Hemp Seed Oil?

Most people consume hemp seed oil because of its health benefits. What they don’t realize is that it might also have adverse side effects.

Intense Burning Sensation in the Thorat and Mouth

If you consume too much hemp seed oil in one sitting, the oxalates can cause burning sensations. You’ll mostly feel it in your throat and mouth. Kind of like how black seed oil burns your throat. 

And depending on the amount you consume, the effects can even last a week. If this is the case, the most straightforward solution is to drink plenty of water.  Water is known to flush out oxalates from your body. 

Drinking enough of water is an excellent approach to flush oxalates from your system. Water lessens the effect of oxalates in your body and flushes them out.

If this doesn’t help you, then it’s best you see a doctor. They can prescribe you appropriate meds to ease your pain. 

Decreasing Mineral Absorption

Oxalates can impede your body from absorbing essential vitamins in your digestive tract. As they bond with minerals like calcium. However, they do not totally prevent absorption. Our bodies only utilize a small percentage of the nutrients we eat.

Increased Risk of Kidney Stone

When you eat foods that contain oxalate, the chemical binds to minerals. This in turn forms new compounds. Iron oxalate and calcium oxalate can be two examples of this. The colon and, on rare occasions, the kidneys are involved in the process.

When this happens, the components are then excreted by the body through feces or urine. Oxalates in hemp seed can produce kidney stones in those with high degrees of sensitivity. So you might be thinking, is hemp oil harmful to kidneys

Yes, it is correct. This also increases their risk of having other health problems.

However, don’t get too scared. There’s good news for you. We’ll tell you how to get rid of oxalates in your system.

Follow us to the next segment to find out!

How to Remove High Oxalates From Your System?

You don’t need to worry about oxalates in your body most of the time. However, if this is a major source of concern for you, there are a few options.

Drink lots of Water

Drinking enough of water is an excellent approach to flush oxalates from your system. Water lessens the effect of oxalates in your body and flushes them out. Water combines with oxalates and prevents it from mixing with minerals. 

This will reduce the chances of kidney stones in your body. 

Consuming Calcium

As we said before, oxalates bind with different minerals in your body. So if you consume more calcium, then it’ll bind with the oxalates during digestion. This will keep the oxalate from developing kidney stones by preventing it from mixing with other elements.

Limit Sodium and Sugar Intake 

Unlike calcium, oxalate binding with sodium will not have a good impact on you. If you consume more sugar, then it’ll bind with the oxalate. As a result, your chances of developing kidney stones will increase.


So, we suggest you limit your sugar intake if you have consumed too much hemp seed oil. 

Consume the Right Amount of Vitamin C

Be careful about how much vitamin C you consume. Vitamin C combined with oxalates can produce oxalic acid in your body. And if this happens, then this will be very bad news for you. 

Consuming hemp seed oil will not probably kill you or harm your health too much. However, if you’re not okay with this, you can always try some oxalate-free diets. 


What oils have the least amount of oxalate?

Pumpkin and sunflower seeds are some of the healthiest. However, watermelon and Slax seeds are also known to have very few oxalates.  Even when taken from plants, oils and fats are all low in oxalates.

Is hemp oil anti-inflammatory?

The omega-6 fatty acid gamma-linolenic acid, found in hemp, is known to have anti-inflammatory qualities. Omega-3 fatty acids found in hemp have also been linked to decreased inflammation.

How long does hemp seed oil remain in your system once you ingest it?

CBD oil lingers in your body for around a week on average. This implies that if you know you’ll be undergoing a drug test in the next 7-10 days. So, you should avoid using CBD products.

Final Word

Now you know the answer to,” is hemp seed oil high in oxalates?” However, we didn’t mean to scare you. Hemp seed oil can be good for you if you know the right dosage. 

This is why we suggest you talk to your nutritionist before you take any hemp seed oil. 

Good Luck!

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