How to Get A Hair Out of Your Throat? With Expert Tips

How irritating must it be if you have a hair stuck in your throat! It irritates the throat and you want to get immediate relief. You may feel a scratch on your throat, which may cause a cough. In the worst-case scenario, a person may start to suffocate! 

In this situation, one may want to know how to get a hair out of your throat?

No one likes to get irritated. A hair can be stuck to your throat accidentally due to many reasons, and it makes you uncomfortable. An easy way to get it out is by swallowing the hair. Other ways include taking soft food or gagging. You can easily and quickly sort out your problem by making a little effort.

Let’s discuss it further!

How to Get A Hair Out of Your Throat?

How to Get A Hair Out of Your Throat

The throat is a part of the body that you cannot reach simply. It is the worst feeling to get something stuck in your throat, and you want quick relief from it. 

You feel itchiness and you may call it a globus sensation. 

As you know, the throat is a sensitive part of the body, so one may feel worried when something is stuck to it.

In this situation, keep calm if you are feeling a hair is stuck to your throat and follow some easy and quick tips that are mentioned below:

Try to Swallow The Stuck Hair: 

If you are sure a hair is stuck to the back of your throat then simply try to swallow it. 

It is the simplest method to get the hair out of the throat. 

Move your jaws up and down and try to swallow hair as you swallow your meal. Surely, it will help to get the hair out. 

Take Salted Water for Gagging:

If you are coughing and feel a hair in your throat then take lukewarm water and add some salt to it. 

Start gagging, you will get your hair out in a few minutes.

Eat Something Soft: 

Eat any soft food like banana and bread and push it down softly. This trick can also be helpful to you.


You should go to a doctor if you are feeling that something is still on the back of your throat. 

You may get relief after taking some medicine or other treatment. 

Long Hair in Your Throat: How to Get it Out

how to get hair out of throat

It can be very scary when something is stuck to your throat. 

A hair can be stuck to your throat for many reasons. 

Whatever the reason is, it makes you panic and you want immediate relief from it. If you are experiencing this and you are thinking it is difficult to get a hair out of your throat then you are thinking wrong. 

It is actually quite simple to get rid of it. You have to follow some simple remedies.

  • The first and foremost step is to dislodge the hair. 

    If you are thinking about how to do it, simply you have to swallow the hair. If you are afraid of swallowing hair, keep calm. Swallowing hair cannot be harmful to you. 

    Swallow the stuck hair simply as you swallow your meal or something else.

    Eat any soft food and then swallow it. It may be helpful to you.

    This is the first remedy to get the hair out of the throat. It may be helpful to you and allows you to get rid of it.
  • Another way to remove hair from the throat is to eat something thick but soft like bread and banana. When you take a bite of banana and then swallow it, it will help to excrete stuck hair quickly. 

    For example, fill your mouth with banana bites and then gently push it down. Remember do not take a big bite otherwise you may feel choked

    Generally, these tips are helpful to remove hair from the throat.

Short Hair in Your Throat: How to Get it Out

hair stuck in throat feeling

Short hair stuck to your throat is more irritating than long hair. It gives you an itchy feeling. It is a bit difficult to get it out but, worry not you can also get rid of it. 

You have to do the simple steps as you did for the removal of long hair

  • It is difficult to swallow short hair. 

So you have to take some soft food such as bananas and push it slowly from mouth to throat. It can take hair lower to your throat. If you still feel itchy, then consult a doctor.

More Tips

If the above-mentioned tips did not work, you can try some more. You can relieve it by doing some more simple steps:

  • Drink hot coffee to get rid of it.
  • If you are uncomfortable and your throat is itching do not smoke at that time otherwise it will increase your irritation.
  • Take some water and add honey to it then drink the water. It will take down if something is stuck to your throat.

If you have done the home remedies and simple therapy and you are feeling that something is still in your throat then go to a doctor. 

You may get an allergy in your throat. In this situation, a doctor will guide you well.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is it safe to swallow hair?

Sometimes accidentally we swallow bubble gum but it does not harm us. In the same way, if you swallow a hair, do not be afraid as it will not harm you. It will be excreted from your body soon. If you feel a hair on your throat, it is a simple remedy to swallow it.

Is hair stuck in the throat dangerous? 

No, it is not dangerous if the hair is stuck to your throat. Many people experienced this situation. If a hair is stuck to your throat, you can simply get it out at home by doing some remedies.

Final Verdict

It might make you frightened about how to get a hair out of your throat. 

The throat is a very sensitive place, and you feel worried about it when something is stuck to it. I know, but your fear and tension are not the solutions to it. By putting in a little effort you can get rid of it. 

Swallowing the hair stuck to your throat is the first and simple remedy that you can do. You can also get it out by gagging and eating some soft food. 

If you are not getting it out you may consult your doctor but hopefully, you can do it yourself.

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Sarha Eusuf

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